Chapters 43 - 48


I am Christ.

She whom the Lord loveth, and Who abideth in Him, in truth, shall know to heal, to hearken, to be the receiver of the Voice.

Do you recognize in Her the Jesu?

Do you recognize in Her a Queen?

Do you recognize in Her a Power?

Do you recognize in Her a Daughter?

Do you recognize in Her the Heavens?

Do you recognize in Her the Will, the Way, the End?

If you do, you will know what it is to be, in truth, Disciples.  And you will know what it is to love, in truth, a Master, though this time it is in a female form.

Raise up your eyes.  Raise them high as She has raised Herself.  Then lift up your hearts and say, “We greet You, Father, and we stand beside Your Daughter, staunch and true.”

He has looked upon you well, for He sees all and He knows all, and no secret is hid from your Father.  So look up, look up high and greet Him.

This is a blessed Girl, a blessed Child, of purest, deepest love.  You have observed but fleeting glimpses of the God-beauty within, and it must be thus for ‘twould overpower and overwhelm, as would our knowledge, if delivered all at one time.

A sentinel is She guarding the Light of Life Eternal.  The feet will take wing to do His bidding.  The eyes turn inward to see the soul, and the wisdom of Solomon is upon Her.

See Her, My Father.  See Her and take pride, for the Spirit within reaches up evermore towards Thee.


And I, Jesus, witness with you a sunset, the artistry of our Father, painting in hues of many colors and vivid shades the picture as yet uncaptured in music, poetry or art.  What words can express the heavenly beauty?  What song may sing praises to the unique design?  What music can uplift you to such heavenly splendor?

Here now, you know without doubt the Hand of your Master.  None can convey, none can speak, none can express.  And the surging and the song within is your spirit endeavoring to reach Him.  And say to Him, “Thank You, Sweet Father, Thank You, Thank You.”

And as many hues as you did witness, so many more are contained within this Child, this Pearl.  Gentle of Spirit is She, soft of voice, sweet of face and grace of hand, charming of manner, performer of good.  Let those about look up and envision the whole of this Child of God before them.

They did say of Me, I was a gentle man, but ofttimes I have lost that gentleness.  For upon many occasions I fear My impatience overcame Me, and I remained no longer gentle, but spoke with fire and raised My voice in the hope that they would hear the truth.

I understand when the Gentle One would away at times from those so near and dear, to be alone in meditation to speak with Her Father more closely.  Perhaps I should take upon Myself a little blame, for I am so close now, She to Me, and I to Her.  Can I say more patience yet, My Gentle One, Who has shown so much?  Nay, I cannot, for I know She will endure all things with that purity and love that has endeared Her to us, as well as to you.

Love, She is, and love, She will remain.  Sweet is the mind, and great is the courage, and strong are the blessings He has placed upon Her.  He did say to Her, “I choose You,” as He did say to Me, “I choose You.”  Thus, it shall remain.  And so Jesus adds His Love to Her Love, to bind ever closer the devotion.


Thus saith the Lord:

My Commandments did I place before you, as I did place My Commandments before My Son, Moses.  Great, indeed, are the blessings which I bring about, in behalf of My Almighty Purpose.

My Son did speak, and I do speak, as She will speak when My Spirit is within, and each word will be recorded for all time.  Her utterances be Mine Own.  Recognize Me within Her.  Wait not for Me to show a sign, but know Me, even though it be the Voice of My Beloved.  Recognize Her Father in the Voice.

When you look upon Her face, and you see the beauty glowing there, recognize in this beauty your Father.  For precious is My Pearl above all rubies, above all elements, above all mankind.  Therefore, great will the beauty become as My Pearl matures, and is revealed to the people when the shell of the oyster is opened.

Fear Me not, My children.  Am I not a loving Father?  Do I not bestow great blessings upon My children?  Have not fear within your hearts but most tender love.  Turn to Me and speak to Me as does My Pearl.  Soon may you hear My Voice within the silence.

Many laws will I bring unto you.  Many ways, new to man, will I bring.  Go forth My children out into the world.  I request only your devotion to Me.  Give Me all that troubles you.

Now I do leave, and as I leave, I bless and I say unto you that I grant you, Peace.  Peace.  Peace.


Thus saith the Lord:

I have activated many things about you in the service of My Almighty Purpose.  I have set before you many words.  Study them, ponder them, and withdraw from them My portion for mankind.  I am bestowing upon you every blessing ever granted to human beings, but the greatest of these is the blessing of My Most Treasured and Priceless Pearl.  I replenish Her, so that the well of Her Love does not run dry.

Pleasure will I derive from witnessing the joy of giving, of sharing, of loving, of being, in truth.  Love you one another above all things, as I have chosen to love each of you.  Peace I grant to those who love My Daughter in truth.

Great material good I have ordained to be placed at the feet of My Pearl.  For I know, in truth, She will serve the purpose of Her Father, as will each of you.  Serve Me, My children, in honesty and truth, and great will be My reward for each of you upon the earth, as upon the heaven.  Have My Precious Pearl at peace, so that She may know My Spirit’s nearness, and you will observe more and more Her Oneness with her Father.

Priceless of all My possessions are You, My One, far above the cunning art of men; far above the power of My Creation have I endowed Thee.  Get out among the people, My Little Queen, and let the spray of Your beauty fall where it may.  Bestow a seed hither and thither, and perhaps a little tree may grow.

Have no fears within your hearts, My children; no fears or trepidation.  For I have ordained what I have ordained for a set purpose.  So it must be.  So shall it be.

And I say unto You, “Go You, My Chosen One of all upon the earth.  Go you and take into your hands, each of you, the hand of My Pearl.”  Thus, you cannot fall by the wayside, for though She be weak, She is strong for I uplift Her.  In My Might, always do I hold Her.  With the power of My Love, do I enfold Her.  From the lips of the Pearl, every word shall be put down and recorded for all time  for I have ordained that Her Words are Holy.

Thus saith the Lord:

I have said that I will convey to you Commandments for all mankind to hear.  And this shall be done when I so ordain, and when you have found My portion for mankind in the words previously uttered.

Thus saith the Lord:

That the activity now being brought about for My Almighty Purpose must be observed, must be realized, must be awaited, must be received, must be placed at the feet of My Pearl.

Thus saith the Lord:

That the good I bestow upon You, My Pearl, will distribute in wisdom and You shall receive in humility, never to forget from whence the source of Your plenty has come or the purpose therein.

Thus saith the Lord:

Know that I am your Father, your King, your Creator; that I am and that I shall remain Lord over all; that I like not the state of your world and rejoice not in mankind; that I am peaceful in My observations; that I see all, that I know all, that I hear all.

Treasure My Pearl among pearls above all things.  I hearken to Her Voice and I answer.  My Love for Her abounds, and My pride in My Disciples is deep.  Rest you the hands upon the hands of My Own, so that in you I may place a great power, and upon you I place heavy responsibility, but also do I place a great blessing.  Know, therefore, My Voice.  Speak, therefore, to My Spirit which abides within My Treasure.

Thus saith the Lord:

That the words which have been conveyed to you by My Son, Jesus, and My Emissaries be acted upon immediately, so that you may not withhold My Purpose.

Thus saith the Lord:

That I take pleasure in each of you; that I ask no thanks, no word, but that I do expect My Will be done.

Thus saith the Lord:

That I have commanded thee, and that as your Father, your Lord, your King, I will be obeyed.

Thus saith the Lord:

Inasmuch as I have bestowed upon you the most priceless of My possessions, and have placed upon you the heavy responsibility of Her safekeeping and welfare, you must not hold back the beauty abiding within.  Withhold not My Word from mankind, withhold not My Glory, but produce the good for My Almighty Purpose, the means to enable My Pearl to start the voyage of life in My behalf.  Take, therefore, heed of every word heretofore uttered.  I have shown My Hand these many times about each of you.  I have uplifted and have enfolded you.  I have blessed you.  Do you, therefore, give Me of yourselves as I have given you?

Thus saith the Lord:

That you allow My Daughter of all daughters, Pearl of all pearls,

to let My radiance through, that She rise in strength;

That no man hurt, touch, speak, glance, feel,

without utmost reverence in Her Presence;

That She learn the truth of My Existence within Her;

That She take pride in My Presence and give Me Light;

That She know She is so beloved above all things to Her Father;

That He is bringing about only that which an adoring Father

would bring to His Only Daughter;

That I know Her Love is deep, Her Spirit most pure;

That I await Her acceptance, so that She may be fulfilled,

and so fulfill Her Father in His Purpose.

And so now I bless you, and I bless My Holy Child,

And I grant you deep, lasting Beauty and Peace.


And the Voice of our Father reaches you through timeless space, and at long last the Light spreads its rays.  And now, My Gentle Sister may issue forth the glory which is God to be seen among people.  And you may all know at long last, truth, for in knowing truth, you will recognize the inadequacy within to fulfill His Purpose.  And, therefore, shall you strive the more to be made worthy of what is about you.

Now may He pour down the greatness as a mantle upon you.  Yet, still have you much to acknowledge.  When without the aid of My Gentle Sister, you will have divined the meaning of Our Words, then shall we know that which is to be, is.  Truth as truth is an enigma.  Truth as the individual interprets it, is for his own satisfaction.  Truth changes not through time.  Truth by those who seek, must be acknowledged.  Truth denied is truth unwelcome.

My Gentle Beloved, I would You know I am ever near in Your busiest moments, in the moments of love most tender, in Your sleeping moments, in Your waking moments, in the moments when the heart is heavy upon You for the distress upon Your world, and when Your ire is raised at the discourtesy of man toward man.  So I gentle You within Your heart, so that You may be as I was in My time, but better so.  Fear not for My Spirit.  ‘Tis Your Own to be cared for during its imprisonment within this shell.

The Words of our Father being Eternal Truth, will purge as fire to the bone, and in the purging, so cleanse the soul and uplift the spirit towards Him, Who gave it.  And in the upliftment of the spirit, will come the downpour of that which He has spoken for He cannot bestow upon any man that which be unfitted.

Now, therefore, raise you to the height of My Gentle Sister, that She not feel bewilderment in Her aloneness with Our World.  Go you forth united in His Most Holy Name, so that the Glory which is God radiate throughout Her Being.  Know you the mental anguish and anxiety of a Spirit ever closer to Her Father, and yet upon the earth.  Know you that, at times, He would reach out and gather Her to Himself, and yet cannot do so, for Her time is unfulfilled, as is Her purpose in His behalf.

The proximity of our Spirits be so great that, indeed, She knows not when She is Me, or when She is She.  Inform Her thusly.  She is, in essence, Her own true Self, that the Spirit of God emanates through Her, that I am ever near, that so long as She be a Holy Instrument, those so commanded or permitted, may use Her.  Hasten, My Beloveds in awareness of truth.  Carry forth His Words for your readiness is all that is required.

The Pearl cannot emerge from the shell of the oyster until the oyster opens most fully.  The love within is too great and cannot be submerged, but must rise up, so that it may cascade forth upon those about Her.  She must be among people.  She will be among people.  That is why the oyster must release the Pearl so infinite in its beauty.  ‘Tis sinful to withhold.

Many were the Disciples in My time dissenting with Me.  Many were the followers who fell by the wayside, but staunch, in truth, were those who loved Me.  They did not stumble, but followed wherever I trod.  Weep not at our words.  Weep not for My Spirit.  If tears you have to shed, shed them for My Gentle Sister, for She has much to face, though no crosses will She bear.

The Light of God in a human being is, indeed, a heavy responsibility and of a most delicate nature.  Revere Her as you would revere My memory.  Remember always He has chosen Her as His Own.  In your regard for Her, depends Her regality, in truth.

Be not so solemn of countenance, but rejoice within your hearts that I may aid in revealing to you, your path.  Go you upon it with sure tread, upheld head, upright bearing and greatest dignity, part of which is patience.  Love you one another in purity.  Confuse not My Spirit with the purity of the shining One among you.

Most tender Love of the Almighty, lighten the face, brighten the eyes, be not dismayed at lack of understanding.  I did not understand many things, and now I bring you understanding in truth.  Gentle Sister, well I understand Your urgency to walk with Him among His people.  Strength will I bring Thee, strength for the love to pour forth once more, strength to withstand that which is disturbing, strength to withstand all.

Gaze you all upon this gentle countenance. Feel you the Glory of God.  ‘Tis as if a curtain parts to reveal a beautiful masterpiece.  Such is Her beauty, sometimes we cry out from sheer joy.  Ofttimes, we hide our eyes… lest they be blinded by the ecstasy brought about by the enormity of Its Presence.

Greater depths and extent come every hour, for the fire of Her Love shall never die, even though the fire be neglected and the ashes appear of grayish hue.  The sparks among the ashes will kindle into a bright, searing flame for a fire cannot brightly burn at all times.  It, too, must have rest.  Always, there are some sparks to be found for some poor soul to warm himself.

I gaze upon Her with deep tenderness.  I cleave unto Her with My Whole Spirit.  And I say unto Her, “Gentle Sister, let Him walk, let Him see, let Him be.”

Gentle Sister, pain You have known aplenty.  Tears have You shed for those most dear.  Joy have You shared with many.  Love will You give to all, but in giving to all, have a care.  Many there are who know only to take.  Suffer not their blindness, nor lack of hearing.

Proud, indeed, are We for a true Daughter are You.  Be true, also, in denying Yourself to another.  And I say not, “Farewell.”  For I go not hence, but stay Me ever.


I, Jesus, say unto you all, ye who love in truth, forever and always shall your love endure, and may the sound of your love rise up into the heavens.  Give voice to the love that is the greatest blessing that is, in truth, God, our Father.  For He does live in love, and He does abide in rejoicing, and He does rejoice in the song of praise unto Him.

Let the eyes be steadfast and the heart be true.  Let the feet be steady and the voice be strong.  Let not a man offend you.  But if the man be blind and be deaf, and still offend, turn not aside, turn not away, but say unto him, “Why do you desire to hurt me thus?  Why can you not be at peace?  Come, take my hand, so that I may show you the way to find peace.”  Say unto them that seek God, “Gaze inward, for there He abides.”  And if they truly seek, there He awaits.  And to those who have not the ability to seek, bring them unto My Sister, and She will show them the way to their Creator.

Many there are who seek most diligently many the long years and know Him not at all.  Many there are who seek Him not, yet find Him, and their finding may be likened unto the stillness of the lake.  My Gentle Sister sought not Her Father, yet knew Him as I did know Him, with the first breath She drew.  She did not have to seek Him.  She was His Own.

Hardships She has known aplenty, temptations of the flesh and many a suffering heavy to bear, and always has the gentle Spirit communed.  Always has She known the blessings.  Always was the gratitude deep within Her heart.  Yet She spoke not too often of God, though She knew Him well.

So I say unto you, look to My Gentle Sister, and learn you a lesson therein; that She cries not out in any imploring voice, but that She says, “Give Me strength to do that which has to be, but if it be Your Will that I can no longer do, then must I abide.”   And the love pours forth to those who are strangers to Her, and the concern is deep.

Many years did I wander and many years did I suffer.  And many years did I live apart and alone, amidst the degradation and the hardships, so that I, too, may know humility and the frailty of man’s nature.

The gentleness you have witnessed upon My Sister is the gentleness abiding, but She will know when the time is right, as I did know when My time was right.  Ever nearer does Her Spirit reach Her Father, and ever closer do She and I entwine.  When you see the look of gentleness upon the face of the Pearl, say not ‘tis Me you see within.  Say rather ‘tis His Spirit, for ‘tis truth.  The look is Hers through God.  And as I raise My hands high, so will His Hands uplift you.  So will His Hands strengthen you.  So shall the Pearl gather you ever closer to Her, and so to Him.

My blessings be upon You, My Gentle Pearl, and may Your beauty unfold and bloom as the bud of a rose.  May Your body be strengthened and the seeing eye be bright.  I am the Beloved of the Beloved, and She and I are a Twin.  And when I reside within My Sister, all care will vanish as into the night.  Wheresoever She may walk, so shall I also; whatsoever She speak, there will I guide, ever My love uplifting.   Brother, sister, mother, father, friend, foe, cousin, aunt, it matters not the relationship one to another, for all are one, and the one without the other is as nothing upon the earth.

And I note that your world gathers momentum, but whither does it go?  And what do they achieve?  Why do they strive?  Why do they endeavor beyond endurance to reach our Heavenly Orbit?  The glory of achievement is living the life upon earth.  Penetration into our space is unwanted by Our Father.  If men seek knowledge of heaven, let them turn unto God while still they may.  Let them not conquer other planets.  Let them make of their own one worthwhile.  Let them live a good life.  Let them do a good deed.  Let them love a good love.  Let them pray a good prayer.  Let them die a good death.

For man tumbles over himself and falls unto the earth as a little ball rolls and gathers moss.  For he goes not upward but downward, and the moss thickens upon the little ball, and it grows in size until the man is blotted out, a forgotten thing.  And so quietly we observe and we distress not our peace, but we would that the many who truly seek heaven, gather together and oppose all force upon the earth, so that there be not good will to all men upon the day of My birth, but good will among men all the days of their lives.

Let there be men of power.  Let there be greatness in mankind, but to live without hate and to enjoy that which has been provided by God Almighty.  For He has blessed the earth with all the things needed for the lifetime of the individual.  And He has blessed some with brain power, some with manpower, some creatively, some artistically, some with strength of hand, others of gentle mind; some to suffer, some to sin, some to live, some to die, some to play, some to meditate, some to heal, some to provide means.

Go you, therefore, among mankind and speak to them the Words of Our Father, that they may heed His Word before they seal their doom.  Soon My Gentle Sister will rise in glory.  Then shall they say, “Who is this Girl that She should say such horror?  That She should threaten our very existence?”  And they will say, “’Tis the Wrath of God, She brings upon us.”  And She will answer, “He does not bring His Wrath upon men; they bring upon themselves the horror.”

They will hearken to this gentle Soul because She is beautiful, because they will see Him, because they will hear Him, and because Her Spirit is pure, and the good that She shows is the Glory of God, and must need be recognized.  And of a suddenness those who have turned away will come forth once more to share the glory of the attainment, though they know not ‘tis their God.

Since you do know, you will say unto them, “I bless you, but I need you not now, or ever.”  And you will gather with care about My Sister, those who will follow God in Her without question, though not blindly, knowing that more truth has come from Our World to your world through this humble Girl than at any previous age.

When this has been arranged, when this happening has come about, then will He speak so that doubts will be cast out evermore.  Then will you know the patience of His Emissaries and the reason therein.  In your time, man may put his hand upon an instrument and speak from one land to another.   Little do they dream that God also may place His Hand upon an Instrument in a human form, and speak thus from one world to another.

Strengthen yourselves in the closeness of your Lord and in the proximity of My Gentle Sister.  Accept your attainments and your triumphs in deepest humility.  Learn now to take no one thing as your due.  Forget not that within this gentle Girl resides His Daughter.

And now do I bless you thusly, with the hand raised and lowered.  For the sign of the cross belongs to your time, not to Jesu.  I was a Jew, I lived as a Jew and I died as a Jew, though I approved not the many things of which they have spoken.  And sometimes in My observation of your world, ‘twould be better had there been no Christians, for much strife was born with the first Christians.

‘Twas not a new faith I strove for but a New Doctrine, a new way to unite Jew and Gentile, to bring understanding among men, and put away hypocrisy from the temples, and to bring God to His people in a simple manner.  In going to My Father, I did find peace.  The distress is that My Peace should have created a new faith which did not bring to the world peace upon earth.  Know, therefore, that I have blessed you and the Pearl of all pearls.