Chapters 31 - 36


It is the Lord, Your God.

You know Me in truth, My Beloved, but still do they doubt My Presence, as they doubted My Presence in My Beloved Son, Jesus.  The choice must be their own.  When men upon earth heed My Presence, and love Me with unselfish devotion, peace will reign upon the earth.

Many will learn through You, My Daughter, the way to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Mighty will You be when I bring forth to You that which I have promised.

Then shall it come to pass, that those who have turned away the face from their Almighty Father, will flock to You.  Then shall You say unto them, “Go in peace.  He has no need of you now, for there are many followers who have proven themselves before Him, because they have accepted His Will without question.”

I bless You, My Beloved Daughter, that You may go forth into the world, as befits a Daughter of Mine in glory and beauty.  You will bestow My Word upon mankind.  None shall doubt Your supremacy in all things.

Know you all that the Lord, your God, is among you and above you and about you.  I ask that each of you bring to Me those who seek.  I have blessed each of you, that you may be aware of My Power within.  Look to Me for your good.  I shall cause it to flood upon you, as a cloud bursting its rain forth upon the earth.

I have brought you all to My Daughter’s Presence to give you a chance to join Her in My Holy Task.  Be not disturbed, My children, verily, ‘tis much to behold your Eternal Father face to face.

Many blessings do I bring to those I have named Disciples of the Almighty.  I choose with great care those who shall remain near My Divine Daughter.  All must trust and obey My Commandments without question.

Go in Peace, My Beloveds.


My Regal One, I cause My Light to shine upon You.  I enfold You in My Arms.  I take Your hand in Mine Own.  I lift up Your heart, and give You strength.  Know that My Love for You is as bottomless as My oceans.  My Holy Child, cast out all that is undesirable within You, for I know the beauty of Your mind and heart, and would have You express My Perfect Love.

Fear not, My Holy One.  Know that this is the Lord, Your God, Your Eternal Father, Who is before You.  I have anointed Your head with holiest oil, and I have placed My Hand upon Your brow.  And a Queen shall You be, in truth, such as none has witnessed upon the earth at any time.

Remember, My Daughter, if Your Father and King walks the earth in You, then must You be Queen, as I am a King of all kings.  And they shall rise up and say,  “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Daughter, for They are One forevermore.  Amen.”

My Chosen One, You now possess the greatest powers within Your hands.  Awaken, Child of Mine.  Awaken, and know that My Own Love surrounds You, that I, Myself, will uplift You, and that Your Love for Me will gladden Your heart.

Let My Beauty come forth, and I will cause the sun to shine upon You, and My Blessings shall I shower forth in everlasting abundance.  And the mist of the Almighty is before Your eyes.  ‘Tis My Holy Love about You, for I have embraced You.   Hearken to My Voice when I speak, for Mighty Words shall I utter.

We guard You, My Holy Daughter, Who will lead all those spiritual leaders to bring about the greatest miracle…the unity of the people upon the earth.


My children, I have charged you all with My Most Precious Possession.  Therefore, must you strive to be perfect in My Image.  Great must be the bearing and dignity.

I am your Father and King.  All depends upon your deep understanding, for My Purpose to commence.  Rewards will I shower upon all who fulfill their duty to My Only Daughter, and recognize in Her Being, the Lord their God.  Divine is the wisdom of My Daughter.

I have requested you, “Run to Me.”  ‘Tis My Joy to behold when you do for you are Mine Own children.  And am I not near?  Do not My Mighty Arms enfold you?  Great indeed is My Love.  I bring all to pass.  Be ready to receive.

I speak to you, the few, who will become the many, and My Might shall be strong within you.  Fear not, My children, the wicked have I smitten down, and the voice of the meek shall be heard and their prayers shall I answer.  Go in Peace.


I remain ever near, gentle Sister, to comfort You and to uplift Your Spirit.  Be of good cheer.  Let not Your courage go, for tomorrow brings a fresh new day and bright new hope.

As an Eagle spreads its wings afar, You will do likewise, and they shall bear You high, as the Eagle rises to the Mountaintop.  And You shall be proud as the great head of the Eagle.  Great is the span of the Eagle’s wings, which bears You at great speed through many lands.

My Sister, the gift of love, the gift of grace, the gift of patience, the gift of wisdom, the gift of compassion, the gift of sharing, the gift of understanding, the gift of healing…all these and more has Our Father bestowed upon You.  And He has placed within these hands a power awesome to behold.  You will use it wisely.

All shall see the beauty of our Father emanate through You to all mankind.  Then shall You hear the people remark upon it, and You shall say to them, “When you find your Father, in truth, then shall such beauty shine through you also.”

And those who are heavy-laden shall come unto You, as they came unto Me.  And You shall smile gently upon them, and Your radiance will gladden their hearts.  And You will guide them, and You will comfort them, and You will show them the way.


It is the Lord, Your God.

My Beloved, I have placed My Hands upon You once more. Your beauty grows, for it is My Own.  Let all look to You for example of My Spirit.  Let all watch for My Hand.

Each of them do I bless.  Each of them do I sanctify through You.  Their life upon earth must be as in Eternity.  Their lives must shine as an example to all men, hence, the intense devotion of My Emissaries to bring them to a state of sublime perfection.

We must commune together yet more, Mine Own.  New Laws will I give through You to all mankind.  I hear Your prayers, and I say You hearken to My Voice.  I appear in many ways, at any hour, upon any day.  All shall be as I have ordained.  None upon the face of the earth can change My Will. Mine Own, I have heard Your words regarding the temples.  My answer will You observe.

It grieves Me to see man-made laws suited to the convenience of the supposed teachers.  I hearken not to their voices, for they seek Me not, in truth, but in name.  Fear of My Might is within them.  Soon shall You address such a group, and when they hear the thunder of My Voice in You, then shall they feel the presence of their True God.  And the teachers shall quake in fear, for they shall know their Lord.

Love all, My Daughter.  Forgive all in wisdom and gentleness.  You are an example of My Spirit upon earth for all men to witness.


Greetings, My Sister.

And Our Father has said, “Anoint You, Her Head, for She is Mine Only Daughter, and I, Myself, shall pour the oil.”

Bring you now the Crown, Gabriel, which is the Light of Her Father and King, and place it upon Her Head.  Let Her feel its weight.  Let Her become aware of the enormity of the responsibility placed upon Her.  A million suns will reflect their light through Her, as they do upon the Crown.  And all the Light witnessed through this Holy Child will be the Emanation of our Almighty God.

Gentle One, You are as I was, an Instrument for Our Heavenly Father.  You are a Queen as I was called King.  Ruth, Holy will Thy Name become.  Your hands shall not be impaled as were Mine.  You will walk as I did walk, and a gentleness will prevail throughout Your Being, and You, too, will step upon His Path, and the people will follow.

First, ‘twill be a ripple, a small tender bud of a ripple, and then a wider ripple, and wider and wider, and so He will be upon the earth once more.  And all will look upon You, and they will say,  “What is it in this Girl?” as they did say about Me,  “What is it in this Man?”  For the Ecstasy of God was upon Me. And when His Ecstasy is upon one, in truth, then it must be seen.  Though they know not how to understand, they will know ‘tis God.

And so I touch You gently, and We blend as One.  No one, no man will destroy You.  You will return to Our Father when Your days have lengthened, and when He says, “Come unto Me, My Love,” You will go.

My Spirit is deeply moved in Your Presence, Regal Child, who is as if about to be born, and yet is born.  And Jesus would weep because of it.  But I cannot be sad, for in truth, should we not celebrate a Newborn Entity?  Should we not rejoice in the birth of His Only Daughter?  Yea, verily, there is a cause for lifting up.  Yea, verily, there is a cause for the mind and the spirit to ponder.  I did direct our Angel Gabriel before to place upon Your head the Holy Crown…but Our Father did anoint You with His Own Mighty Hand.

Be of good faith, those of you who are about Her.  Be of great courage and implicit trust.  She has begun to walk with God.  Do you also begin?  And I beg you to come unto Her as they came unto Me.

The Light above all lights is the Light of the Mind kindled by the Word, and rising up to a searing flame reaching always to the Light Everlasting.  Thus, shall the Light flood into the darkened corners of the minds, so that the forlorn and the lost are uplifted.  Bring unto Me those lost souls, who seek the Light, and the secrets thereof.

Rich are you in God.

Enviable are those in whom He abounds.

Beauty upon beauty in those grown old in wisdom;

Grace upon grace in those grown old in love;

Riches upon riches upon those grown old in sharing;

Blessings upon blessings upon those grown old in God.

            Courage, fair Sister, in the knowledge.  ‘Tis not in vain.  More patient love, more tolerance, and more understanding, and nearer and nearer to Our Father comes Your Pure Spirit, that He has named Daughter.  Gentleness is upon You.  His Love shines through, and more will there be, and greater still the glory.  My blessing I grant each of you in the purity of your love.