Chapters 127 - 132


I have heard the cry of My Daughter’s Spirit on your behalf, and I do embrace you with My Grace.  But I do say with absolute finality, that those few of you who do have My Pearl among you, and in whom I have placed My Trust, if there be not a true obedience to every law brought to you, if there be not observance of each holiday, if there be not obedience to each Holy Emissary that I did bring…then shall they be cut off, and the Oak shall remain barren of branches, and I shall bring about the removal of My Child, My Treasure among you.

And you shall not gaze upon this Face.  Neither shall you hear this Voice.  Neither shall you know Her Peace.  Neither shall you warm in Her Love.  I am a Merciful God.  I am an Almighty God.  I am a Loving God.  Yet shall I show My Wrath if there be not My Ordination on earth.

My Little Queen do stifle to Her bones, and My Breath do be almost pushed out of Her.  Within the deeps of My Pearl do there be great pain.  Within the deeps of Her Mind do She know great guilt, for She do feel the blame be Hers.  But I do say Her, “Nay, My Child, only your frailties do be Your Own guilt, only that which has not been brought forth.  But when We are alone, are We not as One?  And do You not suffer yet at the blasphemy of those about You?”

‘Tis their failure, My Beloved, that they be yet deaf and yet blind, and do not yet acknowledge My Supremacy in You.  Nay, they do not acknowledge that You do be Divine.  They do take for granted My Gift of Love in You.  They do be enwrapped in the pettiness and the temptations of mortal men.

That which you have conveyed did plant a seed, but the growth be stunted here and there, for like the leaves untended that do wither and die, so the seeds of Divine do not bring forth the inner shoot, for they do not retain the food of love with which the Mother do feed.  They do belch it back and vomit it forth and only a particle do remain.  For the words do be many, but in deed, there is little evidence of that which I have sought.

You have a grave responsibility.  I have spoken of My Wrath, and mankind do be gathered into the ball that do roll downward.  And the time is nigh when My Reckoning shall come.  And I said you, “Note the disasters.”  And I have said you, “There shall be no peace upon the earth until you bring to Me My people, until you do raise your voices in a great shout, and the Sword of Mine be do raised high, and Unifaith do cover the face of the lands.”

Mine Own Beloved Daughter shall be raised high.  She shall not suffocate and wither among you.  Her Beauty will shine forth.  Her Voice will they hear.  Her Radiance will be revered.  For in Her, I AM.  And through Her, I do speak.  Within Her, I do walk.

Though, at times, She do hide Her Voice in deepest sorrow and tortured anguish, I do say you, “Pay you heed ere it be too late.”  For you do not yet live in truth, and I have observed much sin among you.  No longer do we say you will be, but I do say you, “Be not, and I am not.”

I do bide in Her.  In Her, shall I remain.


Give Her back.  Too long had you claimed Her for your own.  Give Her back.  Come you to God once more.  Make the Almighty your center, so that your course may, in truth, begin.  Too much sin has been cast upon Her.  Too deeply have they entered Her and wounded Her.  Give Her back.  Cast away that which does not belong.  Allow the Regal One to live.  She, who was is not, and yet She is.  Give Her back.

Claim not the babe, but allow the Holy One to live.  Let the radiance come forth once more.  Allow the gentleness to purvey the Being.  Place your minds not so much upon words, but upon The Word.


     Let there be shared joys.

     Let there be songs of praise.

     Let there be deeds of love.

     Let there be days of gladness.

     Let there be nights of peace.

     Let there be upliftment of spirit.

     Let there be loftiness of purpose.

     Let there be love abounding.

     Let there be friendship pure.


Those who have sinned against Her shall bring forth their own punishment, for in the severity of Her discipline, will they know the deepest lack.   For though one may achieve in your realm the frailty of material things, those who know not the source of their good, will stumble and fall without Her.  And their achievement will be as ashes in the mouth and bitter shall be its taste and lonely the soul.

You have all forgotten Her Purpose, and you have put Her aside as if it were safer that way.  And She, in turn, has utterly despaired and cried forth within Her deeps, “I cannot show You.  I cannot desecrate.  I shall not bring forth.”

Her words are unheeded.  Her Love is abused.  And we do say you, again, that the time has come for penitence, the time for meditation, the time for purification, the time for reflection, the time to know, and the time to find your own truths, for they are within.  And upon you, does rest the responsibility of a Most Holy Being.


Blessed are they that do recognize the Presence so awesome to behold.

Blessed are those that do give thought to a higher power.

Blessed are those who do remember the humble man,

Who was murdered for the Good Lord’s sake.

Blessed are those who do raise their voices in songs of praise.

Blessed are those who give love where love be needed.

Blessed are those who succor the poor.

Blessed are those who do comfort the bereaved.

Blessed are those with compassion for the aged.

Blessed are those who do acknowledge the high truths

and obey God’s Laws.

Blessed are those who do bring forth the teachings of

One Faith, One God, One Truth.

Blessed are those who do acknowledge the True Divine in your time.

Blessed are those who do raise up the banner of the Most High.

Blessed are those who shall protect Her while mortal.

Blessed are those who will share their good, for it shall be multiplied seven times seven, and seven again.

Blessed are those who do open their eyes.

Blessed are those who do heed what they hear.

Blessed are those who do walk erect.

Blessed are those who are without vanity.

Blessed are those free from false pride.

Blessed are those who give thanks for humble things.

Blessed are those who greet the day with joy.

Blessed are those who embrace the night in love.

Blessed are those who acknowledge the Gift of God.

Blessed are those who teach to men that God can never die.

Blessed are those who teach to men the meaning of everlasting life.

Blessed are those who devote to Her their time, their food, as I do bless each who do give to Her what My Disciples gave unto Me.


Love you one another that you may truly belong to the One, Who has provided the Brotherhood of Man.  So She will bless, so will She bless again; and if She do come before you with the hand so upraised, bow you the head, so that you may feel the power.

So say you Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


The Day of Sari do soon dawn.  Wherefore art thou?  Have you gone to the Altar?  Come you to raise up a Queen?  Or come you to bury the Girl?

Acknowledgment of My Wisdom in My Chosen must be.  Those who would disclaim Her, I do put down.  As they do honor Her, so do they honor Me.  For in Her, I Am.  In Her, I do be…if you do let Her be.


 In Her Gaiety, I Am.

 In Her Compassion, I Am.

 In Her Loving, I Am.

 In Her Giving, I Am.

 In Her Grief, I Am.

 In Her Comfort, I Am.


All these things have they seen, have they heard, have they felt.  Yet still they know not, and they care not, and they seek the Girl.  Yet the Voice do be, and Wisdom do be, and the Comforter do be, and the Beloved on high do be.

Whence may Her Spirit rest?  Whence may Sari live?  Whence may Sari be upheld?  Whence to be esteemed?  Whence to be the True Beloved?  Look to you, that you may be as white as driven snow, that your soul reflect the Light of God wherever you may go.


Peter, I do cause My Face to shine upon you.  I do place the blessing of My Hand upon your head.  The Lord is One.  Praise you His Name.  Do you be Peter?  Do you be My Rock?  Be you that which I have asked.  And upon you shall I build.  And upon you shall there be a great, great tower.  And I shall multiply you exceedingly.  And those who have scorned will gaze up with much wonder.

The son who did return to Me of recent days, I did raise him up, but you also shall I raise up upon My Right Hand, if you do be unto Me that which I have asked of you.  When I do say you go forth, be not afeared, but speak you of the Brotherhood of Man, as I did instruct.

Teach mankind to love them one another, and to live in peace and in dignity.  Tell them that they are all one to Me.  Tell them that they shall become as dust upon the earth and go back from whence they did come, but the spark that is My deepest mystery shall return.  Live you, then, in the surety of My Presence.

I pray that you allow My Most Beloved to unite, once more, as One with Me.  Bring back Her Mind to the heights We once shared.  Bring back the sound of the music, the voices raised in song, and the joining together in Spirit that once We shared.

A humble man did walk and did become great, and was renowned in death.  Many, many times has this happening come to pass; and so will the happening come to pass many, many times over and over.

You do speak your love for Me, and I do know your truth;  but the deed of your love must I see.  Raise up the sword.  Show the people My Chosen Child.  Purify your beings.  Blend your souls.  Raise up your eyes.  Gaze you about, and become aware once more of My Spirit.

Fear Me not.  Love Me deep, for I do love you.  For your devotion to Me shall you reap rich reward, shall you know My Protection, shall you share My Great Love.  So do I bless you.  So do I anoint you.  So do I grant you Peace.


When men do learn that they do be white and brown and yellow and red and black, when they do learn that the colors do blend and harmonize, as do the colors in a rainbow, which does spread across the face of the earth, and does give forth to man a great, great beauty…so, then may mankind, perchance one day, come to the realization that all the colors of man may live in harmony.

When they do learn that in any event, they are created in the same manner, and of themselves, they are granted a full lifetime, which is still less than a puff of smoke.  Therefore, to realize the waste of their energies in the war upon one another, in the greed, in the coveting of their neighbors’ good, in black revolting against white.

Let him who is white, know that he has no domain over a man of a different color, but only upon the beauty of the field.   And let the black man know, that when he does attain his place, he must also assume the responsibilities that will come of making the world a peaceful place in which to dwell.

To each man who struggles to raise himself upon the earth, as with the blade of grass that comes through the concrete, there is a responsibility that grows with newfound position and power.