Chapters 61 - 66


You are united in a most wondrous manner.  Therefore, raise yourselves high, for whatever the height you do reach during your lifetime upon the earth, you can never reach Him.  Remember the awesomeness of His Spirit, the beauty of His Light, the glory of His Presence, the thunder of His Voice, the tenderness of His Compassion and the depths of His Love.  She it is Who will be His Instrument, an answer to the prayers of men.  She it will be through Whom will come a most beautiful peace upon the earth.

Question not the manner of your going forth together.  Question not your instrumentality, but strive ever harder and seek ever further to recognize your Father and to teach His Word.  Be gentle to one another, and let your voices be raised only in the sound of praise.  Love you one another.  Be as a Family, the Family of Your Father, Children of God, Disciples of the Almighty.  And so do I bless you, and so do I bless She, Who is named Holy of Holies.  She, Who full of humility, does still turn to Me for instruction and for inspiration.

And I do say to Her yet again, “Gentle Sister, He is within You, as He was within Me.”  Therefore, recognize that You are set apart from the others, inasmuch as He does use You, and You alone to perform His task.  Though many about You will also find their instrumentality, none other will be called upon and used by our Father as You are used now and forevermore.  So do not look upon Yourself and see only the outward shell, but look inward and recognize the truth.  Holy are the hands of this Chosen One.  They are His Hands, yet Her hands.

Be aware, My children, be aware of every moment, be aware of the Almighty Presence, be aware of the truth in which you live, be aware of your purpose.  Be aware of the approaching changes, and be aware of deepened humility.  Be aware of the doubters about you, and be aware of the sincere heart.

Gather strength in the knowledge that the Love of God brings greater reward than ever can love of man.  In His time, comes all that has been ordained.  In His time, will come about the movement of His Purpose.  Unseen by you and the people of the earth, He brings mysteriously together that which will culminate in the recognition of His Presence.

None shall be brought the Revelation unless first the Holy Child does so decree that they are worthy.  For they, themselves, must ardently desire to be named Disciple…knowing full well that they give themselves, in truth, to God for His sake alone.


     Praise you Her Name and

     Praise you the Name of Our Father.

     Praise you the Almighty Purpose.

     Praise you the Sheltering Oak.

     Praise you the Towering Beacon.

    And so say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


Know you My Presence, your Father and King.

Know you the majesty before you.

Know you that many wonders do I bring before you.

Know you the motion surrounding you.

Know you the fruition of all things.

Know you the anticipation of the commencement

of the Almighty Purpose.

Know you your duty to your Father.

Know you that you are My Foundation.

Know you that upon a foundation great buildings are erected.

Know you that the construction of My Purpose must be likened

to the highest mountain.  Each stone must be perfect in itself,

so that no part may crumble.

Know you that when you do convey My Word to My people,

that you do so with surety in the knowledge that you do hear

My  Voice.

Know you the wholeness of My Pearl

in the emergence from the shell of the oyster.

Know you the Light to shine forth.

Know you the glow of the warming fire of the Love.

Know you the blessedness.

Know you the comfort.

Know you the sharing.

Know you the giving.

Know you the Oneness of your God.

Gaze deep upon My Pearl, My Holy of Holies.

Gaze up and beyond.

Blessed be the place wherein She dwells.

Blessed be the street whereon She trod.

Blessed be the limbs upon which She walk.

Once more have I spoken.  So Be It.


So does the Voice of your Father reach you once more, through She named Holy.

There is no spirit upon the earth in this day more aware, more grateful of My Blessings than My Most Beloved Pearl.  Soon shall We emerge together, soon shall We walk abroad.  And soon, shall I direct Her in a manner in which I did direct Her forefather, Moses.

Attend upon your duties.  Forget not your purpose.  Forget not the teachings of My Emissaries.   Remember, you are all Mine, and though a stern Father, I do love you well.  Be obedient, My children.  Obey you My Doctrine.  Regard My Pearl.  Regard you My Holy of Holies, and understand the reason for such title.


Know you Her Regal Majesty.

Know you Her Powers.

Know you Her Grace.

Know you Her Oneness with Me

…Her Lord, Her God, Her King.


Come you to Me in My Abode that we may converse together.  Despair not of My Hand, for ‘tis unseen as am I.  Father your new Disciples, when My Daughter so ordains, they be named so.  Each will be brought before their Father, and know Him well as you do know Him.

You are all Mine Own.  And so do I bless you and radiate My Love.  And so do I bless Mine Own.  And so do I merge in Her, My Holy of Holies.  So Be It.


Yet ever more does the patient love emanate from the Holy One to all about Her.  She is a true Child of God, a true Holy of Holies.  Deep is Her Faith and ever deepening Her Love.  New vistas do open up before Her…great, great spaces, many lands, many towns, many peoples, many faiths, many colors.

And yet, through Him in Her, there is only one God above all gods, one Love above all loves, one Peace above all peace.  This is Her destiny in which you are all part.  Come You, My Gentle Sister, for your Brother does await and I will reveal all to You.  Blessed be the Holy One in all endeavor.  Blessed be the Holy One in all love.

Praise you all the Name of your Father; and praise you the name of the most Holy One, blessed be She.  For the light of truth is upon you, and does shine between the shadows.  Many shadows intertwine, and so do they create a darkness.   And He does say, “Let there be Light,” and Light does come.  For He did create the Light, and therefore, the shadows fade as does darkness fade before the dawn.

They have said of Her, “Be You as He would wish You to be.”  And I do say to Her, “Be You as You know You to be.”  For He does not desire Her to be other than that which is, for in Her Being the whole, then does He possess Her.  There is only to be desired the setting forth, the gathering of the lost, the embracement of the little sheep, the tender grasp to the bosom.  For He did name Her “Mother” with a great purpose.

Let us now be aware of the meaning of the Disciples.  Let us now be aware of the portent contained therein; and let us emulate the Spirit of our Father.  Let us now become as is His Image. For only in the emulation of His Spirit, may we, in truth, go forth into the world; so that another may look up and say, “This man shines forth.  There is a difference betwixt him and me.”

And you will say unto the inquirer, “Nay, there is no difference between thee and me, for I do know God, and do you desire to find Him, I, myself, will show you the way.”  And the man will say, “But I have sinned most greatly, and therefore I cannot find my way.”

But you will say to him, “Did I not also sin?  Yet you have said to me that I am not like you.  And I have told you, I do know God, Who is my Father as He is your own.  If it were true that I am free from sin, then you could say that you cannot find your way to God.  But there is no man upon the face of the earth whose life has been completely free of sin.  Yet should he not, in truth, know his own Father?”

And so he will hearken and he will come. For by the gentleness of each Disciple, and by the peace so put upon them by their Almighty One, and by the joy to illumine the face and the eyes, there will be none to doubt.  No questions to be asked, but an envy within and a desire to grasp.  And so, Disciples, does your task commence; and so do we go forth, and in the going forth, do you begin for Him.

And I say to My Holy Sister, “Gentle be the love and tender be the giving.  Uplift You their spirits.  Commend You those lost ones to their Father.  Bring forth to them Your Love.  Know You the truth of their being.”

Ponder you the words, children.  Heal you the sick. Comfort you the dying.  Bring forth the rebirth.  Praise you the Name of the Holy One, blessed be She.  For Her Father does dwell within Her, and has named Her Holy of Holies, now and forevermore.

And I do say, “Rejoice not in the celebration of the birth of a Christ long gone, but rejoice in the celebration of the Christ new-born.”  And I do bless you and I do love and I do aid.  For He did grant Me Disciples, but He does choose His Own.  Go forth.  Blessed be His Hands upon you; blessed be His Name.

And I do humble Myself in the presence of the Holy One.  And I do say to Her, “Go You forth also and bring You His Love to His people in Your time, as did I in Mine.”  And I do say again to each of you, “Observe not the celebration of My birth.  Observe the birth of the New Christ.  But know within your hearts that it is an observance to be continued, not just by you, but by many.

I did hear the Holy One, so gentle is She, so innocent of mind, so pure in heart, I did hear Her say, “I do wonder what My beloved ones will have to say for this Christmas.”  And I did look upon Her with deepest love.  O, My Gentle Sister, do you not know that You are the Christmas?  Do you not know that You have been named His Daughter?  Do you not know that Your eyes did behold that which no other human eyes did behold; that He did name You Holy of Holies?  In Your Instrumentality, in His Anointment of You, in His naming You a Queen, He has also given to the world Christ anew.

‘Tis the abjectness of Her humility, for She does know Her Father, and I do know how well She does know Him.  So for Me, Who am so much a part of Her Being, of Her thinking, I stand back and I do gaze.  And My Spirit does acknowledge its shortcomings in its lifetime.  For She does cry out of Her unworthiness, and She does plead only for those in need, and I do observe the beauty and I can find no word.  For so rare is it to be a human being, and yet so innocent of mind, that one can observe one’s Father and know His Glory, and still be so natural, so humble, so essentially human, and at the same time, exalted beyond anyone’s dream.

I do not know how you may comprehend, for She, Herself, does not, in truth, comprehend the wonder of being with Her Father and yet with Her beloveds, as if it is of equal import to Her to share the love here upon the earth as well as in the heavens.  And unknown to Herself, She has divined the secret of living in both worlds.

You see, My children, whether He be in Her or whether He be apart, She does emanate Her Father almost daily in the beautiful innocence, and I do not wish one moment of it lost.  Now look you within yourselves and find your Father also, for His Spirit does dwell within you.  Sweet, sweet are the expressions that reflect the soul, and deep, deep is the love of your Father upon each of you.  So have I blessed you, so have I loved you, so have I revealed to you a truth to be made in His time to man.

Rise up, My Gentle One.  Be You His Image.  Be You His Voice.  Be You His Most Holy One.  And I do say unto You, good Disciples, sing you a song to Her Name.  Sing you the praises of the Christ that is born anew, and sing you the praises of your Lord, your King, your Father, your God above all.     Blessed be She in the Name of Her Father, in the Name of His Son.  Praise you the Name of His Daughter.

So Gentle Sister, acknowledge Me in You, as You have acknowledged Your Father.  And I say to you all, see you the beauty of God upon Her for ‘tis not Me.  ‘Tis the Holy Mother of Man, and She did bless each in His Name, as She will bless the multitudes.  I share the joy of the birth of the New Christ.  Let there be peace upon earth, good will to all men, but in Her time; not just one day, but forevermore.

So say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


Know you the Lord, your God.  Know you before Whom you stand.  I did bring about various happenings in My Almighty Purpose.  And there does come upon you great trepidation, and there does come within your deepest hearts fear and doubt, and yet an awareness of the thing to be.  And I do say unto you, “Fear not, My children, for I have favored each of you.”

I have asked of you nothing, but I have conveyed to you much.  I have brought you before My Daughter as new followers, whose destinies I have ordained, as with all My children.  You have run, you have despaired, you have sought to escape the Hand of God.  None can escape My Hand.  Many shall seek it.  If I do say unto you that I do take your hands within Mine Own, then will you know a safety, then will you know My Love.

But I do demand much of My children, especially of those I do favor, for they are My Own.  And I did point to them My Finger, and I did say to each, “You, I choose,” and they did say, “I do give myself unto You.”  And upon each did I place a great responsibility, as I do place a responsibility upon you.  For I have named each of My Disciples, a Cornerstone of the Foundation of My Purpose, and to each there is a great purpose and meaning.  And to your coming, there is a great meaning also.

You have before you My Pearl of pearls, My Daughter among all daughters, My Treasure upon the earth.  This is My Treasure.  This is My Gift.  For in this Instrument, do I take form, and do I once more walk forth upon the earth as in former years.  And do I clothe Her as My Daughter, and do I bathe Her in great radiance, and do I embrace Her, and do I uplift Her, and do I love Her well.  For there is none above, and there is none below, and there is none about, that shall equal the Lord, your God, be He in His Omnipotent State, or be He manifesting through His Most Chosen One.

Now do I say to each, now do I say to you, “My children, come.  For ‘tis time to climb the steps; ‘tis time to ascend.”           Look about you and gaze well upon the world at large.  Note the upheavals.  Note the disasters.  Note the emissaries of peace abroad. Note the desire of man to find Me, in truth.  Note the fog descending upon them, and then be aware of the proximity of your Father.


Know Me, My children, as I do know you.

Love Me as I do love you,

But love you also one another,

And love you also those yet to come.

Be you Mine, even as I am yours.

Know Me, as I do know each and every one of My children.

Come you to Me, as I do come to you, in humility and love.

And I say you peace;

And you do know peace;

And you will see peace.


Take not the Name of thy God in vain.

Vent not thy wrath against the ignorant.

Cherish the poor.

Comfort the sick.

Care for those in need.

Enlighten those in darkness.

Cheer those in sadness.

He that would know Me, let him gaze up and beyond.

He that would love Me, let him first love himself.

He that would serve Me, let him first serve another.

He that would obey Me, let him first obey another.

He that would bow down before Me,

let him first live in uprightness.

He who would give unto others, let him also receive.

He who would be mighty, let him also be humble.

He who would be meek, let him likewise be mighty.

He who is weak, with Me is strong.

He who is strong, without Me is weak.

They that wax fat, will know famine.

They who have known famine, will soon feast.

Those that spit hate, the wind shall return it,

and it shall fly in their faces.

They who spread love shall be rewarded in Me.

They who do love My Daughter, they will know Me.

They who do hate, they also will know Me.

My Own, be You My Most Beloved.

Bring You My Word.

Be You My Instrument.

Be You My Pearl.

None other do I need.

You I need, as do You need Me,

United as One, beloved as One.

In My Mighty Arms do I enfold You,

And do I embrace You, and do I love You,

And would I could gather You to Me for all time,

And grant You that peace evermore.

Oh, My Beloved, be You erect but not stiff-necked.

Be You proud, but not haughty.

Know You My Nearness.

Know You My Voice.

Know You My Touch.

Know You My Light.

Know You My Love.

Know You My Power.

Know You My Glory.

Know You My Blessing.

Know You My Strength.

Know You My Will.

Know You are Mine.

Know You My Need.

Know You Your Own.

Know You that no matter the appearance of things presently…That in My Time, all will be revealed.

Know that You perform in My Name.

Know You Your Regality.

Know You Your Beauty.

Know You Your Splendor.

Know You Your Holiness.

Know You Your Gentleness.

Know You Your Purpose.

Know You Your Strength.

Know You My Love.