The Revelation of Unifaith is a new Doctrine of Faith offering spiritual messages through modern scripture. While many of the messages are for the Instrument, Ruth, universal messages of love, hope, and spiritual guidance are woven throughout the text, offering beautiful passages to read over and over again.

The story of Unifaith began many years ago, in 1959, when a group of spiritually-minded folks got together to grow and explore their spirituality. Ruth, one of the members of the group, appeared to enter a trance like state and a spirit used her as an Instrument to speak. Another member of the group recorded every word that was spoken through her. From these words, The Revelation of Unifaith was born. The Background, explains more on the group and their adventures in spiritual enlightenment.

Ruth Zahl Marko, the Holy Instrument, was born in England and known by friends as a gentle woman who did not seek out being the Chosen One. She immigrated to the United States, where she married Robert Marko. Those who knew her spoke of her kindness and ethereal beauty, although she had multiple sclerosis. Ruth often questioned her worthiness for such a task.

From the Revelation of Unifaith, we gained new doctrines that augment the Ten Commandments and are modernized for the time. Those include: TO LIVE IN TRUTH, TO GIVE IN TRUTH, TO LOVE IN TRUTH, TO WALK IN DIGNITY, TO THINK IN HONESTY, TO HEAR WITH ECSTASY, TO SPEAK WITH PURITY, and TO SEE WITH CLARITY. Through these tenants, we can glean greater spiritual growth and awareness to live a better life – a life that God intends for us.

For more information on the Revelation of Unifaith, visit the Introduction to learn more about the intention of the doctrine.