Chapters 67 - 72


Thus saith the Lord:

As I did command My Son, Moses, so now do I command My Holy Daughter, Ruth, the Holy.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you do look up and beyond and see Me.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you do observe the Ten Commandments, conveyed to mankind through My Son, Moses.  That I do love those who do obey.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you do obey My New Doctrine, brought to mankind through My Holy Daughter, that you do acknowledge that these be the Words of God, though not carved upon a tablet; that you do obey every command given, knowing the meaning therein.


Thus saith the Lord:

That you shall observe My Sabbath Day, so put down by My Son, Moses; that this day shall be observed by you, as by your forefathers, and shall be kept Holy.


Thus saith the Lord:

That because I do observe the changing order of mankind upon the earth in this your time, you will observe each Holy Day in the manner heretofore, put down, and yet conforming with your present time.


Thus saith the Lord:

I do want no burnt offerings, but I do want a peace among men, and a recognition of One Being upon the earth, that Being named by the Lord, your God, My Holy Instrument.  And I do proclaim this Instrument, Mother of Mankind, and I do say unto My children, “If you do heed Her Word, you do heed your God.  If you do observe upon Her and within Her a beauty, you do observe Mine Own.  If you do hear a Voice, and do know it is a Voice such as never heard upon the earth at any time, then you do hear the Voice of the Lord, your God.


Thus saith the Lord:

Those of you, My children, whom I did choose, and did name for a set purpose, you will gaze upon My Beloved Daughter and see Me.  And you will assemble upon the Holy Day, so named for the purpose of finding My Presence.  This is a command and ‘twill be obeyed.  Upon this day will you praise My Name, and will you bring forth My Word to mankind.


Thus saith the Lord:

Gather together a congregation.  At the head of the congregation will you place the Holy One.  She it is Who will speak My Word; and each so named, will find his place, and begin, in truth, his task.


Thus saith the Lord:

I do command that you do know discipline, obedience and patience; that you do possess each part to make the whole of that which each must be, to convey, in truth, the Love of God to man.

I do gaze upon My Beloved, and I do place My Hands upon Her, and I do say Her thusly, “Upon this day will My Strength flood Your Being.  Upon this day will My Spirit dwell within.  Upon each day to follow will You emanate Your Father, Your Lord, Your King, Your God over all…for You do convey to man that which they have so long awaited.”

Fail Me not, My Daughter.  Doubt not.  But in the surety of My Presence, in the surety of Your Holy Teachers, put now forth that which has been commanded by Me and shown to You by them, in the manner shown to any named Holy by Me, as in the days of Your forefathers to Your present time.

Fear not the turning away of the face, for My Wrath is mighty, but My Love is mightier.  Acknowledge the Wisdom of God, and know you, My children, the Holiness of My Instrument.  Know you always the reason She is so named.  Know you that Love emanating, that Light now shining forth.  Know you that all spoken now comes to pass.  And I do say, “So Be It.”


So do we come to face the reality.  And I do come to address each, commencing with the most Gentle One, so burdened in spirit, so sad at heart, and yet, despite the despair and the awfulness of the knowledge before Her, She does still desire to serve Her God.  Inform Her that I, Her Brother, Jesus, the Man, did also weep and be burdened in Spirit for the lacks in My Own Disciples.

Pray you to Him on Her behalf, but She must not implore Him for Her Own sake, and this She does know well.   But accept you His Will as She has accepted.  Know you the truth She speaks in the chaos brought about, and see you the meaning in this happening.  Know you the truth in your own beings.

Turn not your face away from the Most Holy One.  I come not to say, “Go you to God.”  I come not to command.  I come only to comfort, perhaps to advise.  For you see, poor, poor Disciples, there is always time to serve your God, in truth.  How far you will go to serve Him, what you will sacrifice in His Name, what you would become for Him, these are the things that are to bring the test of time.  Do you withstand the test or do you fail?  For to go with God, in truth, is to be all things at all times, not to veer one moment aside from the truth brought to you by His Holy Emissaries.

My Gentle One now does weep, and each teardrop is a drop of Her life’s blood.  Yet will you see, will you observe a fading, a gentle fading always, a silence come upon Her, as She does withdraw within.  Be observant, and you, yourselves, will know.  She is well-blessed.  She is well-protected.  She is well-loved.  She is well- cared-for.  Be you all of calm mind.

I do bless, My Most Gentle Beloved.  And I do love You, and I do esteem You, and I do bend My knee, and I do say You, “Bide well with Me.”  And I do say you all,  “Bend you, also, the knee.  Gaze well and absorb all detail.”  And I do allow that you do pray, that you do say to Him, “We do come, we beg that you forgive.”  Praise you the Name of your Father, praise you My Name, and praise you the Name of the Holy One.  Go by Her side, but say you not a word, lest you fulfill it, in truth.


And so do I bless, and so do I ordain that in the fulfillment, and in the unity, and in the recognition of the Presence of your Father, your Lord, your King, in the Presence of My Holy Queen, do I bring unto you the good to place at the feet of the Most Holy One, to be shared by the many now waiting.

And know you, in truth, your blessedness, and your unity, and your beauty and the love.  And do you not desecrate the Holy Name of the Almighty One, Himself.  Though My Spirit does dwell within this frame, My Spirit will dominate the lands throughout the world.

Remember that I have charged you with a Sacred Purpose.  There can be no failure, no laxity, no waxing fat before your Lord.  Acknowledge you the Holy of Holies, know the Presence, know you the Voice.

And I do bless each, as I have blessed My Most Beloved.


I do give you My Strength.

I do give you My Love.

I do give you My Sanctuary.

I do give you My World.

I do give you My Heaven

I do give you My Earth.

I do give you My Seas.

I do give you My Sunsets.

I do give you My Dawns.

I do give you My Stars.

I do give you My Mountains.

I do give you My Deserts.

I do give you your feast.

I do give you your famine.

I do give you your rich.

I do give you your poor.

I do give you your well.

I do give you your blind.

I do give you your seeing.

I do give you your life.

I do give you your being.

I do give you your all.

What give you to Me?


Draw forth the strength, put well to use.  Upon each will depend replenishment of the source.  Feel you the power.  Praise you well the name of the Lord, your God.

And say you,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


Thus saith the Lord:


Hearken you, My children, and obey you My Emissaries.

Hearken you, My children, and bring you forth My Word.

Hearken you, My children, and obey you My Law.

Hearken you, My children, and acknowledge you My Daughter.

Hearken you, My children, and go you forth in peace.

Hearken you, My children, obey you My Word

through the lips of this Holy One.

Hearken you, My children, now is the time

for the Lord God to walk among the people.

Hearken you, My children, I do await all readiness.


Do you come unto Me?

Do you place your hand within Mine?

Do we share the splendor?

Do we share the giving?

Do we share the loving?

Do we share the understanding of one word to be known, in truth, among men of all nations ~ PEACE?

Do I enfold My Most Beloved?

Do I sanctify Her in the acknowledgment of My Presence

within this Frame?

Do I bestow a most great beauty throughout Her Person?

Do I now grant a stillness within?

Do I now bring to pass all desired?


Close the door upon the past and knock upon the door that will open to a world of truth.  If upon the first knock, it does but open a fraction and then, perchance, close…‘tis because the knocking was but weak.  And if you do knock upon the door a second time and so succeed in opening a little wider, but still cannot enter…as yet, you have not full strength.  But knock upon the door a third time in the knowledge that upon each depends whether the door will open wide, so that you may enter into the Realm beyond.

There are many secrets to be learned.  Each does hold a key to unlock the door.  For he who knocks upon the door, in truth, will find his welcome and fulfillment in all things.  There is a room wherein is contained every answer sought by man.  Within the room are many windows.  Raise up the shutters so that the Light may reveal the knowledge sought.  Room upon room, door upon door, window upon window, truth upon truth to reach the reality which is the Almighty One.

Revere you His Most Holy of Holies, Whose Spirit is as One with Her Father.  Know you the meaning of these words.  Of less import today is the human.  Of greater import is the Spirit.  Acknowledge you the Mother of Mankind, Pearl of all pearls.  Worship you at Her feet.  And praise you the Name of the Lord, your God, Almighty now and forever.  And know you the meaning of Shalom ~ Peace.


These will be the words that you will all stand before, as a congregation:

















Those are the words that will be before a congregation, that they may be reminded that they do not attend a meeting.  You will gather together as one, and you will think as one, and you will be as one, and you will act as one, and you will obey as one.

And there shall be an obedience to all laws, and each will acknowledge Sari Bat Ya, Holiest of Holies, now and forevermore.  And when Her lips do move, they do move for My Word.  Therefore, I do command an obedience, I do command a discipline, I do pronounce a Holy Order.

As I have spoken so shall it be; for I have ordained certain happenings, but you shall bring them to pass each upon each.  And know you the meaning of those words, “Each upon each.”  So shall come blessings upon blessings, love upon love.

I have lain My Hand upon each of you, and I have said, “I do convey.”  I did ask you to walk with Me.  Therefore, walk you in truth, as I have spoken.  There can be no other way.  Do you think upon My Name, and I am beside you.  You shall walk in an upright manner, and you shall know My Strength by calling upon the Lord, your God.  And you will gaze up and beyond.  You will all stand alone, strong and true and pure.

And so, My Disciples, acknowledge you Sari Bat Ya, and know you the Presence of your Almighty Father.  For you are the First Chosen and the most dear.  And so will I uplift you, and so do I enfold you, and so do I strengthen you, and so do I say, “Blessed be this day that you do know peace.”

Blessed be this Love that it may multiply, that it become an example before mankind of a true and lasting unity.  Blessed be the Love of Sari Bat Ya, as it does reach out and enfold.

Gather you a congregation, for My Abode will be glorified, and the Shrine will be made, and all things will come to pass as I have spoken.  And there will be a great prosperity and a great abundance.

And you will go forth into the world and share and bring to pass the wondrous happenings of God’s coming, for Sari be the bearer of great tidings…but you also be the messengers.  Know you, in truth, the responsibility upon you, and honor the Lord, your God.