While taking bits of time throughout the day to read The Revelation of Unifaith, meditate or even taking a quiet moment to yourself can be done anywhere you are, we like the idea of creating a specific space in your home spiritual use.


Infusing the right color combination can help induce a calming effect, decrease stress, promote balance and even exude a feeling of power.

Red, orange and even to some effect, yellow, are considered stimulating colors and can be associated with passion, and vigor. Yellow is known for elevating mood and combatting stress, so we recommend using yellow sparingly in your space, if you choose to use it all.

Pink (in the right hue) is soothing and promotes peacefulness and a balance of your energies.

Green and blue both promote tranquility, peace, calm and can be used to promote cool and calm feelings and energy.

Violet is known for representing strength, peace and wisdom. Using violet hues and fabrics in your space can help promote inner peace and help relieve stress.

The Revelation of Unifaith embodies violet.

White in its brightest hues promotes clarity and freshness…just make sure to keep your whites bright or the dull, yellow hues can hinder your emotions.

Black, in small doses, exudes power and elegance. Too much black can be dismal and overpowering, so use it very carefully when including it in your serene space.


This is your space – own it. Use fabrics that you like or are particularly drawn to. We recommend mixing and matching fabric weights and textures to offer different options depending on your mood or particular needs at the time. Pillows, blankets, rugs, throws and drapes will complete your space and really make it your own.


Adding various aromas to your space can help promote calmness or at the end of your time, help bring you back to your daily tasks. Aromatherapy vapor inhalation using a diffuser is a great way to add essential oils to your space and promote stress relief, calmness or sharpen your focus and prepare you for your next task.

Below are a few of the more popular essential oils and their uses, however, there are MANY more out there and many resources available if you would like to make this a part of your spiritual practice.

Cedarwood – calming agent to help reduce stress and anxiety while promoting respiratory functions.

Chamomile – used to treat a variety of ailments as well as used in aromatherapy as a calming agent.

Peppermint – sharpens focus and enhances mood. Perfect for finishing your practice.

Lavender – one of the most popular oils and known for stress relief and aiding in restfulness

Have fun setting up your space – remember, you can always make changes to fit your individual needs. Developing a quiet place for your spiritual practice is perfect in our world today.