By looking to spiritual practices around the world, you can learn not only how other people practice their spirituality, but also find new ways to connect with your own higher power. Whether you currently implement these habits into your spiritual practice, or are seeking a new way to grow your spirituality, we have compiled a list of practices from around the world to explore for yourself. Keep an open mind and open heart. Do what feels right for you.


Whether you give thanks for your blessings, ask for guidance during trying times or pray for someone in your life, prayer is found in nearly every religion around the world. Prayer can be a deep experience where you “chat” with your divine power. Use prayer as a method of spiritual empowerment and growth.


We have said it over and over again throughout these blogs – yoga is a powerful exercise to center your body, mind and spirit. Traditionally stemming from India and Hinduism, yoga can be a discipline that keeps you focused on your breathing, your body and your mind. Whether you practice in a group or at home, the mat is truly your place to practice and grow.


While many different religions practice meditation, Buddhism may be the most recognized. Meditation is the process of training your mind to relinquish the everyday chatter and obtain deeper peace and obtain a better level of conscious awareness. We have written in previous blogs about the power of meditation as well as the opportunity you have to take time for yourself to grow your spirituality.

Tai Chi

Similar to yoga, but hailing from China and the Far East, Tai Chi is movement the pulls together body and spirit. Tai Chi is practiced around the world and is an excellent form of exercise that also centers your body, mind, and spirit.


Practicing kindness is not only a cornerstone of most religions, but the cornerstone of humanity. Practicing kindness towards others also means practicing kindness towards yourself. Lead with kindness and your life will be filled with kindness.


Part of kindness is also practicing good stewardship. Giving (both time and resources) is part of sharing your spirituality with others.

Whether you embrace all of the above or pick a few to practice, looking around the world for guidance in growing your spirituality can help you discover new things about yourself.