Chapters 13 - 18


I am the Almighty.

Chosen One, be not dismayed at the doubts of others.  Do You not at times doubt also?  Forgiveness I bring, as You bring My Love to the people.  I truly manifest Myself in You.  I walk once more among the people.  Each one is essential to My Divine Purpose.

Chosen One, I, above all, understand Your trepidation.  Fear not, for everything shall come to pass, even as I have spoken.  Heal, for My Power is flooding Your Being.  Let My Glory shine forth.


Again, We, the Emissaries of God, greet you.  We come to speak of the progress of the Chosen One.

The Child seems to be in periods of doubt and uncertainty.  “Tis easy to understand for We, too, have observed the general disbelief of the truth of the Almighty’s Presence, as He manifests Himself through Her.  But We know that every step will be so directed, that the people will come to know, eventually, that God once more is among His people, as in the long days past.

The Child, Herself, is not fully aware of the enormity of the task before Her, or the privilege of being an Instrument of the Almighty One.  Many times have disincarnates returned to speak with their loved ones or to bring forth knowledge to the world, but never before, in all time, has the Almighty said, “I will walk among My people in Her.  In Her, they will see Me; in Her, they will hear Me.”

He has spoken with many throughout time.  His Son, Jesus, knew well the Presence of His Father…and He gave to the world His Word…and He died in His Name.  He was a true Son of God.  He knew as a Child, that His was a most unusual destiny; and He was aware of the Mighty Spirit within Him…and He accepted with quiet reverence the Presence and the Knowledge of His Father, the Eternal One.  He denied Him not, as others had before Him.

In those days, too, they turned their faces from Him and bethought to themselves that He suffered from insanity…because He was a mild-mannered Man, a gentle Man, Who walked in peace and serenity with the beautiful knowledge within Him.

This Child, too, despite the doubts and inner feelings, will walk with serenity in the sure knowledge that the God within Her is the Almighty Father, who has sought Her out, without Her seeking Him.  She cannot escape Her fate, try as She may.  ‘Twill not be long before She quietly sits and looks around Her with a most supremely peaceful and ethereal expression and will say,  “I know His Eternal Presence.  I do not merely have God within, as others do.  He will use Me as He so desires, as He has told us, and I will no longer resist Him.”  Then, She will know Peace.

Even We, who dwell in God’s Realm, are enthralled beyond words.  ‘Tis rare, indeed, to have upon the earth, in your day and generation, another Holy Child.  Blessed, indeed, are those who surround Her; and blessed beyond words is She, a Glorious Instrument.  Our Spirits kneel before Her in all humility.

Our interest in this Holy Revelation is to help spread the knowledge of the Almighty and His Words, the way He appeared to the Child, and the way He is using Her.  We are concerned with the people of the world.  How they destroy themselves is their business.  To avoid destruction is the Almighty’s business.  It is His world.  He created it.  We are bringing to the people in it, God.  Let them take it or leave it, but it is He, in truth.

‘Tis the Almighty One, Himself.  His Hand is all about the Child.  She has had Her test, Her tribulations.  She has had Her fears.  She has had Her face turned away from Him, and said,  “Go.  Go.  Find someone else.  Find another who would be more willing, but not Me, I beg You.  I am content, for I have truly loved You all My life, but please leave Me.  For how can I, a mere Girl, say to people that the Almighty is using Me?”

And He said to Her,  “Little One, You are Mine.  I have so directed that You, and You alone, will carry My Voice to My people.  And in You, and through You, will I walk among them once more.  You cannot escape.  I will forgive Your doubts, Your tears and Your turning away, if You will turn to Me and say, ‘Father, I give Myself to You in My Entirety’.”  This, She will do at long last.

She is a perfect young woman…perfect in being, perfect in mind, and perfect in a love so pure, that all who touch Her Life become enveloped in it.  She is no longer an ordinary Child.  As much as She would change this condition, She cannot.  As much as She would say, “Why Me?”, She must go with God.  This is to be as long as She is a Holy Instrument.  Nobody who is touched, in truth, by the Almighty can any longer be regarded as an ordinary mortal.

We ask each of you to search your deepest hearts and know if, in truth, you will walk by the side of the Child, knowing that you go with God Almighty.  You may not know where you go, or how or when.  It is dedicated beings that we ask to be around Her.  Each of you, likewise, will look to Him and say,  “Father, I give my all to Thee.  Show me the direction You want me to walk, and I will walk Your Path.”

If you feel you cannot endure the unknown, ‘tis the time now to admit this.










These things are all I ask of My children.

This I decree:

That those who are to bear the Emblem of the Almighty, will live by these Words, spoken through My Chosen One.


We come to greet and rejoice with you this day, on which long ago, was born Jesus, the Christ.  We have observed your tender remembrance of this day.  We are well aware of the great love which is pervading your hearts, and we share with you the expression of good will toward all men, not just for now, but for always, for every day of every year.

‘Twill even be more joyous to know that on the birth of each new day, you will remember to give love to one another, and when this happens, you will know that each one of you is celebrating a Christmas.


Each time a beautiful thought is expressed,

and a beautiful deed is performed,

‘tis a Christmas.

Each time a beloved expresses his or her love,

‘tis a Christmas.

Each time a friend is a friend, in truth,

sharing the deepest love,

‘tis a Christmas.

Each time a lonely soul receives a hand outstretched,

‘tis a Christmas.

Each time a little child is shown the way,

‘tis a Christmas.

Each time a mother looks upon her babe,

and beholds him for the first time,

‘tis a Christmas.


Keep your hearts uplifted.  As you walk and as you ride, look about you and comprehend the beauty of creation.  Do not let the smallest leaf, the tiniest blade of grass pass unnoticed.

Hearken to the tiny birds.  Watch them on the wing.  See them in flight, and let the joy arise within you.  Look upon your world in happiness.  Take within your deeps all beauty.

Allow none who is grieved go without your effort to comfort.  Lift up their spirits.  Be at peace.  You are loved, in truth.



I, your Lord God, ask that you now form a group, and call it,  “THE DISCIPLES OF THE ALMIGHTY”.  I have brought many of you together for a purpose.  Each will know his place.  Child, You will gather all about You, so that I may speak.  I must convey to the others their Mission in My Name.

I am a proud Father, My children, for I know that My Voice will again be heard…and the world will go on.  Love must envelop the earth, or it will perish, as it did before.  I will observe each one, even those not yet in your midst.

Go in Peace.


Chosen One, I have revealed to You a Shrine, wherein My people may come and speak with Me.  It shall be of white and gold.  I shall direct You when it is to be built.  It will be begun when the people are ready.

I am observing many I have presented to You.  If they prove worthy of My Presence, they shall be named Disciple.  None other but You shall wear My colors of white and gold.

All I have spoken shall come to pass.  Go in Peace.