How many times do you look at a to-do list, or run through a list of tasks and realize there is not enough time in the day / week / weekend to accomplish everything? Do you find yourself continually putting off errands until tomorrow? Don’t worry – you are not alone.

Everyday people are bogged down by every day chores and responsibilities because they feel there is not enough time for everything. Notice how I said feel? Emotions, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and depression can all be driven by a feeling that there is not enough time.

With each task, chore, and errand, we assign an emotional value to it, often subconsciously. The greater the emotional buildup, the more hopeless we feel about completing our lists.

Emotional values can range from guilt for setting aside time for ourselves, spending money on activities like yoga, or beating yourself up for opting out of some activity. When you are emotionally conflicted about a task, like the above examples, anxiety begins to creep in and take over your thought process, leading you to believe that there are simply not enough minutes and hours in the day. The anxiety and pressure you feel for time can lead to poor health (physically and spiritually), trouble sleeping and an overall depressive state.

Changing the perception we have of our time by shedding a positive light on the time we have or envisioning our tasks completed can have a highly positive effect on our view of our day and help us prioritize and complete tasks.

Be truly mindful of the energy given for each task…it is important to put an equal amount of energy into each task in order to complete it without experiencing emotions like guilt or remorse. Focus on your breathing. By centering yourself and creating intentional breaths, you can better assess your list and complete tasks effectively and rather efficiently. Re-channel your negative emotions. If you feel guilt, stress, anxiety or fear creep into your mind, re-channel that energy into something highly positive. Challenge yourself to think positively about each task – you will be amazed at your changed attitude week over week.

Nothing on your list should be made to seem trivial or meaningless. And don’t forget to set aside time for spiritual enlightenment or meditation. This can be some of the most productive time of your day – center yourself and focus on the positive forces in your life. Read a chapter of Unifaith, or an excerpt.

Whatever activity you choose to include in your list that is solely for yourself – know that it will be beneficial in helping you finish your tasks and take control of the time in your life.