Chapters 37 - 42


Dearly Beloved, I rejoice in Your Divine Vision.  Proud, indeed, is Your Father in His First Chosen Disciples.  You, My Own, will grow strong in Me.  Hearken unto My Voice.  Let all become aware.  Pray not to Me, but seek Me out, and I will speak.

Yes, My Only Daughter, I am Your King of kings, Father of all fathers, God of all gods, Lord over all.  You know this, Little Queen, and as You have learned, so shall all upon the face of the earth, when I so ordain it.

My Child, My Child, My Love for You is mighty.  Give more love, for I will replenish You.   You understand My Words, My Beloved, and let all others find their own understanding.  I am with each of you at all times. Be patient for our walk together.  Small steps lead to higher ones.

I am the Power, the Everlasting Light and the Glory.  I have caused My Face to shine upon You.  Power have I granted You exceedingly.  Now, Chosen One, let My Glory through.  Assert Yourself in the manner of My Regal Child.

Hear all evil.  See all evil, but speak not evil thereof…for the good about You passes not from Your awareness.  Therefore, must You also be observant of the evil.  Wisdom have I granted You, and I observe You use it well.  Patient forbearing must be Yours.

My children, My Emissaries are about you and around you, and supervise all your activities.  I have granted you the peace unknown before, the peace that may only come from direct communication between the Lord, your God, and man.  I demand that you love My Daughter, in truth.  Honor Her.  Esteem Her above all womankind.  Listen with care to the words of My Child, for ofttimes, I am speaking and I would have you know Me.

A Pearl She is in purity.  The blending of the shades, the color of the Pearl, all are part of Her.  Precious She is, for She is Mine Only Daughter.  Precious is She because of the purity of Her love.  Therefore, I say unto you “Guard and cherish this Treasure I have bestowed unto your care.  Priceless is She, never to be replaced.  Deep is the humility within Her heart…but great, indeed, is the love, which, already, has made yet another ripple upon the pool.”

This Child of God who is Mine, in truth, shall rise up before mankind as a splendid tower of strength, of light and of purity.  And there shall come upon Her that peace which being My Own, when looked upon by man, they will know it is not of this world, but ‘twill be of the Spirit…My Spirit.

She shall be My tower of strength.  She will shine among mankind.  The trust She places in Me, Her Lord, Her God, Her Father, shall fulfill Her as no other.  And the glow of My Precious Pearl glimmers and gleams, for ‘tis a natural Pearl untouched by man, a thing of beauty granted by Mine Own Hand.  This is My Daughter.  So have I ordained.

I rejoice in all of you, My Beloveds, for Mine you are, and so will remain until I gather you to Me in Mine Own Time.  I have blessed you and I have enjoined you, so that nothing and no earthly power need separate either one from the other.  Let My Peace surround you.  Be always joyous in My Love, for it is My Good in part.

My Child I bless, so that She may within Her exude ever more love.  Deep as a bottomless well, all may draw from Her as they draw from Me. And She shall be the source, always replenished, always refreshed, always restored.


Once more have I Anointed My Daughter, and yet again has My Face become Her Face, and Her Face, Mine Own.

My children, deep are the mysteries of the Revelation before you.  In Mine Own Time will I speak, in Mine Own Way and in Mine Own Manner, as in the days of ancient times.  In each utterance of My Revelation will be My portion for mankind.  And My Pearl of all pearls will illumine the earth, as there comes the shining beauty of My Spirit upon Her.  The Lord of All Hosts is nigh.  He abides in Her.

Put self behind you, My children, and I will reward you.  Thank Me not, but use well the good I provide.  Promise Me nothing, for the word of promise is of no import.  ‘Tis the deed which I observe, for the words of men are many, but the deeds thereof are few.

Observe the Child.  Hearken well to Her communion with Her Father, and learn therefrom a lesson.  Look upon Her and see Me.  The gold of My Light is around Her and in Her.  My tower of strength She has become, and the lamp to shine forth as a Beacon is She.

My Child, know within Your heart that You alone are the Daughter of the Almighty, Lord over all.  Be regal in manner and bearing, gentle in love and sharing.  Stronger will Your Love be, and stronger still will the flame of Your passions surge and burn.  Tranquil as a lake will Your Spirit become and refreshed in slumber will You lie.

My children, hearken, hearken always to the Voice within.  I am flooding the Being of My Daughter with My Power.  So shall She be strengthened in all She has before Her.   So will I replenish the deep well of Her love, even as I restore Her strength.   And so She gives, and so they take, unaware that before them is the Lord.

And it is My Joy that She is My Pearl of pearls, priceless to Me above the earth and the seas and the heavens.  If this She be to Her Father, then must She become to all men the rare gem I have bestowed upon them.  For within the shell of Her frame is all My treasure upon earth.

My children, let your thoughts come to Me.  Let them be guided.  Have I not said that we walk together, run together and climb together?  So Be It.

My pride is great in My Disciples for each has taken the first step, and each are about to take the second step.   You have questioned yourselves, “How many steps do we have to take?  Have we reached the walking stage?  What happens when we run together?”  And in My Love for you I do not disclose, for with Me you will grow.  I bless you now with more understanding, more awareness, more tolerance and more love.  Trust in Me, My Beloveds.  Your lives are in My Hands.

My children will be respected. My children shall be esteemed.  Renowned shall you be, but, at the same time, meek.  Great will be the good I bestow upon you for My Purpose, and you shall move together at one and the same time.  For who, but your Father, knows that which is in your deepest heart?

So I say unto you,  “Prepare well.   Learn diligently.  Guard well My Pearl.  Watch over Her with tender care.  Regard Her with joy, not with trepidation.  Rejoice in Her capabilities.  Let joy abound.”

I take your burdens into My Mighty Hands and convey them to My Emissaries.  My Blessings are upon you.  Go in Peace.


Blessed are you whom the Holy One loves.  Blessed am I to name Her Sister.  Blessed yet is She to be named His Daughter.  Much of Me do I impart to Her, so that She be yet another Jesu.

Hear you all the voices that come.  Hear you those that will speak.  Hearken well to the silence that is beyond silence.  Be as is the Child, aware that we call.

Know you not that I be ever near?  See you not the gentle air about Her?  Heed you not the deepest love abounding?  See you not our Father manifest within Her as He once did in Me?  Soon the day will come when He shall walk in Her.  This He cannot do, lest you also take each Her hand.  Hearken to Her Voice.  Explore Her wisdom.  ‘Tis Divine.   Liken yourselves to Her humility.  Drink in the draughts of Her Love.

As the snow sparkles in the winter sunshine, so glimmers the beauty of His Pearl.  And the Voice of the Lord is nigh, and His Spirit ever near.  And as He spoke to His people long centuries ago, so shall it be in your time also.

Silent and still, deep and dark, penetrating and piercing, great and glorious, splendid and awe inspiring, thrilling yet fearsome, warm yet cold, harshly yet loving, so shall He appear among you.  The desert or the sea, a temple or a room, a train or a ship, a garden or a park, a mountain or a plain, within all these may He appear, and in any manner.

Rich or poor, modest or bold, meek or powerful, great or small, kings or paupers, crippled or perfect, so shall they look up and behold His Might.  And the Power that is our Father envelops the world.  And man makes haste towards his doom for he sees not, neither does he hear.  For he hearkens not, and knows not how to speak.

Therefore, has the Lord beset upon this Child the unimaginable and enormous task of being His Humble Instrument to walk in My footsteps, to be Queen of all queens…this time to be declared so by the many and not the few.

She shall be carried in majesty, but not upon an ass.  She shall sway the multitudes by the very appearance of Her stately presence, and the glory of Her Father within.  For the love will emanate more and more, growing each day more tender, more gentle, reaching all corners.

Look to Her and guard Her well.  Upraise your eyes towards Her Being.  Doubt not Her word, for ‘tis His Own.  The destiny must needs be followed.  Accept the blessings in humility and the adversities as the blessings.  So will come the heart’s desire to be the course towards His Purpose.  Lighten the heart, gladden the eye, bring cheer to the many, but be still and listen to the silence that is, yet, not the silence.


Hearken to the Voice of the Lord, your God, your Father and King.

I have uplifted My Daughter.  I have bestowed upon man My most treasured possession, and in doing so, I have demanded much of Her as a human being.  She has beseeched Me not, but has accepted My Will for whatever I may ordain.  This must always be.

Though many things may not be to your liking, they are before you for a set purpose.  A kingdom have I given you.   Enter it.  Live well within its walls.  Priceless is the Treasure.  Guard it well.  Use to the full that which I have bestowed upon you.

The folly of mankind is upon them and they become as wild animals.  So Be It.  I have said that they may choose, and so they may.  But ere long, through this Child, shall they know their fate.

Now I have sanctified this Abode, and I have made it Holy.  For wherever My Precious Pearl abides, so also does Her Father, and also His Son.  Therefore, I give you My Trinity.  Remember, My children, wherein She dwells, ‘tis Holy.  And if She reaches out to touch you, you are blessed, for in Her hand is the Power of God.

Though you see Me not, I would have you always know Me.  And so the Voice of the Lord is among you, and may be heard by His Chosen Disciples.  But the Face of the Lord, your God, may not be observed.

Now hear Me.  Many words have been spoken.  Great is the written record.  I have told you therein lies the portion for mankind.  Search most diligently.  Study as never before.

My Priceless Pearl has opened your eyes to the Hand of Her Father in your lives, and as never before have I shown My Might.  This has been for your own satisfaction, so that if, indeed, there had remained doubt, ‘twould be swept aside.

Preserve the room wherein My Pearl sleeps.  Remember, ‘tis an altar to Me.  Keep it thus.  Raise up your eyes to Her and remember She is Holy.

Recognize always My Purpose.  Desert not each other in a moment of need, but be as One, united as never before.  I take within My Mighty Hands all that burdens your hearts and minds.

Upon My Most Beloved, sweetest, dearest, precious jewel, I place My Hands.  And I replenish Her so that She be not drained.  And I strengthen Her so that She be not weak.

And so, My children, remember always your responsibility and your trust.  Go you in Peace.


I gaze upon the Disciples of our Father with great and deep love.   You have come a long way, but have still further to go.  Blessed is your journey before you.  My Gentle Sister takes each of you by the hand and will lead you upon the way towards the steps necessary in our ascension in spirit, and your ascension in earthly things.  And the gentleness that you have beheld upon Her and within Her is My Presence.

More gentle yet will She become, but docile never, for She must, of necessity, have more strength than I showed during My lifetime.  This is the strength to which our Father has referred, inner strength, the strength which allowed Me to die upon the cross without crying out against mankind.  For I knew My Father’s Presence, and I was aware of His Strength within Me…but I failed to show that strength in My opposition to mankind’s evil.

She will not do as I did.  She will stand up and speak, even though the legs have no power.  She will be heard, and the coming beauty will be such that ‘twill be truly awe-inspiring.   For few have been possessed of the beauty of God upon them, but when they are, it separates them from the rest of the world.  And so they are recognized, and in the recognition, it is our Father’s Presence acknowledged.

There is a stillness within My Sister, a liquid tranquility.   And were we to place a beautiful swan upon the water, it would glide majestically, leaving behind it a soft trail of ever-widening ripples.  She has become a sturdy oak in whom you would find shade on a sunny day.  She has become the tall grass upon which to rest in the heat of labor.  She has become the water from the clearest brook when the thirst is heavy upon you.  She has become the retreat wherein all may find peace.

As I was in My time, so is She in Hers.  But more still, will the beauty and wonder of this precious Pearl become.  More still will you be stirred by the fascination of the gleaming delicacy, of the beauty of perfection, of the shape as it is formed to its full splendid growth.  And as She grows, so grow you also.  For She will not leave Her most beloveds one step behind Her.  Her Love, as the Love of Her Father, abounds about you, through you and in you.  Remember to raise up your eyes towards your Queen, knowing the depths of truth contain Her.  Ponder you a little and seek the truth.

In the black heavens are multitudes of shining stars.  In the black heavens, the stars gleam and glisten, and the moon beams forth its unearthly light and embraces the world.  Know you, therefore, that when you look heavenward upon a night, and reflect upon the beauty of it, you may know the reason of the creation and the miracle of the Light unto the darkness thereof.

Now the gleam and the luster of the Pearl brightens and takes on a slightly different hue.  Many, many hues are therein contained to reflect a perfect, a flawless Pearl.  The shell of the Pearl is the oyster.  Therein is contained the treasure of our Father, above the heavens, above the seas and above the earth.  The oyster protects the contents, the precious gift to man.  Only when the time is right, will the oyster reveal slowly its most precious content.

And as the stillness of the night comes down upon you, so then do you hear the Voice of your Father, the Lord.  Though you seek to hear, you cannot find Him if there be no stillness within.  And you will hear more clearly if there be stillness without.

As for the seeing, let us first look upon ourselves, and let us see our own reflections.  And when we have studied all that has to be studied, and when we can look upon ourselves with a mite of satisfaction, and yet omitting all vanity, then and only then, may we see that which ordinary eyes cannot see.

It is as with the power of healing.  You look upon your hands and know that within them be the Power of God, and you will heal.  But do you look upon them, and hope for the Power of God, then you do not heal.  Do you say unto a sick and troubled soul, looking deeply into the depths of their eyes, “There is nothing amiss.  You are well.”  They will be well.  Do you place your hands upon a cripple, so touching upon the most hideous part, and knowing your Father and the wondrous power and the gifts He has bestowed, then in the laying on of your hands, and in the intensity of your look, that cripple will walk.

My secrets I convey to you as to My Own Disciples.  Learn them, study them, but above all practice.  In time, will you come to know every aspect of life and death, as does My Gentle Sister.

All in your world being human, they must fear the Emissary named Death.  We have referred to him as the Angel of Death.    Perhaps, if he were merely regarded as an extension of our Father in His Supreme Goodness, then the people would be enabled to lose their dread and return to their Father with good cheer.

If such an understanding could be brought to man, what peace would emanate throughout the land.  For even the physical loss of a beloved would be so much easier to bear if true belief and faith were so instilled in the minds of the bereaved, that joy and peace would flood every corner of their beings, upon full recovery to what is in any event, inevitable.  To know that a beloved is never truly lost, to know that a day will come to rejoin in a much higher level, that which we had thought gone forever, grief would be much softened.

Patience is its own reward.

Whatever is to come, must come.

Whatever is to be, will be;

As whatever that has been, is past.


Thus saith the Lord:

I have set before you My Pearl, a Daughter of daughters, Queen of all queens, to carry unto the people of the earth My Word.

I have set before you the Doctrine by which to live.  Each command will all obey, for they are as great in import as are My Other Commandments.

I have set before you an Almighty Purpose and a great task to be fulfilled.  I have set before you the ways and the means of My Purpose.  I have set before you My portion unto mankind.

Ten thousand-fold will your might become, but misuse of that might, and it shall slide away as sand running through the fingers of the right hand.

My Treasure shall be borne on high for all to see and esteem.  Gracious will Her appearance be, and the Jewel will shimmer and glow as upon a velvet cushion.  The mighty will be small before Her, and the meek shall be as the mighty before Her.

Beloved Daughter, let all vision be Yours.  Let all wisdom come.  Walk among men.  Go forth together in peace and prosperity.

So Be It.