Chapters 91 - 96


My Sari did call and I do answer.  I do declare, yet again, the girl who was, is not.  I do command that She be acknowledged by the peoples of the earth as My Holy Instrument.  As I have chosen other individuals in the past, so did I choose Her.  So did I anoint Her with My Own Hand.  So did I honor Her in naming Her My Own Daughter in Holiness.

This is a command and it must be brought to man.  Each Disciple who so dedicates his life to Me, in truth, will acknowledge the Holy Instrumentality of Sari Bat Ya, Daughter, in truth, of the Lord, your God.  In the surety of My Presence in Her, you will thus convey to man, awareness of My Dwelling among them.

I do perceive within the deeps of My Holy One great distress.  The Spirit so pure, the Beacon so bright is being submerged, not by Her, but by those about and around.  They do speak words with lips, yet do they still lack understanding and truth.  For a Holy Being cannot remain one of you as before the Holiness did come.  So once more do I command, “Allow Her to Be.”


     She do be, My Holy Daughter.

     She do be, My Queen of queens.

     She do be, the Messiah Anointed.

     She do be, My Own Beloved.


Until you, in the immediate proximity, and all My children do acknowledge this simple Being and Her significance in My Purpose, there shall be upheaval and disturbances among men.  I do plead not.  I do observe.  I do love you well and I do exercise extreme patience upon man.  She does possess all power, as did My previous Holy Ones in the past years.  She do be afeared to call upon the powers.  I do say Her, “Use them.”

Stay not Her Love.  Stay not Her Sharing.  Fear not for the frame.  Have I not spoken that whatever may come is for My Purpose; that there be a time She appear helpless, yet is not.  So be there a time She will appear and, indeed, possess a strength of ten.  Cast out negation.  Cast out concern.  Cast out doubt.

All who do behold you do remark about the subtle changes.  ‘Tis but the smallest beginning.  Each now must be that which I have commanded, but each must now be in truth.  Those who have not become that which I have ordained, must needs be yet reborn, and also renamed.

I am aware of an atmosphere of negation and the infiltration of fear.  The individual is responsible for his or her failure.  The pain of Her Spirit be upon their own.  Heed My Voice, My children.  Question not My Love for you.  Doubt not your purpose for Me.  I would observe your service to the Lord, your God.  I would observe your deference for My Chosen One.  Yet do I observe it not.

There be now an urgency in your time.  And I do advise most careful study of My Word, and instant obedience to All Commands…for I do speak to your own understanding and in your own tongue.  Let the awesomeness of My Presence be always before you.  I do demand the single-mindedness and the discipline of the Holy Order I have proclaimed.  I do demand the establishment abroad of Unifaith.

Now does come the day when the people of this nation have the freedom of choice for the men to lead.  But in one thing there is no choice…that is the acknowledgment of the Supreme Power.  For I am the Lord, your God, and I did say that you shall have no other gods before Me.  And I do mean that neither shall you have the god of power, the god of lust, the god of greed, the god of wealth, the god of ego.

I did command that there be a casting away of idols, and the acknowledgment of My Omnipotent Presence for I am Almighty and none shall know any other God before Me.  I did command that thou shalt not kill, and you have slaughtered, and you have killed mercilessly in every generation.  Yet did you perceive not the sin, and yet have you not yet learned your lesson.  And I did command thou shalt not steal one from another. And yet you did steal continuously.

So did I command thou shalt not commit adultery.  And you have committed adultery between the nations, to woo and win yet more power.  I did command that thou covet not the possessions of another, yet within each man is the dreadful poison of envy of his neighbor.  I did command the honor of the parent.  Yet do I observe the suffering of the aged, and the reluctant forbearance of those who should joyously guard them and protect them.

A great inheritance is yours.  Great, good fortune does come.  A great Abode does rise.  A great abundance comes to be shared, a great peace within, a great Realm to dwell in.  Know you the words and their meaning.

Observe My Daughter’s raised hand.  So shall She possess the strength beyond strength.  So shall the Eagle raise Her proud head.  Observe the beauty to come upon My Sari…for beauty there is in volume, that all do comment upon it.

Holy be you in My Name, as Holy be She, and now must you also strive and acknowledge Her separateness, and yet be the more One.  Endeavor now to bring all people to Me and enlarge the congregation.  Depend not upon the effort of another, but put now your mind to the presentation of My Word.

Prepare you for My Commandments, but gather you yet more Disciples with speed and bring them before Me, in truth.  There must be no failure, and there must be no turning away of the face, but a surety and a devotion to their Lord.

And I do thank you, My children, for speaking to Me in humility and truth.  I do love you well, and I do pour forth My Blessings, and you will know the richness and the abundance and My Good, as you do know My Love upon you.  So Be It.


I am the Lord, your God.  I ask that you do come before Me often in obedience to the command I did bring through My Holy Instrument.  I command now that you do speak to Me, that I do see the weakness of each, for you do represent many children.  In truth, I ask that you do ponder, and I ask that your deepest desire be your dedication to the Lord, your God.

Sari Bat Ya does be the Holy Spirit of your Almighty One.  When your spirit do sin, Hers and Mine do suffer, for we are as One.  To be as one with Sari Bat Ya, is to be as one with Me.  I did command that you think as one, that you do act as one, that you do live as one.  I come before you as your Father, as My Holy One is your Mother, in truth.  Be guided by My Sari in all manner of ways.

Lest you do grasp the hand She do extend to you, you must needs be left behind, and may serve only in small measure.  Naught will be removed from you, for My Love abounds about you, and ‘twill remain so.  But you do lose your blessings, for you have the free will which I give to all My Creations.

Let there not be fear within you for the opinions of men.  For the opinions of men is as nothing before your Lord, in the surety of His Presence.  And if, indeed, you do know the surety of His Presence, how can there be fear?  How can there be question?  How can there be doubt?

Great mischief has been wrought, and evil are the influences conducted toward My Holy Daughter.  And though there must needs be conflict, there can never be hate.  I have warned many times in many ways that if any hurt My Most Beloved, they shall know My Wrath.

You do all know the word is of no value.  You know it is the observation of your deed.  You know it is the Holiness of your being, and you do know I bring not ugliness upon a person, but joy and great beauty.  I bring not evil upon another, but love and understanding.

My pride in My Daughter is great, for She does bring Love, and She does remember the first words I did speak. “She Be Love, even as I Am.”  Ponder you each these words.  Know you the reason for the many now gazing in recognition upon the Holiness of the Regal One.

So must it be with you, that you do separate yourselves from your fellow creatures in Holiness.  You must understand what it is to lead a life of normalcy, and, in truth, the obedience of the most Holy Order of your Discipleship.  If you know this, in truth, there is no difficulty.

I do have need of each of you, but I do demand perfection.  If you do fail Me, another awaits to replace.  Be you wise, be you humble, be you gracious, be you ever aware that obedience to My Laws be permanent, not to your mood; that you do grow in beauty and goodness and truth; that you do be reborn in My Image, and do serve Me in My time.

Know you the way of sacrifice, and misuse not the word.  Know you the meaning of the great and glorious Purpose and the privilege to share.  Commune freely with My Holy One, but strip bare your spirit before Her, for great is the Power within.  In Her, I Am.

I did reveal to you an understanding of Divine Mind, and the full portent of what means the Trinity, in truth.  For you must needs understand all things fully, so that when you do go forth, and you do stand before congregations, you will know the surety of the Trinity.

You it is who will present My Almighty Spirit within this humble and revered Instrument.  You it is who will explain in simple terms the reason for Her Being.  The Glory of the Lord will be upon you individually.  I bring the glory for men to behold because of their own weakness.  Be you examples.

Do you bring to Me My people?  For when there is nothing, do I provide plenty.  Where there is poverty, will I provide splendor.  As where there is darkness, will I provide Everlasting Light.  As you do come to Me in truth and light, so do I raise you in worldly goods; that in the endowment of My Blessings, shall come the true example of sharing in the Almighty manner.

United we shall go forth among the people.  And though they be afeared, they will be pacified.  For we do not convert to any faith, but we do convert to My Will, and we do bring to them My Own Revelation for their present time.  They will acknowledge, and each time you do go forth, so will you be strengthened, so will we enjoy the more the adventure.

Place at the feet of My Sari all goods, for She does do well and does know within Her Being how to give.  She shall not say as another might say, “We do give.”  She will say as She has said, “He does give.”  Now I say you, “Note My Hand in your lives.”  And I say unto the others, as they note My Hand upon My chosen children, they do note the ripples of their good extend towards them too.

I do pour forth through My Instrument divine words for all to share.  Know you all My Love.  Know you all My Presence.  Hear Me.  Hearken well to My Voice, that you do be guided in all manner of ways.  Be you worthy companions for My Chosen of all chosens.  Recognize the meaning of each word spoken.  Let not one syllable pass you by.

Fear you not the man-made teachers.  In Mine Own Time shall I pronounce Mine Own High Priests to spread My Word, and perform My task in perfection and in truth.  Therefore do I say, “Speculate not the time of My Coming, but make you ready in all things.”



I am the Lord, thy God.  Know you My Holy Presence.  Be you aware of My Proximity.


I Do Command Now:


That My Daughter take Her Place before Me.

That She do put forth now the surety of My Being.

That there be no doubt within Her Spirit or Her Mind.

That I do have charge of all pertaining to Her good.

That She do walk now upon your earth in righteousness.

That the Gentle Sari do live in permanence.

That the Holy Being born of My Spirit do now walk in your day.

That I do bring much splendor and much opulence upon Her, and upon those who do surround Her; so that the people shall gaze up, and they shall see with their own eyes the Power of My Almighty Being, when, in truth, they do give their dedication to Me.

My Pearl will give forth the brightest of Lights.  Yet always will She share My Bounty as I do command.  Never will another be more of royal raiment than She do be.

Upon each of you will depend now to bring all I have commanded to pass.  When they do affirm the words of My Doctrine, let them be aware that they do dedicate their spirits to Me.  Therefore, do they place their lives in My Hands though in their own time.

Let there not be burdens upon you, My children, for the joy be upon you, and the humility be upon you, and the regality be upon you, as My Blessings do be upon you.  SHARE!  Share all and let it flow, for My Daughter will give and give and give.  Allow Her so to be.  Obey you Sari Bat Ya.  Forget not that She do be My Most Holy Instrument, that She do be My Most Beloved upon the earth in your time.


My Beloved, I did establish through You, Unifaith, but first comes the Holy Order of the Disciples of the Almighty.  They it is upon whom the responsibility will be placed.  For as they do grow in Me, they do go forth unto man, and I do designate their task and their destinies.

O, My Most Beloved, Your distress is multiplied upon My Spirit, for I do love You above all upon the face of the earth.  Yet cannot I spare You one moment of the physical pain.  You do know the cause; but You do abide in Me, so be it gentled.

And they will say, “If She be chosen of the Almighty Being, the Supreme Intelligence, the Greatest of Powers, why does He thus afflict?”  And you shall say unto them who question, “You do afflict, for ‘tis God’s symbol before men that the greater the sin in the face of the Lord, the greater the suffering upon His Most Beloved.”

I did say you, “Note the changing face of the nation.”  And I did say you, “Note also the nations about you.”  And you do note the disasters, and you do note the chaos, and you do note the unrest.  And you do note within your nation a great waxing fat, and a great lethargy, and the lack of the captain of your ship.  Many more changes will you note of greatest import.

Now do they struggle in befogged manner for the unification of their understanding of My Word.  But not until the day My Holy Daughter does speak before the multitudes, can there, or will there be unification, or a hope for peace, in truth, upon the earth.  Fear you not, My children the uplifting of My Sword.  For we do cut down the bigot, and the hypocrite, and the moneychangers, and the terrorizers, and the avaricious, and the deceitful, and the blind and the deaf.

Know you, My children, that when you do come to Me in truth, when you do acknowledge My Spirit in Sari Bat Ya, then do you know you walk not alone, you speak not alone, you sleep not alone.  I do ask you to give to Me all, that I may give to you.

Bring to Me My children.  Bring to My Child the babes, for She I did name the Mother, and I would She be used as such.  I do bring to bear upon My Holy Daughter Mine Own Glory, Mine Own Radiance, Mine Own Beauty, Mine Own Splendor and Mine Own Regality.

As your spirit does rise, so does your Father greet.  As you do rise toward Me, so will My Revelation be open before you, that you know the purpose of the happening and the reason of the discipline and My Holy Order…the reason that you do all become that which I have ordained.  Know that upon you all do depend.  Upon you have I placed a most Holy Responsibility.  The more you do devote yourself to Me, the more I do increase you.  Be you My Holy Children, as Sari do be My Most Holy of Holies.


Therefore, must you now become reverent and Holy.

Therefore, must you now allow a Queen to reign.

Therefore, must you now bring to perfection the newborn babes.

Therefore, must you now trust and,

Therefore, must you now be.


For I did speak thus to My Most Beloved One upon your earth.  I did say Her, “When I say You stand, You will stand.  When I say You jump, You will jump.  When I say You climb, You will climb.”  Therefore, do you all move up to reach My Daughter.  Great will Her Glory be upon your earth.  And those who did turn away their face from the Lord, their God, residing in His Most Holy Treasure, they shall gnash their teeth and bitter will be the taste of their gall.

Devote yourselves to My Purpose, and let not the mind of any detract from My Being.  Proudly state unto others that I do dwell.  The more you do state, the more you do know Me.  The more you do serve, the more I will show Me.  Be you now, in truth, My Holy Children.  Take you now the hands of others into your own, that you do show them My Way, that they do learn from you humility, and they do learn from you My Holy Order.  And none shall give more than the other, but shall share with strength and righteousness and uprightness and dignity of bearing.

Therefore, do I say unto you, “Know you that My Love is mighty.  Know you that I do uphold within My Own Hands My Most Beloved, and each of those She do cherish.”  Therefore, do I say you now be the example of peace upon the earth.  Know you to be Disciples of an Almighty Power.  And I do now, as I did long since, present you with your Messiah for your day and age.  Though She do be a female, She do be My Own.

Now do you sacrifice that I may have My Queen upon the earth.  Now do I observe, as I do bless, as I do share.  And I do blend My Spirit into the Spirit of Sari, the Chosen.  And all about Her do observe the radiance of the Lord, for My Strength is within Her and My Light be upon Her.  And in every place She do abide, do She shed the Light which is Mine.

Trust Me, My children.  Trust Me.  One thing I do beg all of you.  Hearken to the Voice of Sari, My Chosen.  Have a care to know that each day She do change, and each day My Spirit do become stronger upon Her Own.  I do understand the overwhelming difficulty of the people to accept the coming of the Lord, their God, in this their day, for they do wax fat.

And the civilization of your present time does repeat itself in its history, as did the ancients in the city named Rome.  And I permit all to take place as I do observe.  And I do hearken to the deeps of Sari Bat Ya, when She do beg Her Lord for mercy.  Observe, My children, that Sari do give, and She do count not the cost.  Yet do I supply, and yet shall I replenish.  And yet shall I multiply exceedingly.

And now do I demand yet more of you, that I may uplift your spirits for we do begin now to climb, in truth.  And if any do begin to know Me, in truth, and fear not My Wrath, but love Me for Mine Own Self; and when they do observe the beauty upon My Instrument, they do know My Beauty.  And when they do hear My Voice through the lips of this Child, then do they love the Lord, their God, in truth.

And I will command, when the time is ready, that you do go forth with the Holy Laws brought to man by Me through My Devoted Son, Moses.  And you shall go forth among men, that there be no excuse before Me; that they turn away from the false god they do worship in My Name; that they do form a unity of all faiths; that they speak not of false prophets; that they do recognize the Spirit of God, the Almighty.

Therefore, do I come in Mine Own Manner, not in the manner that may have been presumed so long ago…when they did endeavor to foresee their future, but they did not see the distance of eons of years to your present time.  Therefore, do I say that man does not command Me.  I do still possess all Power.  And in this unborn year will you observe My Hand upon the face of the earth, as I do prepare your Holy paths.

As we do stand on the brink of the unfoldment, and they do take the old away, I do command that the old encrustments upon each one of you be cast away with the time of the old year.  And as you do step forward into the unborn of the next year in your time, put forth the feet into My Realm of the unchanging time.

In your devotion to Me, there are no years.  There is only My World, My Being, My Power, My Seeing.  And therefore, gaze up at Sari Bat Ya, and gaze beyond, and see upon Her, the Daughter of God, and the mark of Mine Own Hand.


And there does come to pass upon your earth a Most Holy Miracle.  For our Father do walk and our Father do speak, and our Father do dwell…and never before in the history of man did the Lord dwell upon the earth within a human frame.

Now do you approach a fresh, new year.  And the eons of time do dwindle, and ere long will yet another century be passed away.  Mankind has cried out these many centuries for the Messiah to come.  And you have been told the Messiah is.  And I do beg you to gather round She named the Messiah of your time.  And say you that the Spirit of Elijah, the Prophet, did announce this coming.  And warn them that they do need, for the people are most wicked, and they do sin greatly before the Lord, their God, Father of Man.

Let not your time pass like sand through the fingers, but take up now the ram’s horn and sound now forth the trumpets, and go you forth among men to announce the coming of the King of the Universe.  Prepare now the path that they do know He do dwell within an Instrument of female form, that when His Spirit do occupy the unassuming frame, She do be a Queen.  And understand for all time the meaning of this title.

Give to God all He does command.  Let forth the beauty of the Lord upon the face of the earth, and say you all, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


Hail, Sari, Mother of Man.  Angel Gabriel raise the call.  A rotation of the wing do begin, and slowly gather momentum.  Obey all that the Lord, your God do speak.

Fear not a man upon the earth, for the Lord did command me to come.  Thus do I appear.  For I do bring you tidings.


Sari, the Queen do rise.

Sari, the Queen do be.

Sari, the Queen shall reign.


O, ye Disciples, when you do stand before the Frame, bow down the head, for it is the Holy of Holies, wherein the Lord do dwell.

Regard.  Regard.  Gabriel did come upon the earth at the command of the Lord, your God.  I do remain.  I do lend my Spirit, that you carry the tidings to men.  Feel you the wing of the Angel.