As we close out 2015 and enter into the New Year, all of the buzz surrounds changes and resolution for the New Year. While you see photos and videos all of social media of people making promises to lose weight, save more money, buy a car or start a new job, we would like to take a more spiritual approach to this year’s resolutions.

While we believe that the tenants of the Doctrine are a general guidance to live by, however, you can champion one for the New Year, and find guidance and strength throughout the chapters of The Revelation of Unifaith. The tenants include; To Love, Give & Love in Truth, To Walk in Dignity, To Think in Honesty, To Hear with Ecstasy, To Speak with Purity and To See with Clarity.

Live in the present moment – don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. In a world where phones, the internet, social media, televisions and overall screen time rules our daily lives, take some time to live in the present moment. Enjoy the little things in life (not to be too cliché). Our excerpt, ‘Tis a Christmas is the perfect place to go if you need to center yourself or remind yourself of God’s exceptional glory and the beautiful world you are in.

Take time to grow your relationships – all of them. Discover how your relationships enhance your life and understanding of yourself. Explore new relationships whether they be with new people in your life, nature, or understanding your spiritual connections. Our excerpt titled, I Do Give You is the perfect reminder of all of God’s gifts to us and how we can expand upon our relationships with them.

Practice hospitality – in a world where people are constantly disconnected, shunned for their differences and silenced by others, practice the act of performing good deeds towards those around you. Make an effort to perform one deed of hospitality per week, or even per day – it will transform the way you see the world and bring much needed love and kindness towards those around you. Go back to our excerpt titled The Light to find guidance and support for your practice of hospitality.

2016 can be a year of spiritual renewal and growth. Embrace the tenants of the Doctrine and go back to the excerpts to remind you of your own New Year’s Resolution.