Chapters 25 - 30


Know you, My children, that I, Jesus, be among you; that the love you feel is My Own Spirit flowing through you, reaching out to you, for you are beloved of our Father.  Know that the day is nigh, when once again, My truth will come upon the earth…for He walks and He talks in His Child.

Tell Her to fear not, for His Love is deep and pure.  Entreat Her to be proud of the Mission before Her.  Tell Her that Her Brother is ever nigh, that He will guard Her and protect Her from all evil.  Let the spirit of gentleness within Her prevail.  Let Her be unashamed of Her Divine Father and Her Divine Heritage.  Many are they who even now seek Her out.  Long will be the journey until they find Her.

Blessed, indeed, is She.  My Spirit entreats Her Spirit to become One.  I will instill within Her the Peace of Our Father.  Now let come forth that beauty which is seen, in truth, only by Our World.

I place a special benediction upon you all, that you may also walk in His Glory.  And say you,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


I, your Lord God say unto you:

I want My people to enter congregations of their choice, not merely by paying a tribute in silver or gold.  I want them to be aware upon their entrance that they are before My Omnipotent Presence; that they are not attending a meeting, that they be aware fully of the Lord, their God.

I want those who convey My Laws to My people to recognize that ‘tis not they who are God, but merely My Intermediaries, to guide, protect and comfort as needs be…to bring to Me, My people, not to elevate their individual personages.  These words are of utmost importance, and apply to all races and creeds.

My Love, let My Light shine forth through You.  Be You now as You would see Me.  Choose all about You with care, for You are My Queen, and can no longer associate with every commoner.  Though You will give Love to all mankind, I would not have all mankind about You.

I bless You with all My Love.



I am Jesus.

Blessed are the simple, for they shall have abounding joy in all things.  They were good and simple people in My time, lost in the wilderness of unrest, avariciousness and domination of the beasts called rulers.

I spoke to them in the manner of My Sister.  His Voice did they hear through My Lips.  His Light did they see in My Eyes.  I did feel the loss of Mine Own Self when He, thus, chose to speak.  They did think ‘twas I, but I was a humble Man and knew it was our God who had chosen to use Me as His Instrument to bring His people to Him, in truth.

At all times give your pure love, a forgiving heart and an upright hand.  Be strong in your faith.  Give with dignity.  The evil doer makes his own punishment by the evil he performs, for it gnaws at his vitals and his peace is lost.  Our Father has said unto you, “Give Me your problems.”  And I likewise say,  “Let our Father.”

I am, indeed, aware of the change among mankind in your time.  Men who seek power will be forever upon the earth.  Those who are seekers of truth will find it in You, My Sister.  Truth will survive power…for God is Truth, and He is Eternal.  Bless you all, and look well upon Her, Mother of your time, in truth, Mother of Mankind.

Much understanding must be brought to you pertaining to life and death.  This must you know…that when He takes you to Him, if there is an awareness of Spirit, there is no necessity for a prolonged sleep, but an immediate task to be performed.  You chosen few must work now upon the earth, as you will in our Realm later.  So far, you are but on the brink of your lifelong task.

My lifetime was not beautiful.  There were too many hardships, and too many enemies of truth.  Fear was rampant upon the earth, as it is this day.  My Sister, You are as I was in My time.   Only our generation differs.              If You were to walk abroad in a shabby robe and sandals, You would be guilty of committing an offense according to man-made laws of Your time, but the beauty of Your Spirit shines forth in any age.

I bless each of you and bestow My Love upon you.


I am with you, My children.  ‘Tis because your love for Me, your Father, is so true, that I come.  My children, this is what you must learn…faith in Me, in truth.

My Chosen One, I have asked much of You, and You are as One with Me.  Be not afeared for My Light to flow in You, but proudly, let it shine forth…so that all men will know My Compassion for You is deep.  Meditate upon Our Unity, Beloved.

You will ponder upon the new followers.  They must be made aware of their duty to Me, to serve Me, in truth, to bring My people to You, for in You is their longed-for God.  In You alone, do I speak.  In Your home, do I dwell.  In Your heart, do I love.

Pure is the Spirit I breathed into You.  A great part of Me resides in Your shell.  That is why many have pondered in Your Presence,  “What strange power does She possess?”

Many there are who will envy in their hearts.  Cast not blame upon them, but upon their spiritual teachers, who have taught them to believe I am within each.  Only My Spirit is in each, for I would not have need to walk once more upon the earth if, indeed, each man found Me within himself.  For there would be a mighty brotherhood, and deep love between nations and My Creations would continue and there would be peace upon earth.

Know you, that you are all before the Lord, your God; that verily, ‘tis His Word and His, Alone, that you record for all time.  Bow your heads.  I will bless you through My Queen.  Go in Peace.


My Daughter, You will soon be able to fulfill every duty I am placing upon You.  I have spoken of followers.  I bring them from every part of the world, and every walk of life.  Mark them well, for among them You will find future Disciples for Me and My Holy Task.

Child of Mine Heart, soon You will stand before the multitudes, and I will speak, but first You must have those about You, who will obey Me, as their forefathers obeyed Me.  Your world is trying once more to reach My Heavenly Abode.  Their madness for power distresses Me.  That is why the time is nigh for Me to once more appear before mankind.

I will appease the hunger of the people for Me, through My Holy Instrument.  For if they, in truth, seek the Lord their God, they will acknowledge Me.  Great will be My Wrath upon mankind if they turn away the face.  Many years may pass before My Wrath is kindled, and with My Chosen Child I shall walk again among My people, but they shall make their own decision.

Beauty and joy is in their love for Me, in truth, or obliteration, destruction and disease in a desolate world.  These words will You utter on My Behalf to those now about You, and all newcomers to be dedicated to My Cause.  My Beloved, let all My Glory through You.  Let not any deny Me in You.  Go in Peace.



My children, many of those who are tired, weary, lost, low in spirits, will you bring unto Me, your God.  They will come.  You will recognize if they seek Me, in truth.  I am a forgiving God, and My Mercy is boundless, for My Love is great.

And You, My Chosen One, You will stand before the multitudes, as I have shown You in a vision, and I will use You as My Holy Instrument.  Know, therefore, that You are especially blessed.  Know, therefore, that I prepare You for the great eventuality which is about to occur.  Know, therefore, that all your good is upon You and those about You.

Know, therefore, that I desert You not, My Beloved; that it shall come to pass as I have spoken; that You are most Divine because of Our Unity; that You cannot retrace one step; nay, You would have no desire to retrace one step.  For many steps shall We climb together; many steps shall We walk together; many steps shall We run together.

Child, take up now Your Scepter of Queenship.  Let all about You be of a mighty beauty, a greatest dignity.  The wisdom I have placed upon You is My Power…strong within You.  Know always that I am the Lord, Your God, Your Father and King.

Go you in Peace, My children.