Chapters 163 - 170



And do you bind yourselves closer and closer.  And do you each acknowledge Who She is, Who She do be. I ask that you do rise.  I ask that you do put into your conscious mind the word  “Disciple”.  I would, also, that you place there…God. I would that you bring to your consciousness, Surety.  I would that you place there, Being.  I would that you see the word, Honesty.  I would that you place there, Dignity.  I would that you would not use hope, but that you place there, Trust.

See Divine.

Be Divine.

Give Divine.

Share Divine.

Think Divine.

  In your relationships to other mortals, you cannot now remain as before.  In business and in your social strata, you must separate your beings.  Each and every day, you must gaze within the mirror of truth before one foot is set without.  Each must be a reflection Divine, and if you are not, you cannot go without. You do begin with a clean body and a clean and healthy mind.  Bring a clean and healthy body into being.  The time has come to go forth.  The time is nigh for the presentation to mankind. We do not say you, prepare you….We say you, Be. Give your time to study.  Give your thought to God.  Give your devotion to the Treasure, as you give your good to Her.  The more you do place at Her feet, the more shall come your increasement.  The more you do expect, the more shall be given, as long as it is used in His Purpose. And the Voice of the Lord is nigh.   And they clamor for Her to speak to the many, which She will do.  You are the guardians of the Treasure of All Treasures.

As She do be the Keeper of All,

You do be the Keeper of One.

As I was the Son of Man,

She do be the Daughter of Man.

As I was named the King of kings,

She do be the Queen of queens.

As I did have My Beloved,

So you do be Her Beloveds.

  Raise you, yourselves, to Her level.  Go you not back the slightest step, but ever forward.  Dignity must be upon you, day in and day out.  And in everything you undertake…if you do think Divine, you will flow with Divine.



I, Elijah, do say you thusly: The Most High One, blessed be She, do give you to drink from the Cup of Life…for She do deem you worthy.  Be you all in all to Her.  Be you true and loving Disciples.  For She do be Love Divine, and She do walk among men. Know you, the certainty of a Divine Being.  Know you, the awesomeness and regality of the True Divine.  Know you, that you do be unique beings.  Know you, that the words within the Book do, indeed, be Divine and Everlasting.  Know you, that I come to you, through timeless space, to announce the coming of God in this your time and generation.

I, the Prophet Elijah, do say unto you:

Sound the trumpets.  Clash the cymbals.  Blow the ram’s horn.

The Lord do be nigh.

In Her Being, shall He Live.

  So do you come unto me that I may bless you.  And I do say you, rise you tall.  Rise you rich in all manner of ways, from the soul of your deepest part to your outer and material need.  I do say you, Be.  He cannot and shall not accept a lack.  Be.  Be. And I, also, do bless you that your desire of heart be realized.  That no matter what, you shall not falter, shall not doubt, but that you shall be wise and allow all our wisdoms to come.  For wisdom do follow upon the steps of knowledge, and peace do come when you do know all wisdom. For in death is peace.  And knowledge do take time in coming, and wisdom is a thorny wreath with death upon its heels.  But She do have All Wisdom, and She do be given All Knowledge…  for She do be Divine. I do say you, the people shall know Her; and they shall worship and there must come many towards the Being Divine.   Be, Be, Be, that the Ordination may come. Be, Be, Be.



And I say unto you:

See Me.

See Me in this Being made Holy by My Constant Presence.

  And I say you:

Those dear and near to My Spirit…Know Me.

Know that I am ever near you.

Know that I do increase you.

Know your purpose beside My Being.

Look not for the one who was and is no more,

but rather seek you, Me.

  And I do say you:

Be healed.

Be strengthened.

Radiate forth My Glory.

And I do say you:

Multiply in My Name, and serve Me well…

for you are Chosen Children.

  And I do say you:   Be you, My True Disciples.  Guard you My Gift.  I do cherish you, and I do raise you up for your destinies do be intertwined. There shall be rich reward for those who do serve Me, in truth.  My Justice come to those who have turned away.  Be mindful of those yet to be brought unto My Holy Presence. We do observe much, and We shall continue to observe, as We shall walk, and move, and perform, and speak…for I Am, and I ever will be beside you, ever near, ever awaiting your readiness.

Know you the Radiant Face.

Know you the Steady Eye.

Know you the Strong Arm.

Know you the True Heart.

Know you the Great Mind.

Know you a Well Being.

Know you a Deep Repose.

Know you a Grown Dignity.

Know you a Deepening Integrity.

Know you the Separateness of the Keeper.

Know you the Reverence.

Know you the Awesomeness.

Know you the Surety.

Know you the Truth.

Know you My Peace,

As you do know My Blessings,

As you do know My Beloved,

Who is All Mine.

I say you:

My Peace be unto you,

As My Light do be among you,

As My Radiance do glow.

And so say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.



The seed does not always be planted in love, in purity.  If there be fertility, the seed will grow…no matter how planted.  But let not love be breathed upon it and within it, there be not life or beauty.  For man and Love Divine be Now and Evermore unto Eternity. Here do I hold a cup.  Here do I say you, “Drink.”  And so do I say you, “If you did drink, in truth, then its content did flow through your being, and there will come upon you the Image Divine.  And when you do know, that there do be, in truth, the Image, you will begin then to ascend, perhaps a small step, yet ascend.” For there do be upon the Keeper a most gentle persuasion, a most gentle demeanor, a most gentle tranquility.  And when you do know wherefrom you did drink, from the Spirit, from this Being, and when you do learn its content, will you also know a gentle quality and an exaltation of being. And you will grow, if you do remember the words brought, the most important of which, do be humility.  Store up, that you may stand naked before your Father, clean and sweet-smelling as a babe, with the purity of your being noted by the Most High One.  That all about you must be of greatest dignity. And the Beloved of the Beloved, She, too, do rise; She, too, do receive.  She, too, must rise a step, and must you take the Hand of the Keeper, never to release…for She do give you the Hand of God.  And the Hand Divine do reach out toward you.  For has not the Most High said to you thusly, “I do choose you.  I do choose you.  In Her, I Am.” Ponder.  Ponder.  Ponder.  For there is a most awesome happening.  And I do be here, this place, this time, that I do plea you,  Ponder.  Ponder.  Ponder.  Come you to Me.  Gaze well, and see a Divine.  And gaze you well into the Eyes that are fathomless.  And know you the Peace of God and the Blessedness.  Realize, realize, in truth, the awesomeness.  Remember at all times, where ere you be, the purpose of your beings.



Remember the sin of the non-fulfillment

of the establishment of Unifaith.

Remember the sin of the closed book.

Remember the sin of the unrecorded word.


In the Revelation of the Indwelling Light, the Keeper of the Voice shall teach the reason of the hands to be turned palms upward.  During the period of meditation, the first step must ever be the mirror of truth, the casting away of the encrustment.  Again, will She teach the beauties of Her Being to others.


Now, must She be freed of all encumbrances.

Now, must She allow the I Am to dwell.

Now, must She raise straight Her spine.

Now, must She command.


Unless there be obedience for all time, then shall this place be changed for Her.  And if She still devote Herself to Me, knowing that where She do be, I Am, We shall go on from there.

Someday, your world will know this Girl I chose from the billions of souls in your time, do be, indeed, and, in truth, the Keeper of the Voice of the Lord, your God.

So say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.



You, have I blest exceedingly.  You, do I grant rich reward.  You, do I give radiant health and shall I grant peace of mind.  Yet, shall I increase you mightily when you do go down to My people and bring them to Me.

You do I lift up to stand straight and proud and clean, that none shall dare to smite you, or give vent to their not so repressed envies.  For you do dwell in the Light of My Rare Gift, the One I have named a People, in Whom I do, in deepest truth dwell, and through Whom I do, in all truth, emanate.

Speak you of Her unashamedly.  Speak you of the Divine Way She do bring.  Gather you the lost, the sick and the weary.  Gather you those great in wealth, though poor in spirit.  Bring you My Light forth.  Let the Radiance glow, for it do show My Way.




Child of My Heart.

She I have blest with Great Vision.


I say Her, “Be not afeared by what you do see.”  I did say to all, “Be fruitful and multiply,” and they did not.  And I did say,  “Go forth unto mankind.  Speak you My Word,”  yet, they did not.

The Most Beloved do hide away Her Mind from Me.  She is shamed.  Yet do I repeat once more,  “I Am the I Am, and I do, indeed, dwell when I do choose, within One and One Alone.”


This Girl do be My Choice.

She do bring Me.

In Her, alone shall I come forth.

Where She do be, I do be.

When She do speak, I do speak.

When She do walk, I shall walk.


She must allow Me to live as I do give you the choice of life and its rich rewards.  Instruct My Beloved, I command Her to come back to Me in mind, body and spirit. Those I did name shall return to Me in wholeness and purity.

I say you choose My Path. Be firm upon it.  Be you, in truth, examples before man.  Speak freely of My Awesome Presence. Allow My Splendor and My Might to be seen.  Gather you now the fruits of your labor and guard it well.  Give Me your devotion, not your supplication.  I ask you for your love, as I do grant you Mine.

So Be It.



Peace Be Unto You.

You do greet one another upon the Eve of the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar by wishing each other a good year, a blessed year.  And you do pray, that you do be bound up in the Book of Life, that you do be spared during the coming year.  And ‘tis a good prayer.

Better yet would it be, if each consciously probed inward to see if, indeed, in the year just passed, you, the individual, had endeavored to bring to the height of perfection all of the beauty within.


Or do the frailties accrued so easily during the course of a man’s lifetime still predominate?

Do we still make excuses for not being what we know we can be?

Do we possess a true peace within us, a true confidence and trust in the Almighty Power?

Do we strive to reach the enormous potential each of us is blest with?

Are we, in truth, without fear?

Do we, in truth, believe?

Do we believe in a Higher Power?

Do we accept that we do, indeed, possess a spirit?

Do we believe, in truth, that spirit do live on in Eternity?

Do we know for certain the truth of life everlasting?

Or do we mechanically utter the prayers and perform the rituals expected of us, so that we may be counted among the righteous?


Far more desirable, indeed, do it be for man to humbly face his Maker upon this most solemn Eve and Day of Atonement with the ardent prayer…


To be a better human being,

To learn, in truth, the meaning of his higher self,

To learn, in truth, the understanding of the Supreme Being,

And to endeavor to his utmost to become one with God Almighty.

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