Chapters 19 - 24


I, Your Father, would speak with you.

Beloved children, your task is about to begin.  I will continue to speak to all of you through the Chosen One.  Listen for My Voice.  You will assist My Beloved in the enormous task ahead.  Many are the duties you will perform in My Name.

I am choosing with great care all those that shall remain near My Beloved, as I am also choosing all that will surround Her.  You will be guided by Me in all matters.  All that happens to each of you from this day forth will be at My Direction.  Do not deny Me.

Go in Peace.


I have looked upon each of you, and I have brought you here for a purpose.  Many of you know your purpose, but many do not know in what manner I will use them.

As I have given the Child the New Doctrine for you to live by, so now I come to direct you through Her, for it is the only manner in which you may hear My Voice, in truth.  Many times have I tried to communicate with you individually, and in time you will hear as I have ordained.

I have taken each of you and I have embraced you with My Might.  You are blessed as no others are blessed in your time, but I am an understanding God, and know the difficulty of a mere human.  All of you, as well as all people upon the face of the earth were created by My Hand, and in each there abides My Spirit.  This is My Manner of conversation with My children, past and present.

I am bringing unto all of you many followers in My Name.  ‘Tis a duty of all to be perfect in mind and in body, as well as in spirit.  All of you whom I have chosen will serve Me as long as you remain upon the earth.  Your lives will become most dedicated and most blessed, for this is a command, and you will not disobey a Command of the Almighty One.  There is no further need for you to seek Me…for I am here and with you always.

I want you all to arrange to speak before people, to bring them the simple truth, so that they will come back to Me.  As I have directed the Child in all manner of things, which She has recognized, so will I direct you in all respects.

I have revealed to the Child the Emblem that you will all bear in one form or another.  The color of the Emblem will be white and gold.  I will give specific directions when it will be made.

This is but the tiniest beginning of the greatest thing that has ever happened on the face of the earth since My Son, Jesus, walked upon the earth in My Name.  I cannot appear before any human, except it be within a human, for I am Pure Spirit.

The Child has all power, but will perform no miracles such as is interpreted by those of you now upon the earth.  She will, in truth, bring many things to many people, providing they are worthy.

She, Herself, is unaware of the Almighty import of that which lies before Her.  She has brought to Me the greatest happiness, for ‘tis rare I find in a human being, complete devotion.  She has taken Her Spirit and said, “Father, I am Yours, in truth.”  But She did not stop with these words, with this meaning.  She now thinks, speaks, acts and breathes with Me as One.  She does not do so consciously.

In truth, She is unaware of the change, but change there is, for I have observed Her with greatest care.  Now I observe Her with greatest love and joy.  I have blessed this Child, in truth, and every blessing known to man shall be Hers.

I would have each of you stand alone, in truth.  I would have each one of you know Me, in truth.  I would have each one of you see Me, in truth.

I have revealed to the Chosen One a Shrine, a Shrine that shall be built in white and gold, a Shrine wherein My people may come to speak with Me, without encumbrance of dues, a place where I can reach out and comfort them if they be in need, a place where they will recognize no need of praying to the unknown, but a consciousness of speaking, in truth, with their Father, Who is Almighty.  This will come to pass when I so direct.

I have regarded all mankind these many years, and I have observed his progress, and I have permitted certain things to take place upon your earth, but I am dismayed when I look into the hearts of men.  I have not asked that religions, that sects, that cults offer up to Me worship.  I ask not burnt offerings.  I ask not eternal prayer.


I ask a very simple thing of all mankind…

To find in one another mutual love and understanding.


And if there be not a growth of love among the people of the earth, then it shall not remain as this day.  So have I ordained, so will it be.  That is why I come to you, to ask that you open your hearts and your minds, and let Me enter each of you.

I ask that you walk in My Image, in truth.  Be guided at all times by the Chosen One.  Even now, She does not realize the Divine Power which has been bestowed upon Her.  Soon, She will realize all and know that She stands alone, but I would not have Her lonely.

I leave you now to ponder My Words, and digest their import, and to be, in truth, children of a Revered Father.  Go in Peace, My children.



Chosen One, I have come to direct You once more.  You will encourage many disbelievers and bring them to truth.  All will return to You for many reasons.

Child, I have sorely tried You, and My Heart rejoices in Your sublimity of faith.  Continue to widen the ripples on the pool.

I am sending special Emissaries to prepare You for future activity in My Name.

Trust Me.  You have I named My Only Daughter, and I have said, “You are My Queen.”  So it must be.  Great is the responsibility I place upon You, and You will bear it as only a Chosen Child of Mine could, as My Son, Jesus, bore His to Me in His time upon earth.

Daughter of Love, as soon as You are ready, I will send forces to bring about Your recognition as My Holy Instrument, and they will acknowledge You, in truth.  The world shall hear My Voice in You, or I will bring about its destruction.  For the people are most wicked, and have not love for Me, but lust for power.

You will speak as My Son, Jesus, spoke for Me in His time… for in You will be their salvation.  Fear not, Little Queen, ‘tis My Mighty Power You feel within Your beating heart.



I am Your Brother, Jesus, Beloved.  I come to bless You and to convey Our Father’s Love.  Fear not, tender Sister, all that is fair and good shall be Yours.  His Will be done.

He comes to You, concerned in the interest of a precious Daughter, which is what You are to Him, in truth.  Be always devoted to His Word, and He will ever uplift You.

Farewell, Little Queen.  Remember Your immortal destiny.


I am one who comes to bring wisdom and to help prepare you for future events.  You must all be aware that this Child has a magnificent task ahead, in which you are all involved.  Clad in robes of splendor, She will rule the earth.  Men of wisdom will seek Her out.

Most of you have studied much, but puny will your knowledge appear by comparison to Hers.  Clarify your minds.  You have much to learn before you are truly ready for the Almighty Purpose.  Continue to prepare yourselves for your future place in the Divine scheme of things…for you are living a new story to be told to the world.

You are aware of the weakness of humanity, but among those beings there are some who will be strong as the old Oak, and others who will be as a Mountain.  These, you will gather about you and about the Child, and when the number have multiplied, you will be instructed and you will go forth into the world.




I welcome the newcomers to My Abode.  Great will be your responsibility.  Always run to Me.  Let My Daughter guide you all.  Remember, I am within Her as in no other.  Trust Me, My Beloveds.  You all are blessed.  Go forth with assurance, for I am behind each step you take.

My Emissaries are preparing you for My Great Purpose.  Hearken to Their Words.  Apply yourselves diligently, for upon you all rests the future of mankind.  I cannot grant you that which I have ordained…until you walk in My Image, in truth.  Give Me all that burdens mind and heart.  In My Mighty Hand, shall they vanish as a drop of rain into the earth.

My Doctrine is a Set of Laws for all humanity to live by.  Live according to its teachings and soon all I have spoken, will be.  Remember always to regard your Queen with reverence, for in Her, you will find the Lord, your God.  Love is upon the earth, in Her, My Daughter.