Chapters 85 - 90


The Oak has grown a sturdy bark.  And the towering branches do bring forth younger branches.  And the Oak does grow little by little.  The bark will deepen and gnarl in time.  And the branches will spread their arms ever higher, ever wider towards their Creator.

And the leaves will grow upon the Oak, and they will spread, and from them will be born, from their bigness, a tiny acorn, perchance to fall upon the earth, there to be held most tenderly until such time as a new Oak may come into being, so to become another sturdy tree in the agelessness of time.

And the winds will rustle through the branches and the leaves, and create a symphony of beautiful sound.  And the rain shall fall upon the Oak and feed.  And the sun will shine and reflect the glory and nourish.  And the dew will form and bejewel with diamonds each tender leaf, so that the tree will glimmer and shine with the radiance of Him Who did create Her.

And the night shall cover Her as tenderly as a blanket, for none can damage this Oak.  And all shall come to its shady trunk and rest their weary bones, and find protection there.  So they will come unto the Lord, their God, to receive His Own Protection.  And I do say you, “Bring them.  Bring them, for He shall grant them peace.”


I am the Lord, your God, One God over all the Universe.  This is My Beloved, most highly esteemed, yet do you observe She suffers.  And you do observe and ponder the reason of One so beloved of the Almighty God to suffer.  Yet does She suffer.

But She did not cry and She did not plead, and She did not accuse Her Lord of deserting Her in Her hour of need…and, indeed, I did not.  I shall not desert My Sari now or ever.

I do observe each new follower now surrounding this most Holy Being.  And I do say that none shall be enabled to come within the proximity of my Holy Daughter, lest they, themselves, become Holy and do obey every command I have brought.  And in the obedience do they convey My Word to mankind.

Now must come upon the beings upon the earth the awareness of the existence of My Holy Instrument.  Prepare now yourselves and those about you to receive in graciousness all things I do bestow.  Teach to believe and to know what it is to share, in truth.

Rejoice, My good, humble children.  Now is the time to give thanks to Me.  ‘Tis the time for the gathering of the harvest.  ‘Tis the time to reap now the harvest from the seed you did sow.  Be worthy.  Be that which I have ordained.  Be you in My Image at all times.  Be you as I have commanded.

Control all impulsive judgment.  Use every teaching of each Holy Emissary.  Put to use all guidance in Holiness.  Place at the feet of the most Holy One all benefits that do come from My Hand to your own.

Allow now your Queen to live.  For I do ordain that the girl does die, but My Daughter does take life from My Spirit, and does breathe your air by My Own Will.  My demands do become greater, as do My Blessings.  The Queen is born and does now begin to live.  So Be It.


The Queen is born.

Long live the Queen.


Gather you now the subjects before the Regal One.  And let them bow down in the recognition of this Holy Instrument.  She be a Queen, as I was a King.  Praised be Her Name evermore.

The Eagle does begin to rotate the wings and take slowly to the air.  Rise, mighty Eagle, rise.  Great and craggy are the mountains above which you will soar.  And men shall fear the Eagle, for in its beak ‘twill carry the multitudes.  ‘Tis a wily bird.

Gaze up.  See you the dawn.  Perceive you the Light to come and the darkness to go, and the blessedness of this Holy Being.  So speaketh our Father.  So speaketh the Brother.  So now do obey My Gentle Sister.


Know that I speak through this Instrument, because I am pure Spirit, because I am an Omnipotent Being, because in Her do I manifest.  And those who do truly seek Me will know the purpose of My choosing to walk within this frame.  Through Me does She become most Holy, through Me does She become Divine, through Me does She become Revered.

The girl who was, now is not.  For I do possess Her Being, and the more She does devote Herself to Me and to My Purpose, the more shall My Beacon be seen.  The multitudes shall gaze upon their Lord in Her and know Me.  For they shall look upon Divine Beauty, and they shall hear Divine Voice, and they shall know Divine Peace.

Now, therefore, must the Holiness be upon those already named, and those to come.  For lest there be, in truth, the Holiness of My Presence, the acknowledgment of My Being, so shall the Holy Name and all My Blessings be removed.  I do grant all things.  Abuse them not.  And remember the sand, and take from it example.

In the strictest obedience to My Laws will come all good.  I, Myself, shall direct the steps of Sari Bat Ya.  She, in turn, must be obeyed in the acknowledgment of Her Divinity.  Those of you who go your way in spite of Her plea, cannot, in truth, be servant unto Me.  For when you do obey Sari Bat Ya, you do obey your Lord.

I ask not the groveling at My feet or at the feet of My Daughter.  I ask not denial of anything, but I do ask acknowledgment and I do ask devotion, in truth.   And I do ask there be no necessity of further preparation…that the readiness be upon you, that My Portion be removed from the Revelation and placed before the people, that My Holy Child do recognize Her Father’s Words, that you do know the time is come to give you Me, My Daughter, to offer Her up as did Abraham offer up His son.

I have said She is Mine Own, but you, My children, must give Her to Me.  You, My children, must grant Me now My Own Beloved.    You, My children, must come to Me in truth and say to Me, “Take Her, My Father.  Do with Her what You will.  And whatever Your Will do be, we will accept.”

Know you, in truth, that Sari Bat Ya can no longer be regarded as an ordinary human, as a wife, or as a friend, or as a child for She is many things to many people, as am I.  Separate Her now in Her true dignity as the Regal Queen among you.  Command now the respect of those who come.  There does come to pass much in beauty and magnitude.  Receive it by Her Own example, and as you do observe it, be it.

Deny Her not the graciousness of the Lord, your God.  For She do be My Instrument, and She do be aware I do feast at Her table.  And I do observe every move, every sound within the Holy Abode, and not one corner of any one room is free of My Spirit.

Know now Her purpose and your own.  Know now that when I do speak of things to come, they do be there, but do each of you bring to pass.  Know now I can no longer await you, as you do no longer await Me, for I am among you.

Now must we begin to move.  Therefore, do you form about Sari Bat Ya a royal entourage.  Those now in and about to enter the proximity of the Holy One, must be cleansed, must be purged to the bone, must be brought this truth, must know no doubt, must instantly give of themselves as I do demand, must obey each and every law, so far brought, and all laws to come.

As the entourage does grow and does become satisfactory to My Eyes and observation, then will you know the order of it, and the manner of the presentation of My Most Holy Instrument.  And I would have each one of you know that as I do speak at this time, you must needs be ever alert, ever aware of the separateness of this Holy, Holy Being, for you shall never know from this day forth the instant of My Coming.

All gifts I did bestow upon My Holy Daughter.  Now does come the time when She will use each and every one of them.  The Cherubim do guard Her and My Emissaries do serve.  Now be you also My Emissaries and serve you likewise.



I did say a splendor will come, and it does come, and I do rejoice as does My Own Beloved.  Question not the time of the multiplicity of the means to come.  I do deem you worthy.  Now go you and gather in that which is yours and Mine.  Then go you in the completion of the Abode, and the giving to those in need.  All about My Holy One, be you glorified, as do you glorify Her, My Own Anointed.

As I did say you to note certain happenings of the past, I do now say you to note that which does evolve in your present, and the unfoldment of the beauty and the esteem to come.  In the going forth of each, and the blessings received therein, forget not the gathering of the congregation, and abuse not the gifts I do bestow, but know the reason of its happening.

There be those among you soon to be appointed and named by Me regarding their future tasks.  But first must they know the Holiness and the wholeness before Me, as must My Own Beloved first be whole in all things, be whole that I might fulfill to completion that which began.  Out of the Holiness comes forth all that is good and beautiful.

Therefore I say you, “My Queen does reign.”  Regard Her with due esteem; and know you, once and for all time, Her separateness before you…for I did tell you, that the girl is already dead.  Ponder these words, but ponder well, ‘Tis part of the responsibility I did place upon you.  Great and glorious, indeed, is the future of this most Holy Being and all those bound up with Her as one.

Let your minds be devoted to Mine Own Purpose.  Let your backs be strong and your bones be straight, and your feet be firm, and your head be high, and your eye be lit up, and your tongue be softened.  Then shall I know My Disciples for I do need My Sentinels about My Own Treasure.  And ere long will the Revelation of My Early Words be known to you.  Grasp you the Hand of the Lord, your God, that you may rise to great heights.  Revere you the Queen I did place before you, for in honoring Her, you do honor your Almighty One.  And in your obedience to My Word, will be all things.

The altar is prepared; therefore, let now the sacrifice be made.  Remember the sins each day and cast them away for all time.  Upon the purity of your beings depends the coming of the Lord.  Strengthen you each other in the perfection of the Lord.  Acknowledge now your purpose and reaffirm your dedication to Me.  Cast away all pettiness, develop all gifts, acknowledge all goodness.

Sari Bat Ya will encourage all good.

Sari Bat Ya will carry the tidings.

Sari Bat Ya will be the Holy One.


Therefore, praise you the Father, praise you the Son, and praise you also the Daughter, in Whom the Holy Ghost does dwell.



The Abode must now reflect at all times the Spirit of the Lord God, and nothing must be drab or dead within its walls.  For God is life, and all about His Beautiful Spirit must reflect the Brightness and the Joy and the Light of His Power and His Glory.

And there must pervade the regal dignity, pursuant to a Daughter of the King of kings.  And the gentleness must pervade the beings, and the softness must enter the voices.  And as the dignity does come forth, observers will then be compelled to gaze up and beyond.

All activities are to be pursued in the enrichment of the Spirit and the giving forth of the glory  For now does come to pass all the Ordinations of the Lord.  The more placed at the feet of the Holy One, the more abundance will come, to be shared among the many at Her disposition.  The ritual of daily meditation must now take place for a set time.  Much there is yet to be revealed.

In the center of the dome of the Shrine will rise a golden minaret, at the top of which will be blended the Cross and the Star of David.  The four corners of the Shrine will be the four stately minarets, binding together the main faiths.  Within the Shrine, in various positions, will be the Emblems of all faiths.  And they will be placed in a small niche suited for this purpose.

As the flags of all nations signify their unification outside a building, the symbols of all Faiths will signify the unification inside the Holy Shrine.  The motifs of the faiths may be carried out in stained glass windows or statuary, in accordance with that which is most befitting.  And they shall be so arranged that they do surround the altar and the platform from which Sari Bat Ya and those so chosen will speak before the congregation.

And it shall be a spacious Shrine, consisting of many rooms for many reasons.  And symbolic of the words previously spoken by the Gentle Brother, they will find many mansions.