Chapters 139 - 144


And I do bind up the sores of those who have gone before you.  And I bind them up in the Book of Life.  And I do say to those bereaved, “Grieve not, for you have not lost a loved one.  I have gained.”  And if the love you did bear the Beloved does be, in truth, then shall you be rejoined with that love in Eternity.  For there is no death, just a casting away of that which is useless, as one should cast away that which is of no use and of great hideousness upon this Eve of your New Year.

For once again, in the Judaic Faith do you have the opportunity given to man to cleanse you, your beings.  And this, a few of you may do, in truth.  And yet, I ponder, if indeed, many could see Me and hear Me, and I, Myself, do command them, “Cleanse you, your spirits.”  Would they?  We do know they do not. For, in truth, I did come to man, and, in truth, they did not hear and they did not see.  ‘Tis their loss.

I do pray you that you do not lose now your way.  For I Am and shall be ever so.  And those who have rejected Me, and questioned the tribulations and the deprivations of She, Whom I did specially choose, let them gaze well within, so that they may see their own failure.  They have cried out, “Why should this be Her fate?”  Yet have they not seen their own lack, their own greed, their own ego.  By the non-recognition, in truth, by their non-beings, bring the outcome of the past time.

But My Beloved do still be of pure Spirit, and though the negation of man do affect Her Being, I do still choose My Own, and I do say to those who have come and gone, and those who have doubted, “Seek within your own frailties.  Question not My lack, but your own.”  For yet shall She be removed, lest I do bring about new change.  The choice is theirs.  Do they reject Me, I shall reject them.



There will come the seekers, and you will explain…

This do be your Sari.

This do be the One.

This do be the Keeper of the Voice.

In Her, I Am.


And if they do gaze up and beyond they will know Her, and they will know Her Purpose.  And they will go or they will not go.  But doubt they shall not.  For She will grow in a great beauty, and She will Light the Way of mankind.

And into the pit of darkness do beam the Light revealing all the hideousness, yet all beauty.  And there shall come to pass a time when they do beg for the Voice when it do be stilled.


You do preserve for all men

Sari Bat Ya,

Keeper of the Voice Divine.


You will see many changes, many wonders, and you will grow in the greatest beauty.  You will embrace all who come.  For you will bring them, you alone by your own light, by your dignity, by the example of being, by the success as you multiply.

If you do be, all things will be.  There are no more words to be spoken, but you all do know.  If you be examples, the Ordination do come, the Ordination that be fitting your world in your time.  I must take you on faith.

And when they come, let them first hear Unifaith and its meaning.  There will be no personalization of the Girl that is used.  You must see to that Being.  In use, She must be Sari Bat Ya.  Be, each upon each.  The responsibility is individual.

Bring Her out.  Allow Her to be.  Allow Her to dwell.  She belongs to only One.  She does not belong to you, or you, or any.  She do belong to the One.  Ponder and let go.  Release Her.  Release the Dove that She may fly to Me.



We want the protection of the Keeper of the Voice to be more secure.  No one should be allowed within the proximity of the

Keeper, or who are not yet Disciples must be kept distant. You must, one and all, acknowledge Who the Keeper do be, and understand that the many, throughout the Revelation, do refer to the Divine Instrumentality.

If you are to convey to others, you must have more dignity, more Holy demeanor.  For they do look upon you as ordinary, and by this time you should be extraordinary.  When you do walk into the Abode, you do walk into a Sanctuary that is Holy.  For it will be your home so long as Divine do dwell, and it do be made most Holy.  When Divine would say you bring them, we did say bring them in the right manner and at the right time.  I say you patience, and yet more patience.

And I do say you encourage She named the Keeper to give of Herself to the One in all manner of ways.  And explain to all that whether they do know or not, Divine do come through these lips whether it be in gentle sound or forceful energy.  I do bring the Authority of Divine.  When the Keeper of the Voice do sit with Holy Books, even though She do read past revelations, She do still bring the Voice to man in your age and time.

For all has been brought, the disciplines given, the way shown.  She has been placed before you and among you for a set purpose.  If you are still unaware of the deepening gentleness and haunting beauty, and an apartness that has come through Her and about Her, then I say you must needs learn again.  For the One, Who was of innocent mind, and did be called the Child, is now, and ever will be the Keeper of the Voice.

You and the Disciples to come, will be the protectors of the Keeper of the Voice, and will know, therein, the awesome task and responsibility before you.  Take now your places about Her.  The time is nigh to bring Her forth.


My Son, Jesus, did receive inspiration.  In others, did I speak.  But, in the Keeper, does come the Voice to man.  And in that Voice, do be the Power.  And upon this Face will be the Glory.  And She will lead you to the Mountaintop.  For the time is nigh to come and be upon the Mountaintop with the Keeper, if She does discern that you are ready to receive further instruction in the Divine Plan.

But first must you all be.  First, must you all reflect.  First, must you all know the meaning of the Power beyond all shadow of doubt.  First, must you all know the Being within the Being.  First, must you all see the Keeper.  And first, must you all know the Voice.  Then will you be permitted to come to Me upon the Mountaintop.  Then will I reveal the furthering of the Plan Divine.  And then will you know Me, and will I show Myself to you, and will you know My Hand.

Now, I only await My Disciples… to walk beside Her; to walk, in truth; to go forth among men with the surety of My Presence and the awareness of My Divinity.

Let humility be deepened within you.

Let dignity of your beings grow.

Let your minds be still, and you will find Me.

Come you to Me, in truth and in humility.

Serve you Me, in truth and in honesty.

Walk with Me, in truth and with dignity.

Be you My Own, in truth with your whole beings.

I do say you,  Come!

I do say you,  Serve Me, so that I may serve you.

And go you forth, free of fear;

Knowing before Whom you stand, Before Whom you do be.

Be Mine Own.

Come you to Me upon My Mountaintop.

And you shall know Me.  And I will speak with you.

Come you to Me.

Come you to Me, as I have come to you.


I am a Gift to all men.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I contain the Gift of Life ever after.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I move across the lands.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I gave man mind.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I gave them sight.

I am a Gift inasmuch as they may hear Me.

I am a Gift inasmuch as they may know Me.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I am beside you.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I Light your Way.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I bring you Eternity.

I am a Gift inasmuch as I give you My Comforter.

In Her, I Am your Gift to all men, for all times, evermore.