Chapters 133 - 138


Raise Her up, My children, where She must be.

Raise Her up.

Now is the time the world do cry out in chaos, in sorrow and in strife.  Hunger will be rife upon the land.  The rich do wax fat, while the poor do grow weak.  There shall be a famine across the poor land, until She do rise up and take Her place among the mighty, when She shall cry out, “I Am The Way.”

It has been spoken that there will be havoc upon the lands, and it did come about.  My Words must go forth until My Love dwell among you.  Still do they fail to see Her.  Still do they put Her down.  Still must She suffer for the ills of man.

I have shown the Way.  I have told you to fear not.  I have asked you to serve Me.  Know you My Face.



In the beginning, came the living breath of the Holy Jesus and He spoke to Me thusly:

Blessed are those who walk in glory.  I come to bring Thee faith.  Blessed is every home where God dwells.  Blessed are the humble, for they shall find God.

I bless Thee, Child, that You may have strength to perform Your work.   Rise and be well for I have blessed You.  You are whole again.

You have been chosen for a high purpose, to teach the Word of God to mankind.  Through Thee, will I speak.  Through Your lips will come purity; through Your eyes vision, and through Your hands healing.  You have been chosen, Who has known as much suffering as I have.  You, I make Holy.  I bless Thee with all My Love, and all My Power to uphold God’s Laws, and to teach His Word.

Cast out all impure thoughts, ye seekers of truth, and thrust suspicion out.  Let pure love greet each day.  Sleep not with anger, but seek love and justice in all things.

And then came the living breath of the Almighty One, when He spoke these words unto Me…“I AM GOD.”

I want You to spread Your Love among the people of the world.  You are My Chosen Child.  I want You to emulate My Spirit for I am always with You.  You have only to ask and I will answer.

Chosen One, fulfill Your Purpose.  I will command You and You will obey as others have done before You.

Let all doubt flee. Ruth, I have spoken.  Heed My Voice.  Fear not, Child.  You are Love, even as I.  You will guide all through Me to bring the world awareness of My Mighty Presence.  They anger Me in their ignorance.


You do be a Son of Heaven.  There has been burden upon you, and you have borne…yet you have not cried out and cast the blame.  Now do it be the time for rich reward, but in the reward may come the sacrifice.

Cherish the Beloved of God.  Lift Her up, for surely the Light has been hidden much too long.  Turn once more.  Raise up your eyes, and gaze you.  Gaze you into the Light…for She do be His Light upon earth.  Let not that Light be dimmed evermore.


   Go you each and gather.

   Go you each with faith.

   Go you each with surety.

   Go you each with dignity.

   Go you each with honesty.

   Go you each with charity.

   Go you each with hope.

   Go you each with love.

   Go you each in the truth of Unifaith, embracing all men.

   Teach you God’s truth to man.

   Come to Her that She may bless you.

   Come to Her that She may wipe away the iniquity.

   Come to Her that She may uplift you.

   Come to Her that She may guide.


Know you the truth of your own beings.  Take out that which is unbearable before you and within you.  Cast away and beautify.  Remember the man who once did live, and yet, was born anew.

And think you, and behold you the One in your time.  And gaze you and revere, for She is but passing, as are you all in life’s short journey.  Take you the pleasures while you may, and if they be pure, in them shall you find the Spirit of the Almighty, which do dwell in the One.

Feast you and rejoice in the true freedom and take you the opportunity to free the spirit.  Know you the meaning of freedom.  Mark you to remember the absent ones, and give you shelter and care to those who have not.  Cherish you, one another.

‘Tis a Holy time that do come upon you.  You will see a new beginning as the bud do burst to flower.


Verily, I say unto you, “You shall know the Presence, and you shall know the Voice and you shall respect, and you shall heed, and you shall know the truth.  Hear Me.  Come back.  Come back.”

Verily, I say unto you that all shall be as I have spoken when you all do be as I have commanded.  You, who are of little faith and much confusion, know that Spirit is removed from intellect.  Know that the meaning within the Revelation do lie deep.

Gaze into each other, into the deepest souls, and you will find the reason of the non-being and the non-means.  For you were brought the greatest masters to show you each how to be that which was ordained…that you did choose to follow each your own paths, rather than the Foundation of what was to be.

There is naught to be condemned; yet, neither is it to be praised.  For all have choice, but few are granted what did come.  You cannot abuse the Gift Divine.  Put behind you the past.  When a sheep do be lost, should you not endeavor to find and bring it back to the fold?

Ask yourself true questions, and answer the questions in truth.  Demand your Queen, and She shall come back.  She will return to you.  Ignore the She, and you do lose all.  ‘Tis so simple, it does not take deep thought.

We do pray you to share these words.  Lift out their truth, and heed and do and be.


     I plea You heed.

     I plea You cleanse.

     I plea You purify.

     I plea You come.

     I plea You be,

     Now and evermore.

     And I will bless.

     And I do place

     My Hand upon You.

     Take from Your Brother…

     The gift of truth,

     The gift of love,

     The gift of humility,

     The gift of grace,

     The gift of clarity,

     The gift of judgment, and

     The gift of nobility.

     Be.  Be.

     Health be Yours.

     Prosperity be Yours.

     Long life be Yours.

     And so say You,

     Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


And so, I bless My Sister that She be multiplied exceedingly in love, in strength, in prosperity, in sharing, in loving, in purity.  And around Her, and around you, I will place a band of angels to guard, and if you do need, you will call and they will bring forth that you shall know a great good.  So Be It.


She did call and I did hear, and I do say you cleanse out the spirit and the human being.  Cast away that which do bow you down.  Fear not your truth.  Bring it to My Holy Child.

I command you, that you allow Her to be Holy, that you do bring back into you, your consciousness and awareness of My Holy Presence.  I say you, that when you have cleansed and returned to My Holy Purpose, all that has been spoke, shall be.

Cast away.  I did say that you be of great dignity.  I did say that She shall be served.  I did say you rise, and I do mean rise in all manner of ways.

Be.  Be all that I did choose.  I do not wish to replace any about this One Child, but if needs be, then it must be done.  If you do not now know Her Truth and My Truth, then I have been misguided indeed.  Go not in fear and trepidation, and you will see direction.