Chapters 7 - 12


Hear My Voice, Ruth, for I am speaking.  Ponder My Words even as they are written.  I want You to gather together a group of people whom I shall choose, who will follow You in My Name. Be fruitful and multiply.  Keep Your heart pure.  Learn to recognize My Voice wheresoever I may speak to You.  I am within You, Child, and I will hear Your Voice when You call Me.  Now, therefore, hear Mine also when I speak.  I have many Voices, for I am a Mighty God. The task before You, verily, is a great one; and there will be much travail.  Know, therefore, that I am ever near.  Justice and Mercy are Mine.




Children, hearken unto Me.  I am the Lord, your God.  Ignore not My Mighty Presence.  None shall turn their face from Me.  Doubt not I am truly here.  You must obey for I have spoken.

Fear Me not, for I am a Good and Merciful God.  I understand the tribulation My Voice brings to man.  I have not thus appeared many, many years…but I have need of you to bring Me to mankind.

My Will be done.  Prepare for it by the dedication to the task I have commanded you.  Be always alert for My Voice.  I have need of you, as you have need of Me.  Open your hearts to Me, My children, for I ask you now to assist the Chosen One.  I have shown Myself to you through Her.  Let your love freely flow.   All joy awaits you.

I have brought you together, so that you may all bear witness to My Mighty Presence.  You are all worthy, for did I not create you in My Own Image?  I only ask your love and trust.  I give Mine daily to you.  I do demand much, but I do grant much.

You will respect My Chosen One, for She cannot dwell among you any longer as an ordinary mortal.  You will pay Her the high regard as for a Living God…for in Her do I dwell.  If you would have Me abide among you, remember I do live within this Child.  Draw from Her Hands My Power.  Take into yourselves My Glory, and know you the Father, the One God, before all men.




It is I, Child.  I am well-pleased with You, Ruth.  You have a pure heart, and have learned a good lesson.  You have learned to trust Me, and to love Me, in truth.   Forgiveness is in Your Soul, even as in Mine.  I am joyous that even now My Love is reaching out to My people, and You bring them to Me in love.

Your Being is almost as Mine.  And so, Chosen Child, Your task in My Name begins…for You have truly become One with Me.

I will bring into Your life many followers, who will assist You in the spreading of My Word.  ‘Tis no easy task, for I sadly observe the turning away of the faces from My Presence, but You shall stand before multitudes and I will speak.

I have selected with care each one who will surround You, now and forever.  To each, will I cause many unexpected things to happen.  I bless all who work in My Name.  My Protection will surround all about My Chosen One.




I, your God, have come before you to show Myself unto you.  I have come so that you may observe with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, My Presence.  Through this Child will I speak.

She it is I have commanded to work in My Name.  She it is Who will perform My Miracles.  She it is through Whom, once more, I will walk among My people.

In truth, I am within Her…more surely than I am in any other of My children.  Through Her, am I manifesting Myself as I did in former years.  She will continue to bring love and glory, and the people will flock about Her, and know that they see Me, that they hear Me.

She must never be prepared to speak…for I will use Her as I desire at all times.  All will know it is the Almighty One, Himself, for I shall prove My Might as only I can.

My Blessings be upon thee, and upon this Chosen Child.  I bid you go in peace, My children.  I bid you turn not your faces from Me…for I love you, in truth.




Your Almighty Father would speak with you.  I ask that you recognize My Presence in your midst.  The Child has been bewildered by the growth of people around Her.  Soon there will be multitudes.

I have given this Child wisdom undreamed of…because She asked Me not for wisdom.  She has asked for nothing.  I am well-pleased with this Instrument, for She denies Me not, though She has doubted much.

At times, even I have been excluded from the Child through fear.  Tell Her, I am not a Fearsome God, but a Merciful God.  She needs no further proof of My Unlimited Love than Her Own Being.  Let Her stand before men.  Let them look upon Her, and let them see what has happened to Her.  Let them deny Me then.

Each one who loves Me, in truth, I will use as I use this Child for one purpose or another.  All who are near this Child will be blest indeed, for She brings much love into the lives of those near Her.  Tell Her to learn to welcome Me.  Tell her to fear Me not, for I cannot bring Her harm.  I need Her as much as She needs Me.

I leave you with My Blessings.  My Love be all about you, as it is about the Chosen One.




Lighten Your heart, My Sister.  Fear not the people, for Your Father is with You, even as He was with Me.

Child of Our Father, You will see many things in the people, so that You may not be deceived.  You will learn to forgive a true heart and pure spirit.

My Love envelops You, for has not Our Father instructed You, even as He did instruct Me?  Peace unto You.  My Blessings be upon Thee.