Chapters 79 - 84


Day upon day, night upon night, hour upon hour, moment upon moment, will the Spirit of the Most Holy Instrument of God rise to meet Her Father.  For the task newly begun is of such magnitude, were She to remain purely human, She could not achieve for Him, even in part.

I come merely to prepare the Disciples that they do understand the change that is upon the Dearly Beloved in both our worlds.  And as the possession of the Lord deepens and grows, understand that though Her mind withdraws, Her Love will multiply.

The Lord, our God, has ordained a Holy Order. ‘Tis not an Order of poverty for you.  ‘Tis a Holy Order denoting the majestic splendor of the King of kings, Who does dwell in your time within His Chosen Daughter, thus entitling Her to be named a Queen of queens.  In this Holy Order, there will be a brotherhood and a sisterhood of splendid dignity and simplicity.

And there will needs be great wisdom in the advisors to come, a calmness within you, and your eyes set upon the purpose at all times.  Your feet shall tread the path of God in many lands, over many seas, and there shall be a coming together of the minds in a Oneness of the understanding of the Creation of Unifath.

Put Her forth in splendid simplicity.  Observe, as you do observe the sunrise.  Observe the coming and the rise of the Star of Sari Bat Ya, the Most Holy Instrument, in Whom does live the Lord, your God, in this your time.



Teach to believe; to inform is hate.  For you do bring unto the people the awesomeness of God, Himself.  When you do go down unto the people, they will know they do stand before the Lord, their God.  You, who have been named Holy, must be so.  For you become many things to many people, but the Holiness of the Lord must be the first impression conveyed.

He will welcome His children with open arms, if they do place their iniquities at His Feet, and do go with Him, in truth.  But in the completion of the giving is the lesson to be learned.  And you must first accept that you do sit at the feet of the Almighty God, when you do hear His teachings through a Holy Emissary or through Sari Bat Ya.

There has been a great lack of respect regarding the teachings of the Holy Scripture, and the words did fall upon a deaf ear.  And the eyes perceive not the Glory of God, in truth.  For when one does be aware of the touch of God, one must become so elevated, that the Holiness will envelop and separate that one from all men for all time.  A life dedicated, in truth, becomes a life separated from all others.

Though you be permitted many advantages because of your day and your generation, it does not mean that you do not obey the strictest discipline of the Holy Order.  If He had said unto you, “Thou shall become a Holy Order, and shall eat only of the bread and drink only of the water, and wear upon you one article of clothing”…His Word would have been obeyed.  But He has blessed Sari Bat Ya and all those now surrounding Her in the most generous manner.

For the wisdom of the Almighty is infallible, and all must bow down before Him.  There can be no laxity.  You shall not be excused one misdemeanor, one misconduct, one selfish act or thought, one word spoken in anger, one resentment, hidden or revealed.  For if, in truth, there is an obedience to the Doctrine, there can only be established within each the most perfect beauty and holiness.

Let there be Light and it shall fill your minds.  Let their voices be raised in praise.  For the Lord does dwell, and the Messiah is come upon the lands.  And it does depend upon you when the Eagle shall rise and take wing, and spread itself across the face of the earth.  Seek you now the forgiveness of the Lord.  Know you for all time for all places.


Remember the sin of the non-fulfillment of a Holy Ordination.

Remember the sin of a stiff-necked attitude.

Remember the sin of the opinion of self.

Remember the sin of the false glorification.

Remember the sin of living a lie.

Remember the sin of speaking falsely.

Remember the sin of over-indulgence.

Remember the sin of disobedience to your laws.

Remember the sin of the ignoring of the Sabbath.

Remember the sin of the closed mind.

Remember the sin of the voice raised in anger.

Remember the sin of the face that does reveal bitterness.

Remember the sin of the ill word of another.

Remember the sin of the lack of prayer.

Remember the sin of the neglect of the aged.

Remember the sin of the impatience with the youth.

Remember the sin of avariciousness.

Remember the sin of the gathering of material things.

Remember the sin of possessiveness.

Remember the sin of neglect of one thing

that does depend upon your hand, be it a leaf, be it a child,

be it an inanimate object that does express the Lord.

Remember the sin of the deaf ear.

Remember the sin of the blind eye.

Remember the sin of the lack of love for those about you.

Remember the sin for the lack of honor regarding a parent.

Remember the sin of the hatred among brethren.

Remember the sin for failing to esteem the Mother.

Remember the sin of not revealing the portion for mankind.

Remember the sin for the failure of paying homage

before the Holy of Holies.

Remember the sin of lust for its own sake.

Remember the sin of non-fulfillment.

Remember the sin of the wandering mind.

Remember the sin of indolence.

Remember the sin of waxing fat.

Remember the sin of adulterous thoughts.

Remember the sin of the gainful deed.

Remember the sin of the negative word.

Remember the sin of restlessness.

Remember the sin of the minding of another’s business.

Remember the sin of the haughty glance.

Remember the sin of neglect of the needy.

Remember the sin of the murderous deed.

Remember the sin of the unclean act.

Remember the sin of the self-love or empty pleasure.

Remember the sin of unneighborliness.

Remember the sin of being above another.

Remember the sin of the turning away of the face.

Remember the sin of the unbent knee.

Remember the sin of the lack of honesty.

Remember the sin of the lack of humility.

Remember the sin of the lack of purity.

Remember the sin of the dishonoring of the Word of Sari Bat Ya.

Remember the sin of the unpeaceful being.

Remember the sin of fear.

Remember the sin of cowardice.

Remember the sin of the abuse of the gifts of God.

Remember the sin of the disobedience of discipline.

Remember the sin of the denial of truth.

Remember the sin of the people unbrought.

Remember the sin of the word unspoken.

Remember the sin of the hard eye.

Remember the sin of the clenched fist.

Remember the sin of recklessness.

Remember the sin of procrastination.

Remember the sin of unholiness.

Remember the sin of setting the Pearl before swine.

Remember the sin of impatience.

Remember the sin of intolerance.

Remember the sin of injustice.

Remember the sin of indignation.

Remember the sin of imprudence.

Remember the sin of incest.

Remember the sin of untruth.

Remember the sin of uncleanliness.

Remember the sin of impiety.

Remember the sin of imperiousness.

Remember the sin of ingloriousness.

Remember the sin of indecency.

Remember the sin of bigotry.

Remember the sin of thoughtlessness.

Remember the sin of intrusion.

Remember the sin of prejudice.

Remember the sin of disloyalty.

Remember the sin of unruliness.

Do you remember the sin of forgetting to remember the sins?

Do you remember the sin of the denial of the existence of sin?

Do you remember the sin of the resistance to truth?

Do you remember the sin of that distorted image

reflected in the mirror to your own advantage?

Do you remember the sin of the grasping of the Hand of the Lord

for the reward contained therein?

Do you remember the sin of attaining a high level,

so that you may gaze down?

Do you remember the sin of the inflated ego?

Do you remember the sin of the lack of graciousness?

Do you remember the sin of the lack of dignity?

Do you remember the sin of the fear of honesty?

Do you remember the sin of doubt of the Lord’s existence?

Do you remember the sin of self-satisfaction?

Do you remember the sin of aggressiveness?

Do you remember the sin of passive resistance?

Do you remember the sin of an indifferent attitude to Holiness?

Do you remember the sin of insincerity before the Lord?

Do you remember the sin of self-pity?

Do you remember the sin of an imagined illness?

Do you remember the sin of not knowing the Oneness?

Do you remember the sin of mouthing of the word

without the performance of the deed?

Do you remember the sin of the unclean spirit?

Remember the sin of the neglect of the needy.

Remember the sin of the sordid mind.

Remember the sin of the morbid thought.

Remember the sin of pessimism.

Remember the sin of insincerity.

Remember the sin of pretense before the Lord.

Remember the sin of pretentiousness.

Remember the sin of ostentatiousness.

Remember the sin of bearing false witness.

Remember the sin of empty gain.

Remember the sin of the lack of sharing.

Remember the sin of the abuse of love.

Remember the sin of the abuse of health.

Remember the sin of blasphemy.

Remember the sin of the misuse of wealth.

Remember the sin of the lack of faith.


All these sins remember, and let not the guilt of them lie upon the spirit.  They must be brought forth and cast out, lest the bitter gall seep through and spread its poison.  Cast you, yourselves, before your Lord, and come you before Him in nakedness as a newborn babe.  So shall you be cleansed.

Bend you the knee and bow you the head before the Majestic Presence of the Lord, your God.  Pray you that He forgive.  Pray you that you do be that which He has asked.  And remember the One God Who do know all, and do forgive the sincerely remembered sin.


Know you that you cannot hide from your Lord; for the mind and the body are as one, but the spirit belongs to Him Who gave it.


The Lord is nigh.

The Lord is nigh.

Give forth the Glory.

Give forth the Word.

Obey His Holy Laws.


Know you your responsibility.  Know you that the spirit must live, that the spirit must triumph over the fleshly desire.  Know you the obedience to the Word of Sari Bat Ya.  She shall not put away the Lord for the sake of the failure of the deaf and the blind, and those incapacitated of the performance of the deed.

I do say unto you, My Sari, I, the Lord, Your God, do dwell within.  Your Spirit do be as One with Mine Own.  Know I have Your good in My Hands for I do shine through You, and My Power is strong upon You.  Be not afeared to use all power upon another.  But know You that You be the Holy of Holies, and now must be separated from another human and stand alone.  Now must they whom I did choose beside You, know the meaning of the Pearl upon the velvet pad to shine in Glory alone upon its cushion.

Gaze you, My children, upon the Holy One.  Know you that She does stand alone, but I did say I do not have Her lonely.  All shall come to pass as I did ordain in that She may set free the Spirit and that She may perform.  Know you Me within Her.  Recognize the Divinity of the Lord…that you do, once and for all time, acknowledge the Holy One and put aside the human.

For I do take of the human and cast out all weakness.  The weakness of the flesh shall not be part of Sari Bat Ya…but Her devotion to Her Lord shall become Her breath and Her bread and Her food and Her drink and Her shoes and Her clothing, which  shall be found in Her devotion to Me.

To you, My children, I did grant the greatest privilege to walk beside Me and the Holy One.  Know you your separateness from other mortals.  Be you now the examples before all men, but go upon your tasks knowing you go in truth.  My Will be done.

I do say you, “Know Me.”  I do say you, “Trust Me.”  And I do say you, “Be you that which I have ordained.  Care you for the flesh, as I do care for the Spirit.  Rise you in strength.  And I do bless, and I do set My Seal upon She, Who is bound up as One with Me.”


Know you the blessing you do have and know you the distinction through time.  Ponder you the meaning of My Word throughout your New Revelation.  Place now all that has come into a great order.  Now must be the dignity, now must be the grace, now must be the majesty, now must all be for Me.

Let there not be fear within your hearts, for naught ill shall occur if I am near.  Drink you of the fruit of the vine, and eat you well of the bread…for My Blessing is upon them and they shall increase greatly and multiply exceedingly.

Share the wealth, so that all about may be cared for, and the supply for the needy will be as endless as the supply of the Love of Sari Bat Ya.  And it shall be also as a bottomless well.  As She is, so shall it be always replenished, always restored.

Look to My Most Beloved for guidance.  Raise you your eyes to My Sari, and take you from Her your example.  For I do bestow upon you the peace to share, now and evermore.


You do behold the Trinity.

You do behold the Mother of Mankind.

You do behold the Beacon, the Light to shine forth.

You do behold the Embrace of God.

You do behold a Mighty Love.

You do behold a Miracle of Glory.


Take you within yourselves the gift bestowed and entrusted upon you.  The mystery of the Revelation lies before you and behind you.  Your time upon the earth is blessed.  Your path is guided, for the Beacon does Light your way.

There shall be no darkness for those within the radiance of this Beacon.  None may lose their way.  And though, in the beginning of the journey, some may falter, perchance to stumble, they shall be aided and arise again to behold before them that towering glow of Light.


So shall they regain the path of glory.

So shall they travel upon the spread of the Eagle’s wings.

So shall they be protected from their enemies.

So shall thou be borne aloft.

So shall they be brought forth.


And Jesu does bless thrice the Being of Sari Bat Ya, most Holy One.  And our Father, our God, does bless the Being of the Holy Beloved.  And Sari Bat Ya does combine the mighty sign and bestow yet Her Own blessing.  Now view the Trinity therefore.  Heed you the word of the Holy One.


Witness My Son, Jesus, did speak, as I, your Lord, do now speak, as My Daughter will also speak, that you may know the Trinity, in truth.  You do behold the Greatest Miracle.  To you, I do grant this Holy Revelation.  All those who witness this miracle must first be all I have ordained.

Be diligent.  Know always your purpose.  Know you the joy, but know you also the utmost reverence.  Now must you be My example before all mankind.  Now must you obey the smallest detail of My Holy Commands.  Know you, therefore, your responsibility to your Almighty One, and guard you well the Gift I have bestowed.