Chapters 157 - 162


Grow you in wisdom.
Grow you in beauty.
Grow you in strength.
Grow you in purity.
Grow you divinely.
Grow you in gentleness.
Grow you in humility.
Grow you in belief.
Grow you in faith.
Grow you in trust.
Grow you in kindness.
Grow you in tolerance.
Grow you in sympathy.
Grow you in sharing.
Grow you in loving.
Grow you in being.

For when you are grown in all these things, then you come to the most Divine. Then, shall you stand strong and true. And only then, shall Unifaith rise and shall the children come. And they shall know Her, as they did know Him, when He did walk among them in ancient times.

And She shall know them.
And She shall love them.
And She shall feed them of Her Spirit.

And they will murmur. And they shall say, “How did we not find Her eons ago? For here are we held in the Mighty Arms. And here shall we bide near a shady nook. And here do we know the safety and protection, and a deep, deep peace. And we shall look unto our neighbor with tenderness and love.”

And the nations who war, one against the other, who do kill and do maim and torture and torment, to them shall come a pestilence so horrifying in manner, that they shall be wiped from the face of the earth. And there will come a shaking of the earth, and there shall come a gushing of volcanoes, and there will be tornadoes, and the world will hold its breath.

For peace will not prevail so long as a nation will go against nation, and a neighbor against a neighbor, and a friend against a friend. So give you forth, love to man.

And I say you:
Remember the pain of those who have hurt you, that you do not make the error of sinful giving.

And I say you:
Give with Divine.
Love with Divine.
Sing with Divine.
Be with Divine.

And I say you:
Place your hand in Mine, and take you from My Divine Being, My Spirit’s Surety, My Spirit’s Good, and use it well. And as you give to Me, so shall I give to you.



The fresh fields to which we shall bring Her shall be the fresh fields where life can still be breathed, where smells can still be smelled and plants can still be grown, and flocks can still multiply.  And you shall follow as the multitudes shall follow, but She shall be held aloft.  And all that She has seen, that I have revealed unto Her, shall be brought into being.

For I have spoken thusly to My Daughter, “Give unto Me all of Yourself that I may enter You; that I may walk in You and move in You, and use You with complete freedom.”  And She has said unto Me, “Beloved One, You, Who are My Lord on high, do unto Me Thy will.  I am Yours, now and evermore.”

And because of the free giving of the Spirit of My Own Chosen, I say unto You, “As You do give unto Me, so do I return unto you a thousand fold, and ten times a thousand fold again.”  And when She do say you to be conscious of My Spirit within, She do speak you a deep and unchanging truth.

For you must take from My Daughter, example.  As long since the few, who had sight to see and ears to hear, did take from My Only Son so chosen, example of His Being, also.  She be no less than He.  In point of fact and truth, She do be much, much more.


For in Her, I Am.

In Her, do be the Comforter.

In Her, do be mankind’s Redeemer.

Know Her, for what I have created Her to be.

See Her, for what She has become to you this day.


Raise you up, My Only Chosen.  Kneel before Her Being that you know the reverence it do warrant.  Speak freely of your Anointed One.  For there has never been, and there never shall be again, a Chosen, Divine Instrument in Whom I shall walk among the peoples of your earth.  Upon you, have I placed a most awesome and heavy responsibility.  And I am aware that you are far from cognizant of the fateful eventuality of My Dwelling among you.


Therefore, do I say you:


Take from My Beloved, example.  Emulate you Her Being, Her humility, and Her devotion to Her God.  If still there do be the blind and the deaf, forgive them…though cast not My Pearl before them.  For the meek shall rise up and they shall see and they shall hear and they shall know Me, when I do so desire.

The time is nigh upon your earth for the cessation of the power players and the war mongers and the slaughterers to be brought to their knees.  I observe far too much arrogance, far too much worship of the god of gold, far too much building of the edifices, but nothing for the seeker to find within…for I am without and about.  And the pleasure seekers do be vacuous and hollow-eyed; and there do be a babbling among mankind, but they do no longer make sense.


And so I say you:


Bring to Me, My children,

And I shall, indeed, become a People.

And She shall, indeed, lead them with Me,

Before Her and within Her, to the fresh, fresh fields.

Give Her unto Me.

Stint not in your giving,

For the more you do allow Her to give,

The more I do replenish Her,

The more I do prosper your beings.

Heed Her Words.

Know My Voice within.

Remember, at all times, Who She is.

Raise you, yourselves,

That She do not be lonely.

Remember, I Am, and ever shall be.

And so say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

And I do say, So Be It.


I have said you, rise. And upon you, do that depend…none other. I have said you, be. Be unto Me a Holy Being. And upon you, do that depend. I have said, a splendor do come. And upon you, does depend the splendor.

Acknowledge you, My Being. Acknowledge you, the One. Acknowledge you, the Keeper.

Accept now and evermore, The responsibility I did place upon you.

Know, in truth, I Am.

Therefore, must you be.


The establishment of Unifaith, must be immediate.

The upraisement of the Keeper, blessed be She, must be immediate.

The separation of the Holy Being, must be immediate.

The recognition of the Voice, must be immediate.

Obedience to all laws previously brought, must be immediate.

Adherence to all discipline, must be immediate.

Execution of all teachings of previous times, must be immediate.


Any disobedience or non-adherence to all commands within the Revelation, will mean removal of the Instrument and the cancellation of all plans.  There will be no laxity and no deviation from the Divine Way.  There will be singleness of purpose.

Not one, but many, will sit at the feet of the most Holy, named so by token of being the Keeper of the Voice.  And through the Keeper will be brought the teachings to fulfill the need of mankind in your time and day.  And She will show the Way, most secret as yet.

Study well.  Learn all that may be acquired of the Mind Divine.  But guard well, that the pearls be not cast before swine.  Know that the separation must be acknowledged for all time, that the God Mind predominate, that Divine Will be done.  Through this Instrument, do you receive more of Divine.

If there be awareness, purity of being, humility of spirit, all doors be open.  Enter them gladly, remembering the awesome Presence among you.  Remember the great honor bestowed…that you may grow in the nature of the Almighty One, and that you may learn to live in the Eternal Now, and yet, dwell upon the earth.


And suddenly, you are living in a Light.  And suddenly, doors do open.  And, as suddenly, do you realize the She before you, do be the One Mind.  For there is only One Universal, Eternal Mind, which is Mine Own, unchanging through all time.  And the One I did name, so aptly, My Daughter, is indeed, My Own; and She and I do be as One.  And as you do see My Light, now and evermore, will you dwell within it.

In the beginning of My Coming, did I reveal to My Chosen One, My Own Being in a pillar of fire.  Three times did I thus appear and three times did Her Being quake before Me…but never was She fearful, for ever did She know Me.  And you have been aware of the gentle change in My Beloved as well, as a separating of Her Being.  And I do observe the awareness, and I do thank you most humbly for the observation.

For as Her Humility do deepen and grow, so do you take example from Her.  And they who come into Her Presence with their ego still within them, they will leave Her gentled in being, yet puzzled in their hearts, for even they must acknowledge the deepening wisdom in Her Own embracing humility.

And when She do be recovered in the wholeness I have placed within Her, and they do perceive the radiance that will dwell in permanence upon this face…they will fall back and they will exclaim much.  But not for the human, but for the I Am, the One God over all, emanating through the One I have named, Mother of Man, Comforter of all.

And I do say you that those She do love, in truth, who have given to Her so selflessly, do I reward exceedingly in all manner of ways.  For I would have My children know that I am All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Pervading.  Therefore, know My Presence within each, find Me within each, come to Me within each, and if you cannot find, then come you to Me in the One I have placed among you.  Place into My Hands, which are Her Hands, that which do burden or do trouble the spirit, or any small part of your being.

In the obedience to the beginning of the Doctrine, will come the fulfillment of the Doctrine.  And when that do be achieved, and we do select our new Disciples with deepest care, then shall I lead Her to the fresh fields.  And then, shall we step out and shall there come to pass, all that She has seen and stated…only more than She do expect.  For each do move with each; but each must be prepared and ready for that move…for one cannot dwell in the Light without the other, lest they be left behind.

Therefore, do I say you, “Let the dissenters come forth.  Let them try to oppose the Lord, their God; and let them incur My Almighty Wrath, instead of My Almighty Love…if they dare.  You do soon elect a man to lead your country.  You do not elect your One God over all.  He did elect to come to man in One Being over all.  Let them dare to oppose My Voice.”

Now youth do seek My Presence.  Youth has suffered enormously at the hands of the alleged adults for eons of time… with their false purities, their false righteousness, their false bigotries and their false idols.  And I have wakened the spirits of youth, and I have wakened their mind; and only now, do they come to realize that I Am not where they have been told I Am.

I am not to be found in fear, in damnation, in an edifice, or in a dead thing fixed upon a cross.  An insult to a Divine Son do they choose to worship as an idol, the clay shell of a tortured frame.  ‘Tis man’s insult to One of My Chosen in Holiness.  This, they worship.  For this, they wreak havoc and strike terror in the hearts of the peasants, while gold and more gold pours into their coffers and upon their unworthy frames.

My Beloved do know that Her Wisdom do be great, for ‘tis My Own.  Soon shall We speak to the multitudes, and they shall know Me in Her, and there shall be a Love that you have never before witnessed.  And there shall be a Brotherhood rising as a phoenix from the ashes, with which man do threaten your world.  And We shall bring to mankind the cleanliness it needs.  And you shall know the reason of My Emissaries in your lives for so long a time.

Obey you every command I have brought in the past, up unto the present time, for now shall its purpose be plain to you.  Be you with Me in Her.  Do what you do this moment, remembering that…before you do give My New Word to mankind.


And the more you do give to Me, the more shall I reward…

For I do love you well.

The more you do serve, the more I do serve.

The more you do love, the more I do love.

The more you do give, the more I do replenish you.


Fear not one man upon the earth this day; but walk you with the sure steps…knowing I Am with each of you.  Know before Whom you stand; know before Whom the radiance appears and why it is so.  Be you, My True Disciples.  Love Me, as I do love you.   Give to Me, as My One Beloved has given.  Allow My Will be done; and My Will shall be your Protection, your Shield and your Greatest Love.  So Be It.


She do be the Anointed.

She do be the One.


And if you did remember with Whom you walk, and if you would but remember with Whom you speak…a Queen of queens, as I was the King of kings…there could be nothing but good.  For you, the Chosen, not to suffer, but to bring all good.

Close the door upon the past, and open the other door into your present, and let it be…that you do step forth into the Kingdom in which you will dwell evermore.  Forget not for a moment of any one day, the responsibility placed upon you.

You can no longer regard yourselves as ordinary mortals, for in the touch of Her Hand, do you become extraordinary.  In Her, God Is.  In Her, I Am.  Do you, then also, be in Her, as She do be in you…for the Rare One do be, yet you do see but a glimmer.

There need be no pain, no suffering, no lack, but abundance and radiant health, prosperity, sharing, all good, all beauty, all joy.  Reveal you now the rocks upon which will be built Unifaith.  Now let the Beacon glow.  Now reveal the Hidden Light.  Now hear Her Voice, and acknowledge Her in every manner of way, in every moment of every day.

You come not to wife or friend, but a Precious Gift.  You enter, not a home, but an Abode made Holy by the Presence.  No matter the appearance of things, all is Holy…all is perfect in the infinite Wisdom within Her Being.


When She do say, hearken to My Voice…hearken.

When She do say you, nay…then ‘tis nay.

When She do say you, surety… be sure.

If She do say you, meditate…then meditate.

And if She do say you, climb…then climb.


You are Children Divine.  You are Disciples of the Almighty God.  Bear you that honored title, for I would not have the word “Disciples” abused, as has been the word “Christian.”  Know you, beyond any shadow of doubt, the Divine among you.  Acknowledge you each the Divine within you and practice, practice, practice.  What do you well, so do it be unto you.  As you do ask, so shall it be given.  As you sow, so shall you reap.  Come you to Her, as She has come to Him, in humility and in truth.

The more that is devoted to the Holy Being, the more you shall be replenished.  Although you do observe, at present, the lack of health; do not be fooled by appearance of negation…for the radiant health do be within Her and through Her.  She has been made weak by man, but is strong with God.

Do not acknowledge any negation you see, but rather acknowledge the opposite.  The Surety of Divine, the Holiness of Divine is yours to command.  ‘Tis your right, and I say you, “Claim it.”  The Good in Divine is yours to use in God’s name.  Claim it!

Do not accept for one moment a negative thing, but put into practice the deed of expectancy, the right of good and it shall be yours.  No matter what you need, if you do see it, and you do, in truth, need, ‘tis yours.  If you do want no pain, if you do want radiant health, you will work towards it, and it shall be.