Chapters 73 - 78


And I do bless the First Disciples of Sari Bat Ya, Messiah, Chosen One of the Lord, our God.  You do have about you a sign and a symbol of God and the living God does dwell among you once again.  He did speak through Me in My tongue upon occasion, but I did look up and recognize My Father.  She has no need to gaze…for He has chosen to dwell within Her Being.  Know you, therefore, the Power of God among you.

Small hands are these to be used by His Spirit to uplift the multitudes and bring to your world the peace unknown.  ‘Tis a face to be renowned, remembered and worshipped as is Mine Own.  Yet She does recognize as does our Father in Heaven, there is no need for worship, but to know Him as She does know Him.

No blood will flow from these hands, though the weight She bears is heavy.  There be other ways for one’s life blood to ebb away.  Know you, therefore, the Holy Presence, for She will become as I was, but more so.  For I did know the blessedness of the peace of My Father, but She does know the blessedness of His Presence.  Therein lay the difference between us.  Therein is the burden upon Her, as was the cross upon My back.

For to be that being so chosen for the Lord God to abide in, one must, of necessity, be more than humble, be more than beautiful, be more than gentle, be more than loving, be more than patient, be more of all the things we do expect the Almighty One to be.  ‘Tis a heavy responsibility.

You do see before you the coming of the Almighty splendor, of the Almighty abundance, of the Almighty good.  Breathe you the peace, not the turbulence.  Know you the silence, not the noise.  Seek you the quiet of the mind, for in that you will find the peace of God.

Go forth upon your earth in your time, not as I and My Disciples did with a pittance, as beggars, bedraggled, sick and heavy at heart…but you do go forth in God’s Own splendor and regality.  Speak you with pride in the surety of His Presence.  Let all be aware of His Spirit among you, and let all observe His mark upon you, and know you to be part of a Royal Court, most Holy.

And I do acknowledge My Gentle One, so named by the Lord our God, Sari, Daughter of Daughters, Daughter of God, as I was the Son of God.  Be strong with Her, Disciples.  Be staunch.  Be firm.  Obey all.  In the Revelation, we will meet again.  And I do bless each, that you do grow strong in God in your acknowledgment of Sari Bat Ya.

So say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


Hearken you, My children, the Voice of the Lord is nigh.  Hear you, My children, the Voice of all voices in My Pearl above pearls, and know you the Presence, and know you the reason.

Raise up your voices that I may rejoice in each of you.  Humble yourselves before My Magnificence.  Prepare you, yourselves, for the splendor to come.  Arm you, yourselves, with the knowledge to speak.  Free your spirits.  Lift up your hearts.  Obey you My Commands.

When you do raise up your eyes to Me, raise them up also to My Daughter.  For My Light is upon Her and within Her.  For in Her, do I dwell in truth.  In Her, do I live.  Through Her, do I speak.

To Her, will I reveal the purpose.  All will gaze upon the radiant Glory of My Most Beloved One.  Abide in Her, as you do abide in Me, but let also My Spirit abide in you.  Take you Her hand and know you My Power.


Bring to My Holy Court ~ Order.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ Beauty.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ Splendor.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ Discipline.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ Obedience.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ The Reverence.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ The Leadership.

Bring to My Holy Court ~ The Love.


And I say you, regard your world and the changing face of it.  And My Light shall brighten their days.  And you, and all about Her, shall I bless extremely.  For the greater the love to My Holy of Holies, My Most Beloved Sari, the greater the shower of My Plenty.

And I do bless, and I do strengthen and I do sanctify you.  And I say to you peace.  And the peace of the world be in Her hands.


Be it known that you do not begin a faith.  Your task is to correct the error of men and to unite.  For the Lord, our God, has spoken and all ordained by Him will come to pass.  In our time, we were simple men, ignorant of the ways of the world.  But you are educated and awakened to the ways of your world.  And you are clothed and you are fed by God Almighty.

It has been decreed by the Almighty One that this most beloved, gentle Queen and the Disciples be not subjected to the humiliation of His Chosen One, Jesus.  Therefore, will you note a coming of great splendor and the regality of an earthly Kingdom, a palace in which you now do dwell.

Great is the responsibility of all, in the gathering about of the Disciples and the followers, and in the protection of the delicate Instrument of the Lord.  There must be love among the Disciples and the elimination of all antagonisms and pettiness, and the respect so ordained.  And you will say to those who come, “A Disciple is born of God, not man, that they will gladly labor in the endeavor to achieve the Emblem soon to be borne by all.”

Acknowledge in Her, the Holy of Holies, God among men. And I did acknowledge the Lord God in His Son Jesus, and did bow before Him and wash His Feet most humble.  For the rarity of a Chosen One is such that all must guard and protect and revere, so that the enormity of the task before them be fulfilled in perfection for that Master of All Supreme Beings.  Divine is She, Giver of the Voice, Distributor of the Good.  Gaze in awe at the beauty of Her service unto Him.

And so do I salute and bid farewell in the humble prayer that you do be aware of the reason of this visitation.



Note for meditations:

Feel the joy that is the Lord’s.  Let His tranquility and His peace flood your being.  Pray you for guidance, and know you the direction to come; for the hours thus spent in meditation with the Father will bring, perchance, the One understanding.  And if the spirit be weary and the body fatigued, then rest them.  And go you to seek the place wherein your spirit may find peace and the body may be still.

Open your minds and spirits to receive the Spirit of all spirits.  Open yourselves to God and let Him in…for here is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory.  And here is the Daughter in Whom these dwell…the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God upon the earth.  And gaze up and beyond, and know the Trinity, and see before you the Living God.

And know you the reason of those about Her who do see. And bring you before the Mother the hungry that She may feed them.  And bring you unto the Mother the lonely that She may comfort them.  Bring you the blind, bring you the deaf, bring you the lame, bring you the needy.  Bring all, bring one, bring many.  And know you the love.

See you the beauty and acknowledge a Queen of all queens, Mother of Mankind, Messiah of God.  Know you the Presence.  Revere you the Treasure.

So say you,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


And I do speak before you…that you do hear, that you do know, that you may feel My Presence, that you acknowledge My Dwelling among you in your day, as in the days of long ago.

I did bring you before My Daughter for a set purpose, and I have sought many a long day for those most worthy of the blessings to come.  For your world does speed upon the path of abject destruction.          I, the Lord, your God, do choose to walk that man may see and man may hear, and man may acknowledge the Supreme Power over their own.  I would have peace among nations and a unity among men…for My Wrath is mighty, but My Love is mightier.

And I do ask one thing of mankind…

That they do love one another in truth,

That they do seek Me in truth,

That those who seek shall find.


And all doors shall be open.  And those who dedicate their lives to Me and My Purpose shall I bless exceedingly.  And though I do give no signs, nor any wonders, you shall know ‘tis the Almighty One, Himself, you do serve.  I do ask that you do become a part of a most Holy Order, but I do say unto you that upon you does the final decision rest.

They have spoken of the long, hard road.  I do say to you, as I did speak to all My children in Holiness before you, past and present, “I am the Lord, your God, Father of all fathers.  I do demand much of you, for I do ask you for your mind, your spirit and your body.”  When you do come to Me, and know before Whom you stand, that I may place upon you your task in My Name, then do I know the performance of the deed.   And we do go forth as One.

You do come to Me in your lifetime and upon your earth, as you would come to Me upon the termination of your days.  But I do say unto you, “I do grant you a most high privilege.  You may know the Lord, your God, while you do live upon the earth, as you will know Me when I do gather you.  Place into My Hands all that burdens your hearts and your mind.  So shall it be conveyed.  So shall you be cared for in all manner of ways.”


My Daughter’s Spirit does call upon Her Father, Her Lord, Her God.  And I do hasten to assure Her of My Eternal Presence.  And I do assure Her, also, that I do hearken to Her most earnest prayer that My Will be done.  Those who know Me in truth, do abide in Me as I do abide in them.  Those who serve Me in truth, will I also serve.

Much have I bestowed upon you.  I multiply each blessing as I did promise long ago.  I have said to you, “Be fruitful and multiply.”  And I do say, “Look behind the meaning of My Words, and in all things will the fruit of your labor multiply itself.”  The Disciples to come I have chosen, but the final choice lies with Sari Bat Ya, My Own Beloved, and in Her Divine Wisdom, I abide.

Remote is My Beloved to all.  More yet will Her Spirit belong to Me alone.  And so the things within Her world and yours are of less and less import.  The more She does come to Her God, the greater the beauty of My Spirit upon Her and within, the more gentle the voice, the touch, the glance.


Know you all that I will have obedience.

And I will have discipline.

And I will have courtesy.

And I will have humility in all things.

And I will have respect at all times.

And they will know the Lord, their God.

And the beauty of the Pearl be now observed in great joy

For the Light that is My Beacon, does shine forth.


I do bring unto you Commandments.  And I do expect at the moment of their utterance, obedience and the recognition of My Laws…for you do carry My Word to mankind.  And I did command, “Bring you the people to Me.”  Now must each go forth.  Now I will have a congregation, in truth.

You do observe the changing face of your world.  You will observe the changing face of your nation and the leading nations upon the earth this day.  Obey the Lord, your God, in My Daughter at all times.  Know you that the Gentle Girl that lived, will become Holy in gentleness and beauty.  Allow Her to be so.  Permit Me to reign upon the earth, as I do reign within My Eternal Realm.

At any time Sari Bat Ya does raise a hand in Holiness, so will you feel the Power of the Lord within Her.  And at the same time, you will observe the coming of the Trinity.  And raise Her up to be borne on high.  And you will go forth at My Direction, and your world shall know the Power of God upon their lands.  And I do say, “Obey and rejoice with the blessing of your Lord, your God, upon you.  And I do fill My Abode with a most Holy Peace.”