Chapters 151 - 156



I do be the Power. I do be the Might.
I do be the Day, as I do be the Night.
I do be the One, Almighty Divine.
And I do come, at last, to claim what is Mine.

For I do dwell among you.
In Her, I speak My Words.
Yet, do man not hear Me.
But then, is She not worth?

I have said to you, My children,
This girl I made Divine.
And as She gave Her Soul to Me,
I did declare Her Mine.

And yet, I say you come to Me,
Be you all My True Divine.
For as I gave My Daughter,
I would now make you all Mine.

So that we may go forth yonder
From the pages of the Book,
That you may truly ponder
The path I took.

I chose this Gentle Female
To be My Own True Bride,
So that We may lead you
Side by side.

And yet, you see the Oneness,
In the meeting of the Mind.
Yet, would She never travel,
Were We to leave behind

Our old and new Disciples
That come with us, in truth,
Who stand beside My Daughter,
The shell of this Girl, Ruth.

For I do touch so gently
To ask Her for Her Love.
And She did open up Her eyes
To see Me up above.

To Me, this guileless Child did give
The purest Spirit born.
And I did clasp Her to My Heart,
And I did say My Child adorn.

In finest silk,
Most regal to behold,
And I did say you that She wear
All things of white and gold.

Bear Her in regal splendor.
Be you as angels born.
Do not leave My Daughter,
Lonely and forlorn.

Worship Her, My children,
As you raise up higher and higher.
Reach you now My Daughter,
Awaited long…Messiah!
Cast away your doubts,
And let all fears now flee.
All I ask of you, My loves,
Is that you now true be.

Bring you forth the Being.
Raise you up the flag.
Be you all as I ordained,
Not one of you must lag.

For time do pass us swiftly
On soft and silent feet.
So come to Me, My children,
I would not have you cheat.

I am your One, Almighty,
Omnipotent, Divine.
And I have spoken thusly,
For I would have you Mine.

Come you then, Disciples,
And be you strong and true.
And in the love you give to Me,
Will come My Love for you.

Do you all as spoken,
The children of Divine.
And when I see completion,
In truth, you will be Mine.



The Beloved Keeper do ponder My suffering upon the cross.  And the whole of Her heart do weep for My anguish of so long ago.  And yet, do She well know that in that moment of agony did my Beloved Lord answer My cries.

And the pain and the salt of the humiliation were left behind.  And they did take My remains as they do take the remains of the Rabbis, who are most revered, into a separate place.  In My time, it was a cave-like crypt.  There did they lay Me, though long since had My Spirit departed.

In My history, they do say a stone was removed.  And verily ‘twas so, but not by mysterious hand.  For two Roman soldiers of lesser mien, swayed by the feeling of the throngs, did creep in with fearful trepidation.  And indeed, when they did gaze upon the remains, they did run in great haste.

Then, did come My friend and protector, Joseph of Arimethea, and he did take My Remains, for he did fear I would be mutilated.  And so, gently did he carry Me away; and was I buried as Holy Jew.

My Beloved Sister, in truth, did say Me in Her thought, “Would that every gentile were truly Christian, what a world ‘twould be.”  Perchance the Keeper of the Voice, named the Anointed of your time, may be the One to bring to the gentile the truth of Christianity.  And to the Jew, the truth of the One God in your day and generation.

You will prosper.  You will grow in God.  You will grow in beauty, in dignity, in joy, in giving , in being, in sharing, in healing, in loving.  For all that I was, She will be ten times, ten times and ten times ten, again.


Allow Her to free Her Beautiful Spirit.

Allow Her to be swept aloft by beauty.

Allow Her to give all of Herself in ecstasy.

Allow Her to radiate forth the glory.

Allow Her to gather to Her the babes.

Allow Her to live.


Remember Me, as you do partake of the unleavened bread and wine.  And if you do be with Her at the feasting table, gaze well…for you may see Me…and mark you all.  Be not ashamed or afeared of what She do become.

And go you forth with dignity in bearing, remembering that you do be a true Disciple of the One Mind, the One Almighty Being.  And I say you, nay, I plea you, allow Her to live.

So say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.



In your devotion to Me, in your services to Me, in your giving to Me, in your living for Me, in your being for Me, in your seeing for Me, in your hearing for Me, in your calling to Me, in your humility to My Being, I say you this:

As you do be, all that I have ordained shall come to pass in a great and glorious abundance in all things. Speak My Name and I am with you. Go you forth in My Image.

I say to you, and to all others after you, that if you love one another in truth, in peace, and in prosperity, man shall find no lack. I say you, share your blessed awareness of My Being with all.

Be of gentle mien.
Be of greatest dignity.
Be joyful in your loving kindness unto others.
And above all, remember your purpose.

The more you devote to Me, the more do I bless. And so shall you prosper, and so shall you know the peace that only I, the Divine of all beings, do grant.

And I do say to My Most Beloved thusly:

Rise You unto Me. Come you unto Me in wholeness and purity. I do embrace My Keeper. Into My Mighty Arms do I accept Her, and She shall come to Me upon the wings of a white Eagle. And I do await Her, and there shall We commune together upon the Mountaintop.

Be You at Peace.
Know You My Love as I do give You My Blessing.
And so say you, Amen. Amen. Amen.



Know you all, beyond a shadow of doubt, the most Holy One, blessed be She, Who do come to you in your time and generation, as He did come to men long ago, but never, never as He do come to you.

Know you the Holiness, know you the honor, know you the eventuality of the coming of God in your day and time.

Behold the Lord is nigh. The Lord is nigh.
Be humble. Repent you, mankind.
The Lord do dwell among you.
Blessed be She, Who be named Holy.
Search you and seek you Her meaning.



I have said, that when you do be all that I have ordained you to be, I shall cause you to multiply exceedingly in My Name. Gaze up to the Keeper, and know Who is the One.  For in Her, I Am; as I Am in you, also.  Seek Me in the stillness of your minds, for I am truly with you.

Speak of the Keeper.  Know that when you do speak of Her, you do speak of Me.  Praise you My Name, and uplift your spirits and your beings.


I do say you come, and you will come.

I do say you walk, and you shall walk.

I say you climb, and you will climb.


Remember always the graces that have been brought by the Emissaries.  I do say you rise, and when you do be, in truth, all shall be as I have spoken.  Let the joy abound about you.  In love, dwell.  For in love, you will find Me.

Take you My Hand, that I may lead you out of the darkness and into the Light.  For there shall you abide in the Light of truth and surety and honesty and beauty and dignity.

You have walked in the shadows too long; and I have proclaimed you worthy, as I have asked for all blessings to rain down.  Enter the Realm of the many mansions.  Enter the Realm of timelessness while, yet, you remain in carnate state.


See Me in truth.  Know Me in truth.  Revere Me in truth,

For only in truth, only in that way, will you learn your purpose.

Gaze well.  Gaze upward.

Form now the gatherings.  Bring back the lost ones.

Praise you the Name of the Almighty Being.

Praise you the Name of the One Most Holy.

Let the Glory come.

Acknowledge the Gift of God.



Hear you the Voice of the Lord, your God.


And I do say you:

That no matter the appearance of things,

With Me shall you multiply.

I do say you:

As you do believe, so do it come to pass.

As you do think, so do it be.  Just as you do, so do it be.

If you do give forth the good, then will it return to you.


And I do say you:

Allow My Beloved to be, to come forth, that I may dwell among you.  I have said, I do raise you up for My Own Purpose.  I have said, that you do go forth and bring the children to Me.


Have I not spoken these many times, and have I not directed that you do bring My New Laws to man?

Have I not told you that you be, that you think, that you do walk, that you do speak, that you do all as one with My Own Being?

Have I not directed that you must be outstanding in all manner of ways?  Did I not ask you to be?  Have not My Emissaries revealed to you your way?

Have I not spoke of trust, as I do come before you in this manner?


You do hear Me.  You do know Me.  In Her, I Am.  In Her, I may live.  But if I do not see that which must be about Her, She shall be removed.  Ponder.  My patience has been sorely tried.  Yet, do I reward you, and do I bless you, and do I grant you.