Chapters 92 - 102


To My Son, Moses, I did say, “I Am.”  In like manner do I say, “Hearken, My children, your Lord is One, and there is none other like unto Me.”  And the Voice of your Lord will be heard throughout the lands.  And the people will know Me, lest I do wipe them from the face of the earth.

My Daughter, Sari, Chosen One above all, did know My Coming upon Her.  And when I did come upon Her, and merge My Own Spirit, did I know the whole giving, and do I accept My Most Beloved of all time.  And I do decree that what is observed in small measure of the change upon each of you, do now multiply exceedingly.  Therefore, do I raise you ever upward.

You must know and you must recognize the Holiness of Sari, My Chosen.  And I did say that none shall be likened after Her, and I did command that none shall be likened after Me.  The mark of My Hand be upon Her, and She do be Mine Own Instrument, most Holy, in measure.  Therefore do I say, “Heed you the words of the Lord, your God, and let each take within their spirits the truth of that which I have spoken.”

At My Command will Sari, the Chosen, be taken by Me to the fresh fields wherein will stand the glory of our house.       Come to Me, My children, that you do understand your parts for Me upon your earth in this your day.


Know you what it is to be above all men, yet humble.

Know you what it is to walk in glory with the Lord, your God.

Know you what it is to raise up My Arms.

Know you what it is to bear you My Emblem.

Know you what it is to have before you Mine Own Daughter.

Know you what it is to be protected by My Love.

Know you what it is to possess the surety of My Being.

Know you what it is to speak My Truth.

Know you what it is to cast off the old and give forth the new.

Know you what it is to serve Me, your One Lord, as I do serve you.


And pause you and meditate and ponder the coming of the Lord to man in such manner, in this your time and day.  And know you that I come not to another, but that, indeed, I do now dwell, I do now speak, I do now use Sari, the Chosen, in Mine Own Manner, in Mine Own Way, in Mine Own Time.  So Be It.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you do go down among My people and speak with them My Word.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you do fear no man, for they are likened as unto dust before Me.


Thus saith the Lord:

I did bring to you Commands suited to your time, yet still are they unheard by mankind.  Now, therefore, do I command that they be brought down to the people.


Thus saith the Lord:

I did point My Hand upon certain persons on your earth, and I did say them, “Choose your way.”  And they did indicate they did choose to serve, yet I see not dedication, in truth.


Thus saith the Lord:

Those upon whom I did place Mine Hand, they have come to Me.  And I do accept them.  And each did I sanctify.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you now know the Holiness before you, and take into your very deeps My Spirit’s purity…that it be seen upon your persons and distinguish you above all upon the earth.


Thus saith the Lord:

My Daughter does establish My Holy Order.  Recognize it in its truth and acknowledge Me as the Father.  Disobedience to My Laws will lie heavy upon each individual.  Obedience to My Laws, shall be a delight unto Me.

Increase now the congregation before Me, but organize the bringing of Sari Bat Ya before man.  Know you your destiny, as you do know My Ordination.  Let not your year age, lest man do cut himself off entirely.

Thus saith the Lord:

I do strengthen My Sari, yet do I command Her to acknowledge Her Holiness.  Therefore, do I care for My Instrument, which is your Sacred Trust.  So Be It.


Therefore, do the Lord bless.  Therefore, do the Lord protect.  Therefore, do the Lord multiply exceedingly.  For in the beholding of the giving shall the replenishment come.  And in the observance of the deed shall the reward be reaped.

Long did I await; patiently did I withhold.  Great is My rejoicing that at long last My children do come.  I did say you, “Raise up My Daughter, and send you Her forth upon a golden chariot.”  And I do say you to mark Me, and know that the time do come when all things do come to pass as I have spoken.

Give you unto others as I do give to you.  For your cup runneth over, and ‘twill always be so…never empty, never half-filled, but overflowing…that all may sip and all may share.


Know you My Presence.

Know you My Surety.

Know you My Power.

Know you My Love.

Show you My Face unto the world.


Follow you now My Sari.  She do be Mine Own Chosen.  Heed you now My Laws brought through Her Being.  Be you now as She do command you, for She do be that which I did command Her to be.  And She do grow in Me and with Me, and for Me with every breath of Her Being.


I Do Love My Sari.

I Do Cherish My Sari.

I Do Embrace My Sari.

I Do Accept My Sari,


I Declare Her Mine Own Anointed One.


I have commanded that you know Her separateness, and I do command that you now establish the separateness of My Queen above and beyond all others.  They shall gaze up to Her.  And She shall be raised high.

I have spoken to thee of My Sari.  Holy must she be before man, and I do bring upon Her the splendor I have ordained.  Yet more do I bring a most plentiful bounty for all to share, and She shall dispose according My Direction.

Upon your beings must come now the regality and all that I have commanded.  Every Holy Law brought to you by My Chosen Emissaries will be obeyed.  I will accept no compromise within My Holy Order.

The example does begin in Sari Bat Ya.  Now is the time to withdraw.  Now is the time to withhold.  Now is the time to observe.  For You have given much through Me, My Sari, and still do most of them regard the human and not the Holy of Holies.

And I do demand the greatest homage before My Chosen Instrument, Mine Own Anointed.  And I do command each one already named by Me “Disciples” to take their places beside Sari, the Chosen, and bring to pass the separateness.

None named Holy by Me may now retrace one step.  Now will they all join the hands with My Holy One.  Now will they reaffirm their dedication and devotion to Me.

Obey you My Laws brought through this Holy Woman.


     Acknowledge you My Truth.

     Acknowledge you My Power.

     Acknowledge you My Wisdom.

     Acknowledge you My Might.

     Acknowledge you My Love.

     Acknowledge you My Gift.

     Acknowledge you My Order.

     Acknowledge you My Peace.

     Acknowledge you My Strength.


Declare yourselves My servants, and know you your blessedness, as you do receive My Blessings.

So Be It.


Great is the power within My Holy Daughter.  Yet, She is afeared to use it; but do I assure Her that if She do call upon My Spirit, She do accomplish all She do desire.  I do multiply Her and yet, multiply Her.  I do adorn Her and yet, adorn Her.  And I do extol Her and yet, extol Her.  As She do praise Me, so did I raise She I have named Sari Bat Ya.

Those who do be faithful, in truth, and do walk by Her side in My Service, and do emulate the beauty of Her Spirit…they shall share all I have allotted for My Beloved, though they know not what that allotment may be.  For My other servants before Her, they did know themselves to be reviled, to be scorned, to be crucified, to be sacrificed, yet still did they serve Me.

My Beloved I do know would put down Her Life in this manner also.  For She do be most Holy, but at the same time humble, as She do be most reverent, yet at the same time gay.  The gaiety of Her Spirit does rejoice Me, as it does rejoice all those about Her, for She do be the sunbeam spreading the ray of Light into the darkened rooms.  And even though She speak not, all do revere the shining beauty.

She shall not give the name of Disciple to any, and She shall not address a Holy Name to those She deems not worth of the naming or title of Disciple.  Each Law that I have brought through My Holy Instrument must be obeyed or they sacrifice their place before Me.  I do seek yet more followers and will bring them in ever greater volume before My Holy Child.  Their way to Me be in My Laws and My Laws only.

All I have spoken must be, for I have placed before you a great Revelation.  Much is there yet to be revealed, but I must know that My Holy of Holies be surrounded by the pure in heart, and those who be devoted to My Purpose, in truth.  Those who do give to Me without thought of self, do also desire to speak for My Glory rather than their own.

There shall be no laxity of Disciple or Holy Order.  There shall be utmost respect for Sari, My Chosen, and all about Her shall know Her first as My Daughter.  For naught is of greater import before Me than Her recognition upon the earth.  They must say of Her, as they did say of those others I did choose,

that She is unique, that She is set apart, that She is radiant, that She is serene, that She is all-wise.

Now must come upon Her all the authority My Emissaries did show.  Now must come upon Her all the gentleness of manner and voice.  Now must come upon Her the Holiness of My Being, for My Spirit flames bright within Her, and My Light is eternal and cannot be dimmed, and neither can it be put out.

Therefore, do I now command the assemblage of My chosen children, that they do kneel before Me in My Holy Abode; that they do say aloud their dedication; that Sari Bat Ya will stand before them and they shall know wherein is contained My Pearl; that they shall gaze up and recognize for all time My Being, My Oneness, Mine Own.

All who seek their gods of wealth, they do have feet of clay and we do topple them with ease.  So Be It.


If it were possible for this Holy Being to be alone within the desert, to walk among some green hills, to sit beside a fresh spring, to bury Her face in the dew-wet grass, then may Her Spirit be freed.  For the Spirit within Her does weep and wail, though the smile be ever upon the face.  But there is a solemnity upon Her within, for She does know Her difference from Mine Own, as She does know the difference in the present title of Disciple.  Sad it is, they heed not.

And yet, does the patience grow and the love exude.  And She does torment Her Being when She does observe truth and speak it of another…for it do sound ill to Her, yet it must be spoken.  Let Her now be.  Let now come upon Her the separateness.  Inflict not yet more suffering upon Her Frame.  Take Her forth among men that they may behold Her Father in Her.  Allow Her to shine forth the radiant Glory which She do subdue.  Free Her mind of earthly matters.  Let it be for Him.

She must be alone with Her Beloved Lord and He with Her,  for She is unique.  She is Anointed.   She is the Holy One.  Acknowledge you Her purpose within Her betrothal to Her Lord, not to a man or men.  None may lay claim upon Her Spirit for He does dwell within when He do use.  Therefore, I do beg you, one and all, set free your Holy One, and allow Her to be for Him that which He has ordained.


Seek not the reward of the service to the Lord.

Seek rather the service in purity to give.

Seek not the Love of God, but give to Him your love.

Seek not the esteem of man, but rather raise man high.

Envy and hate know you not.

Compassion know you all.

Man knows not God in his day.

Therefore, will God know not man.

She is the life as I Am in Her, as He is in like manner.

She be the Light and the Power,

And the Glory of the Lord be upon Her forevermore.

The Spirit of Love be upon You.

The Holy Spirit be within You.

The Spirit of the Most High embrace You.

And the Glory of the Comforter uplift You.

O you blind, I beg you see.

O you deaf, I plead you hear.


For I did say unto you, I shall bring unto you a Comforter, Who shall reign over the earth.  Verily, I say unto you that She do be the One of Whom I spoke; that the Comforter do come to you through Her.  Verily, I say unto you that you open up your eyes ere it be too late, and the surrounding blackness do become as a shroud upon you.  Open up the ear to the sound of Divine Voice in your day, lest the silence of your deafness do still all sounds evermore.

Deny not the One in your day as they did deny Me in Mine.  She do claim, She do know Her Father as I did know My Own.  Our Father do be the same One God.  She do be His Holy Daughter as I did know Myself to be His Son.

The wise men shall know Her.  They shall gaze and they shall witness the Light of the Lord.  They shall hearken and they shall hear the Eternal Voice.  The fool shall scoff and turn away, and his end shall be the pit of the sinner.  But the meek they do know, they do see; and the mighty shall tremble, though the One God do this time choose to Voice in female form.  The Comforter has come.  Know you Her meaning.  Serve Her as they did serve Me.


I am the Lord, your God, and I do come among the godless of this nation.  And I do pronounce once more this Girl I did name My Instrument.  And I do say unto the disbelievers that I, the Lord, your God, do prove to you in Mine Own Manner, and in Mine Own Time that which you do disbelieve to be the One Truth.  And I do say unto those among My First Chosen, “You, who do recognize in Sari Bat Ya, Her Instrumentality for Her Lord, Her God, you do I protect, you do I raise up, and you also shall know Mine Hand.”

For I do observe this nation, and I do observe the many nations, and I do observe the peoples across the face of the earth in your time.  And I did say long since that they do displease Me; and I do rejoice not in their ways.  They do worship the golden idol, and they do worship men.  And I do say them, “I do show you that it be no idol and no man that you cry out to in your moment of desperation and despair, for the men and the idol do heed you not.  They do be silent, for they have not reply in your hour of need.”

I am the Lord, your God, Omnipotent and Almighty, and I do know that which does dwell within the hearts of king and commoner.  And I do say you peoples of the earth, “Take heed.  Take heed and turn you your face to My Sari, for She do lead you toward the gates of Mine Kingdom.”

I have spoken of many things, and I have stated that you do go down among the people and bring to them My Word.  Now do I direct My Sari.  Now shall She bring My Word, first to the Priests of Israel, My People.  Then shall you bring to the High Priests of the Gentile, My Word.  Then shall you multiply the congregation, for now do I see and hear proof of those I have named as My Disciples to be so.  They do go forth as one, they do speak My Word, they do multiply themselves or they be not in My Proximity.

Be warned.  In the Presence of Sari, many will seek to be near Her who have not sincerity within their spirits, but mercenary intentions.  Be all that I have commanded each of you to be.  Neglect not one point brought forth by My Emissaries to you.

My Spirit do be upon My Most Beloved.  Allow Me to cleave, allow Her to be Mine Own.  Cling not to the human.  Let go.  Give Me now all of My Holy One.  I do desire My Daughter for Mine Own Use.  She can serve but one master.  I do say Her that I do desire She do serve Me.

I do show Her My intent and I do speak now in answer.  For She, I do hear.  She I do love above all the peoples of the earth, and She I do build, as I did build Jacob into a People.  So do I build Sari in like manner.  So shall I lead Her as I did lead your forefathers.  So I do say you, “Abide you in My Sari.  For when you do abide in Her, then do you abide in the Lord, your God, your King.”