From a young age, we are taught to always put others first, that it is rude or impolite to say no and that we should respect the wishes of others. While we need to think about other people and their feelings, it is also important to think about yourself and your relationships within the context of your health, values and individual needs.

It can often feel unnatural or “wrong” to set boundaries, say no, or assert your own feelings in a relationship. Whether it is with your parents, spouse, friends or even children, setting boundaries can actually create healthier relationships and empower you within those relationships.

Not setting clear boundaries can lead to an unfulfilling and sub-par life – for you. Not having clear boundaries can cause you to stay in unhealthy relationships of all kinds (romantic and platonic friendships), causes feelings of anxiety and helplessness. Setting boundaries is not about controlling someone else or being mean, but rather asserting your own feelings and saying no.  Remember, people are not mind readers so you need to be okay with telling others what you want, how you feel and sometimes saying no. You will feel a great sense of empowerment by saying that simple yet difficult two letter word.

Setting boundaries is not just for personal relationships – setting boundaries at work with your boss, coworkers and subordinates will create a healthier and more fulfilled work environment, while affording you the opportunity to ask for promotions or lateral moves.

Setting boundaries is hard! Telling your spouse that you don’t want to clean up after him/her or letting your parents or neighbors know that stopping by unannounced is no longer okay will be difficult conversations to have, but necessary boundaries to set for the health of your relationships.

The doctrines of The Revelation of Unifaith are as follows: “To Live, Give & Love in Truth, To Walk in Dignity, To Think in Honesty, To Hear with Ecstasy, To Speak with Purity and To See with Clarity, are the guiding principles that encourage spiritual awareness and universal oneness as the path in obtaining peace on earth.” These guiding doctrines reinforce your need to set boundaries in order to create healthy relationships, feel a sense of happiness within yourself, and ultimately grow and share your spiritual gifts.