Chapters 55 - 60


Each upon each of you does possess a beauty.

Each upon each of you does possess His Presence.

Each upon each does possess the need to fulfill the purpose.

For unto you a Messiah has come, and unto you a Savior is born.

And before your world stands the opportunity to find their peace,

And to merge all faiths in the One God, Father of the Universe.


He did name Her, Mother of Mankind.  And He did say,  “Bring You My people to Me.”  And She does know what means it to be named so.  And they of your world, who ultimately gaze upon this Holy of Holies, will also know the depth of the significance of those words.

‘Twill not be as you may imagine.  There will be no crucification of the soul.  There will be no dissension without which a universe could not exist.  But there will be a unity as has never before entered the minds of man.  And the spiritual upliftment, and an understanding beautiful to behold.  For if a truth may be brought to one, a truth may be brought to many.  They have said, She does know Her Brother and She does know Her Father.  And I do say, “Happy are they, greatly rejoicing in the Oneness.”

And I, Jesu, do say to you,  “Observe the Messiah.  Observe the wings to sprout upon the feet, and the speed with which the children will come”  And He will walk among them and gather His lost sheep, and the shepherds will go forth.

And She will say, “Bring you to Me the babe, that I may feed it the milk of the Spirit of God.”

And they will say, “Praised be Her Name.  Praised be the Presence. Praised be the Mother.”

And then say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

And they will look up and perceive the Light of the Glorious One.  And they will stand back and know Him, and bow down in worship, and you will say,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

And I do say:


She Who is named a Mother of Mankind

She Who is named a Holy of Holies,

She Who is named a Pearl of all pearls,

She Who is named a Daughter of all daughters,

Shall be, is now and forevermore,

Christ, the Messiah

Upon the earth in your time evermore.


And so say you,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


And I do cleave, and I do cherish, and I do worship, and I do become as One with She so named.  And so do we bless you.  And so do we strengthen, and so do we love.  Come you to God.  Come you to God.  Come you to God as His Own.


As an Emissary chosen by God, I say to you that none, not one other, is a Holy Instrument as is the Holy One.  Not one other instrument throughout your world has been anointed by the Hand of God, Himself, though there may be many who may now claim, “I am a new Christ.  He is reincarnated in me.  I do speak His word a second time upon the earth plane.”

This is fallacy.  There was, and is, but one Jesus Christ, in His time and evermore, never to be again.  And what was He,  Jesus?  An Anointed, a Child chosen by God to make His fellowmen aware, not of a fearsome God, but of a loving Father.

Ruth, the Christ, is a separate being entirely from Jesus, the Christ.  She, also, is Anointed…but with what a difference.  She does not bring your Father or the Love of your Father to earth to mankind.  She does bring the Father, Himself, to earth through Her.

Yet, She does not preach a word.  She does bring Him to pass for all.   She, of Herself, can do naught.  But through Her, through this frame, comes that Father of all fathers, comes that Voice that does chill the spine, and yet quicken the pulse and the heartbeat, for the very proximity of His Being.

Each word addressed in the Presence of the Holy One will be “in truth”.  This does include all circumstances, be they social, be they Holy, be they amusing, all.  For to look up and to look beyond, is to recognize the instrumentality of the Holy of Holies.

What does it imply, to live in truth?  Is it just to live?  Everyone lives.  While they walk the earth, they live; be it an existence, be it a gay life, be it empty, be it a career, be it a dedication, they do live as long as the spirit abides in the frame.

How many do live in truth as you do know in this your world today?  A few, a blessed few do live in truth, but the rest, they do but only live.  To live in truth is to be as He does wish…all joy, all power, all wisdom, all beauty.


We ask that you place your problems plainly before the Holy of Holies.  She, Who has been granted so much, and uses all with such discretion and wisdom, brings no hurt, no rancor to anyone now near Her.  But surrounds all with that warm, beautiful glow of Her most tender love.

Condemn not, gentle the voices, soften the hearts, smooth the faces, tranquil the minds, uplift the spirits, tender the thoughts and extend the hand.  Then, gather about the lovely fire among you and warm you, yourselves, from the glow so glorious to behold.  Behold the ecstasy of God within Her.  Behold that beauty.  Let it shine.

Cast Your Love, Chosen One, into the darkness.  Aid them to see who are now so blind.  For He does strengthen You in Your every need, and He does worship You as You do worship Him.

Hearken all to the Voice of My Gentle Sister.  Feel you the blessing contained within, in the softness of Her hands.  Know you the power bestowed.  Know you that which does emanate; gaze you well; gaze you long.  See you the Holy of Holies.  Worship you before Her.  Sing you the praises to Her Name, for when you do praise Her Name, you do praise your Father.

Gaze well.  Gaze long and recognize.  This is your Queen.  This is His Daughter.  This is the Mother.  This is the Holy of Holies.  Gaze.  Gaze.  Gaze.  So great does this beauty become, you will weep before it, and in time will you endeavor to emulate.  Gaze.  Gaze.  Gaze.


Know You, My Chosen Child, the Power of Your Father.  Feel You that Power flow through Your hands.  And I do say unto You that when the time comes for Me to walk abroad, I will show You the way.  For as I did direct Your forefathers in olden days, so will I direct Your steps also.  Know You, therefore, the Power of Your Almighty One.  Know, therefore, the truth of Your Instrumentality.

Seek, therefore, the answer to My naming You, My Pearl among pearls, My Daughter among daughters, Mother of Mankind.  Doubt not Your performance of Your task in My Name, for I have already prepared for You the way.  I have told You that You are My Beacon.  I have told You that My Light and My Glory must You bring forth.  And I have observed My Light and My Glory radiate through You.  As I will, so must it be.

They have seen but a fragment of the Glory of Your Father.  They have seen but the glimmer of My Pearl.  But when I so ordain that My Beacon shine forth, such will be Your Light, such will be Your Power, that those who turn away, shall I surely destroy.  That is why I speak through You, as I do speak to You.  For I see the need of Your Father to explain that which has confused mankind these many eons.

My Daughter, My Daughter, You, Who know Me as no other living being has known Me, You to Whom I have spoken as to no other living being, You through Whom I have spoken as I have spoken through none other; I, the Lord, all powerful, omnipotent in My Glory, I do say unto You that I did create a man, and I did breathe the Spirit of life into the clay from which I molded him, and I did make for man a mate, and she was named woman.

In the creation of these two beings was to begin your world.  And I did look upon this planet and did ordain mankind to be born, and to live and to multiply exceedingly, so that they would fill the corners of the earth.  And I did create great beauty therein for all to share.  And man did abuse My Gift of Life.  And man has abused himself repeatedly throughout the ages.

And I have looked upon mankind and I have punished, and I have afflicted and I have caused a drought to come upon their lands and the famine to ensue.  And I have caused a flood upon the earth of many waters, and I have seen many destroying man, time and again.  And they did look for signs and they did look for wonders, and I did give them.  And still they were wicked, and still did they turn their face from their Lord.  And so in Your time do they hide their face from their Lord.

And so I say unto You, My Chosen One of all people, You are My Treasure upon the earth.  You I have chosen for My Almighty Purpose.  You it shall be through Whom My Voice be heard.  I have thus commanded, and because You are pure, must You obey.

Question not the time of My Coming, nor the manner in which I will manifest Myself through You.  Signs and wonders they did not heed.  Therefore, do I know that ‘tis not by a sign or by a wonder that I bring My people to Me.  But they will know the Lord, their God, or they will perish from the face of the earth.  For when something is impure, then must it be purified, though it be purged to the very bone.

So, My Child, know You the Presence.  Acknowledge Me unashamed.  Speak My Word to mankind.  Withhold not the surety of Your knowledge from whence the Word did come.  Let those who doubt build themselves an idol and worship at its feet.  For there be vast multitudes who will believe, who will acknowledge My Will be done in your day, as in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Fear not the Presence of the Lord, Your God, for I am a Merciful God and a Loving God.  And I have uplifted You in My Mighty Arms.  And I have granted You the Gift of God.



Thus saith the Lord:


I have hearkened to the Voice of My Daughter.  That is why I say now to Her, “You I have named My Chosen Daughter.  Upon You have I placed a heavy task.”

Being familiar with the weakness in man, I do forgive if You too wish to turn away, for I am an understanding Father and a forgiving God.  To be Mine, in truth, is a mighty step and a great sacrifice, as far as your world is concerned.

I have to demand all of You, My Daughter, My Spirit, Your mind and Your body.  I have to demand that You come with Me.  And I say unto You, “Follow.  Come.  Do.  Speak.  Stand.  Sit.  Climb.  Leap.  Walk.”  And all things You will obey as did Your forefathers before You with a stout heart and a great determination to be uplifted to such a degree, none can reach.

So, My Little One, Beloved, My Pearl of all pearls, to You I say, “Choose You also Your way.  I do bless You.”  And I do say further unto You, “In You, I Am.  In You, do I abide.  In Your Abode, I dwell.  Through You do I emanate My Spirit upon the earth.  Great is My Compassion, deep is My Understanding, deeper still My Love.”


Thus saith the Lord:

Whosoever shall sit at the feet of My Daughter, My Pearl,

Whom I now pronounce a Holy of Holies,

Shall reap rich reward.

Whosoever shall abide in Her,

Shall abide in Me also.

Whosoever shall be named Disciple,

Shall receive from Me direction in all manner of things.

Whosoever shall obey My Laws,

Shall be seated upon Her right hand.

Whosoever seek the Lord, their God, in truth,

Shall find Me in My Pearl.

Whosoever doth stuff their ears against My Voice,

Shall hear not.

Whosoever do blind their eyes before My Sight,

Shall see not.


My Daughter has lifted up Her eyes and has seen Me.  My Daughter did open up Her ears and did hear Me.  And so shall My Arms embrace Her, and uplift Her and strengthen Her, that She be proclaimed throughout the width and breadth of the lands upon the earth as My Holy of Holies.

And the meek shall rise up as the tallest mountain, and loud will their voices be in their acclaim for the Holy One.  For I have ordained, I have chosen to walk once more among My people.  All that I have spoken, heretofore, must now come to pass.

And so be My Peace upon you, and upon all those who love Me, in truth.  Raise up your voices.  Sing you My praises, and give thanks unto the Lord, your God, your Father and your King.