Chapters 145 - 150


And now, there is Peter…and I have blest him well.  For Peter, do be all men that I do bless.  And if they be of gentle mind, and joyous heart, and peaceful mien, then will come the Brotherhood of Man.  And Peter will show the Way, and they will follow.  And after Peter, many will show the Way.


Bring now, My Disciples.

Bring now, their Beings.

Bring now, the joyous heart.

Bring now, the sound of song.

Bring now, the soul so lost.

Bring now, those in need.


Take Me into the darkest hours of the darkest nights in the deepest storm, and I shall Light the Way.  Come you to Me, as I have come to you.


And you did ask:

What do mean the Towering Oak?

What do mean the Beacon tall?


And I do say you:

The Towering Oak do reach for heaven.

The Towering Oak do spread the branches.

The Towering Oak do be in bud.

The Towering Oak will spread the shade

And hide you when the enemy do be nigh.

The Towering Oak will bear an acorn.

And when the acorn do fall into the ground,

Then shall there spring forth, yet another Oak to Tower.

The Towering Oak do be old, indeed.

The young oak that do grow from the acorn to tower eventually,

Must needs put down its roots well, before it can rise up to gather any back.

The Old Oak do be gnarled and worn,

And they have cut into the side and wounded Her.

And still do She grow, and still do the buds appear.

And no matter how deep they cut,

She will continue to grow and to bear.

And even when Her time be done,

The Sapling will rise strong and tall,

And so She do continue.

Be aware!

Be aware of that Great Tree.

Gaze you well,

And find upon the deepening gaze

The meaning thereof.


And She did dream a dream, and the dream was good.  And it shall come to pass that in some measure the dream will become a reality.  Perchance, you will then know the meaning of your Emissaries.  Perchance, you will know the reason of your lack, the lack of the rising of Divine Purpose.


She do be Wisdom.

She do be the Keeper.

She do be the Daughter.

She do be the Beacon.


She did dream a dream, and She did come to the Mountaintop.  And She did see Me.  And I did speak unto Her.  And I did command Her to go down the Mountain, for She beheld My Glory.

Indeed, My Daughter, I have enveloped You in My Glory and I did grant You all Power.  So I did say You to go down unto the people and bring them My Word.  And because You have asked naught of Me, and have given Me Your True Love, I will grant You whatever You do desire, if You do come unto Me, in truth.

Speak with Me.  Say You Your dream, and perchance, it may be granted.  I have said, “You come; You unto Me.”  And I do await.  And I do bless You.  And I do say You, “Be!”


Once more, have you received the Gift Divine.  And once more, the Hand Divine did reach and touch you; and you did feel the shock of that Divine Hand.  You have been touched and blest by the Divine One.

Now, you must needs rise.  And now, must you put forth all that was brought unto you from the beginning of day until the end of day.  And every moment of every hour, must you become aware of the Divine…observing, hearkening, judging.  When you do, all of you, know this…then will you be entitled to be named Disciple.

My good children, you did have Divine experience.  You should be most ecstatic.  You should have more surety, more joy, more love than any other.  If you do know the truth of this visitation, if you, indeed, know the truth of Her Being and your own…then you have no longer to suffer the lack of Almighty Purpose.


Elijah do say you thusly:

Wise, indeed, is the Messiah of man.  Long have we awaited.  Now must all the books of all the times be reopened.  And the Writ will be again.  And new Revelations do come.  Be not afeared of my ancient presence, but rather welcome me.  I do bring you the good of man.


This Woman I have placed my mark upon.

This Chosen I have placed thrice.

This Holy One do I make Sacred.


This Daughter, the One Divine, do I present to you for man.  And do I now speak through Her, and will you hear in a most Divine manner.  And do I mark you also with Divine.  Your eyes do be open, and your ears do hear.  Mankind, take note.  A Daughter do walk, and in Her and through Her do dwell Almighty Divine, awesome to behold.


The world do sleep and the night do come to envelop all.  Fear not the darkness of the night, though sometimes it may seem darker and longer than other occasions.  Perchance, there do be purpose in its length and in its blackness.  For whether we know it or not, all of man do need darkness in which to hide.

For the light do bring a bright day, and in the light all is revealed.  Perchance, we do not wish to see the light, but would prefer the lengthening shadows.  And yet, why would man hide when they do be aware of the continuance of time of each unfolding day?

For eons ago, the Good Lord did speak into the blackness that was before Him.  Before the world was born, He did shout, pointing His Mighty Arm.  And He did say, “Let there be Light!”  And there was Light.  And in the revelation of that Light, God saw that what He had made was good…and that the darkness had held all His Creation.

For He did place the stars and the moons and the planets, and they did all bring Light, but not sufficient so as to reveal all that His sun did show.  For the sun was bright and the air was clean, and trees did sprout out upon the earth.  And cattle came forth.  And He did throw forth seeds to bring forth food.

And then, as He saw the earth, He saw that the land was dry.  So He put forth His Hand, again, and the seas did burst forth upon the earth, changing its face.  And rivers did flow and springs came forth.  And from the mountaintops, rushed pure water.

And the Voice of God was in the rush of it, as it was in the seas, as it was in the treetops, as it was in the face of every flower.  And the trees did bear fruit.  And the lands did yield up their good.  And so the man that then dwelt, lived in the Light.

And God brought forth a mate for man.  They did dwell naked together until the realization fell upon them that each differed from the other.  And then, came the deepest appreciation to their Creator…for in the difference of their beings, they sensed that they possessed the seed of all men.

And so, under the cover of darkness, were born the symbols of good and evil.  And evil dwelt in darkness, while good dwelt in light.  And from those eons past, do evil lurk in darkness, even in the dark of mind, while good must needs always dwell in light.

And so I say, “Come all ye who dwell in the dark, come you into the light; and see you Who do stand before you.  Do you not perceive that the Light do be upon the earth?  Yea, it do be among you.  Do you not know this?  Do you not comprehend?”

Open your beings to Divine. The Comforter has come, as I long since did promise.  The Comforter do be among mankind.  She do be in man, as God do be in Her.

And so say you, Amen.  Amen.   Amen.