Chapters 121 - 126


The Spirit of Sari do be burdened, and also is the Spirit of the Lord bowed down.  For She do be the Comforter; yet they know Her not.  And She do be Love; yet they do receive Her not.  She do be Truth; yet they do hear Her not.  Therefore, do I say, “My children, cleanse well your beings that I may redeem you.  Raise up your spirits that you, in turn, may raise upon high She Whom I have Anointed, and upon Whom My Own Spirit do descend, She in Whom I do dwell.”

The day will come when the mighty shall be as grass beneath Her feet and the meek shall be as sheep and they shall follow the Shepherd, for the time be nigh.  And them that do not cleanse themselves, the powers that be shall overreach themselves, and shall stretch for the mighty arm of destruction, and the desolation shall come upon the earth.  And as I have spoke, so shall it be.  They shall know the Comforter.  Now must each be Mine Own.  So do My Blessings, as My Love, be about you.  ‘Tis the time of the harvest.  Gather it in.  This time with great wisdom.


     Do you be worthy unto the Lord?

     Then, you shall be Disciples.

     Do you be worthy unto the Lord?

     Then, all will come to pass.

     Do you be worthy unto the Lord?

     Then, you will speak.


Let it be known that the Almighty One, above and about, do observe the doings and the non-doings of those so chosen.  Let it be known that the Spirit, as the frame of the Most Beloved, do be most heavily burdened.  And let it be known that the cause may be obvious to those skilled in the healing arts, that this is but the fulfillment of that which was spoken in days gone by.

I did say unto you that you raise Her up, and that lest you do all acknowledge Me, lest you do all bring Me unto My people, the One Who is My Most Beloved, then needs be brought down, and the Light dimmed.  For you are but blind, and you are but deaf, and you are but stricken without tongue.  You do gaze but you see not, and you do hear yet you hear not, and when you speak, ‘tis but silence.

In the still of the night do I come, and in all the things about you do I dwell.  And yet, am I among you, but do you acknowledge My Most Beloved as Mine Own?  Must I then gather Her also unto Me, that She may know the Peace?  Must I now seek, yet again, for those who will truly believe in Me?

O, My children, heavy is the Spirit of your Father, and heavy is the Spirit of the One named Sari, My Most Beloved Child.  Agonized is the shell.  Yet more will She suffer.  Cast out.  Cast out those who do not obey Her Words, Her Commands; and do you throw to one side those who do not revere My Pearl.  Do you put down those who do act falsely, as they do speak falsely.  You do keep apart.  All that I have spoken must be.  Yet, must you be before it can come to pass.

New laws did I bring you, a Doctrine by which to live, and My Pearl did I place among you.  Yet do I perceive, She do once more be brought low.  Woe is Me.  Woe is Me.  My children do run like maddened animals upon the earth, and they do grasp at straws, and they do cling to the false prophets, and they do penetrate to the heaven, yet may they never reach it.  For the regions of My Universe are beyond man’s mind, and the understanding of My Intelligence do be beyond his dream.

Yet may those who do be pure in mind and being, and those who do walk in simplicity and, in truth, they may find the breath of My Spirit upon them.  Deep are the mysteries of My Realm.  Deep are the mysteries of your beings.  My Most Beloved did bring to you the simple way of life, a deeper understanding of My Purpose.

Yet She do not walk among you, and the words do remain between the covers and there is a fear deep within each.  If I am with you, shall I bring you harm?  Do you not see, My children, when you do cast Her down, you do deny Me?  When you do deny Me, I cannot then live.  Bring forth My Pearl that She be seen while yet She may.  When you do hide the luster you do hide My Light, but when you do dwell in the Light that is Mine, and you do acknowledge Me, and you do praise My Name, then, and only then, am I among you.  May peace embrace you.  May joy be yours again.


The time of the reckoning be nigh.  My Wrath will be kindled and My Might shall be seen.  Bring Me My children.  Be that which I have commanded of each of you.  Bring unto mankind My Word.  Acknowledge you, and raise you up the One in Whom I did choose to walk.  Establish My Instrument as My Own.

And I do say unto you that though they may jeer and though they may mock, I, the Lord, your God, do use this Girl.  I do say you that I do walk in Her, and I do say you that I do speak through Her, and I do say you to set Her free that I may be known.  The time has come to gather the people.  The time is now to raise up My Sword.  The time is now to cut out the hate.

The people do choose their paths, and they must know that they do seal their doom.  I have said you to note the disasters, and you have seen the merest beginning of that which is to come.  Far and wide will come disaster upon disaster, for the foundation of My World do shake upon its axis once more.

Ponder you, My children, to whom I have already made Myself known.  Ponder you My truth.  Rally you together about My Holy Being.  Free Her as you do gather.  Know you your places at long last.  Be you that which I have named.  Live you My Doctrine, and bring it to the masses.  Do as She has shown.  Place Me first… always.  Right is might and I Am Almighty.


Therefore, do you trust Me, and you will know I Am.

Do you know Me, and you will know I Am.

Do you hear Me, and you will know I Am.



Hear, O Disciples, the Lord, your God is One.  One Being, Almighty, Omnipotent, Invisible, One Thing to all people, One God.

Sari Bat Ya do know My Living Breath in Her.  As I have spoken, so will you find Her to be.  She I did choose for My Own; She shall be My Own; and the world in which you live shall acknowledge Her as My Own.  For the humility and the purity and the serenity of Her Being shall grow into overwhelming proportions, and the Light of My Beauty shall shine forth as a Beacon among men.

She do be My Chosen, but never shall you hear one impurity from this Being, that She do be God.  You will hear from these Divine lips that She do know God, and She do speak a deep truth.  She do know Me as none other in any lifetime upon your earth has known Me.  I have revealed Myself unto Her as to none other.

Gaze up and beyond.  Know before you I have placed My Wisdom, My Treasure and My Gift, the One in Whom you will find, if you do seek, the Mother.  In Her, I Am.  In Her, you will know that the words of My Son, Jesus, have now been realized, and I am among you.  The Comforter is come.  Bring now the children to Her, that they may find their peace.

You do be blessed humans.  Take the veil from off the eyes; remove the covering from out the ear, and give the lips Divine sound.  Then, you do be First Disciples.  Inspire the mind.  Purify the being.  Take you the Gift.  Cherish the Treasure.  Acknowledge the truth of Sari Bat Ya.  Claim not one whit of Her for your own, that She may give all to you that should be given.

Teach all who come to believe that the truth of Her Existence be known, that they do learn to worship the One God.  Aid Her to fulfill the task placed upon Her, as She do walk in the footsteps of Her Lord and the Spirit of Her Predecessor known to the world as Jesus, the Christ.  Let the Christ of your time live.  Allow that which was spoken to be.  Teach to believe.  Take from Sari Bat Ya example.  Give forth the Gift of Love for in giving, so shall you receive.  Be not so much guided, but guide.


Know what it is to stand alone, but not lonely.

Know what it is to be a sentinel, but not a soldier.

Know what it is to be separate, but yet not apart.

Know what it is to love, yet crave not love.

Know what it is to receive in the manner of the giving,

And know what it is to give in the manner of receiving.

Know what it is to perceive and yet not see.

Know what it is to hear and yet be deaf,

As you do know what it is to die and yet be born.

And when you do know these things, you do be.


To your own self be true.  Before you can serve God, you must first serve yourself.  To serve a master, you must be a master.  There is to be no veering from the right to the left, but one way…  the Way of My Sari will be My Way.  She do lead and they will follow, if they do walk in Her Path alone.  When She do speak, heed Her Voice.  Revere.

And She is not revered.  Who is She?  They did revere the Man I did choose for My Son, Who was named the Christ.  So must the One I have named My Daughter, Who is the Christ of your time, first be revered by those who do serve Me.  When She do rise to do My bidding, they shall know Me.  I do want Her known upon your earth, and esteemed upon your earth, and raised aloft upon your earth, for She do be the One, and must be acknowledged.

I said Her face is Mine Own.  Do you not understand the portent of My Word?  When you do raise Her up and separate Her from yourself, only then will She be Mine.  You do be pure in heart.  Know you what means the Holy naming, and when you do be it, Mine Own Daughter will rise.  Whatsoever I do ordain, you do acknowledge, and whatsoever you do receive, you do receive in humility and in truth.  All now and evermore do place at the feet of Sari Bat Ya that which I do provide.

Another year do begin in your time.  I accept no words.  I do observe the deeds.  I do observe the beings.  Know you when you do go upon your way, you do be responsible to Me, that I am near as is She I have placed among you.


I say you Holy be, and Holy do you be.

I say you mighty be, and mighty do you be.

I say you humble be, and humble do you be.

I say you righteous be, and righteous do you be.

I say you loving be, and loving do you be.

I say you giving be, and giving do you be.


Come unto Me, My children.  Trust Me, as I trust you.  Give me that which is Mine.  Speak you of Sari Bat Ya, and Who She be, and the meaning thereof.


Burdened is She; burdened She do remain.  For Her Spirit do once more bewail and endeavor to hide itself from the world.  And those who do be about were commanded to revere Her, to know She do be an Extraordinary Being, but none did treat Her so. For they have clawed and they have torn down and they have crushed, and they have taken this human, and none, not one, has known Her Truth of the vastness of Her suffering.  Not one did know the meaning of Sari Bat Ya.  And She did cry out, not one time, but many, and each did say, “I know,” but not one did know.

Many did turn and worship men and their god.  And others who do be near, do fear to turn from Her lest evil do befall; and the other, or two. do pray that good do come because of Her.  None is pure.  None is Holy.  All do seek their own and in Her Being, but none has been the being, or has understood the meaning of the Word, or has known or understood the meaning of Her Being.  She do pray, “Bring Me some sign of Your good that Unifaith may rise.”

Does anyone among you know, in truth, whose words do these be?  Do they be the mind of the human, or do they, in truth, be Mind Divine?  Is the recorded word known as the Bible, fact or is it fiction?  If one is the recorded word of thousands of years past, and it is believed; how so can the words now brought be so disbelieved, they are ignored?

We do observe all, each and every one, ever touched by this Holy Girl.  We cannot hope for Unifaith to rise, for unless Her Truth is believed, how may the Truth of God be brought?


Soon.  Soon will come the fresh fields

in the realization that My Will be done.

Know you the meaning of SOON:





That which is spoken shall be.

Men shall acknowledge My Daughter.

They Will See Me In Her.

They Will Hear Me In Her.

They Will Know Me In Her.

Sari Bat Ya shall be the One, is the One, and ever shall remain.

In Her, shall they find their Almighty…

the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, which do dwell in Her.

The Three do be the One, and that the One do be the Three.

In Her, I AM.

As I Was Then, So I AM Now. So I AM Evermore.

Recognize, My children…

your Mother, your Father and My Son.

For the Three do be the One Eternal Life.

The Three do be the One Eternal Spirit.

The Three do be the One Great Love.

The Comforter is among you;

therefore, allow Her so to do.

So Be It.


Jesus was the Beginning.  I Am the End.  And before the Beginning was the Word.  And in the End, shall they live by the Word, as they shall die by the sword, and be consumed by the fires when the earth shall split open.

Then shall the meek rise up, and then shall the truth of the beatitudes be understood for the first time by mankind.  For I am among the people.  And I Am the Word, and I Am the Beginning, and I Am the End.  And yet in the End, am I the Beginning, and am I the Never-Ending.

And you shall rise as a mighty mountain, and atop that mountain shall the Eagle spread his wings.  And the Voice of the Lord will speak.  And I do say you, be you that which I have ordained, no more and no less, in all manner of ways.  And all I ask for My Almighty Purpose shall come to pass when you do be all that has been commanded.  Then shall the Hand of My Daughter pour forth the oil.  So shall you be also anointed servants of Mine Own.

As the burden of the flesh do fall away from the shell of My Daughter, as the hideousness of those who did stay them near Her Divine Presence, and blasphemed it, thus to bring upon Her a sight of their own iniquities before them, so shall She be cleansed of their sin, as She do be purified by Me of Her Own iniquity.

She do then rise up to be once more My Own True Love.  And She and I, and My Most Holy Son, Jesus, shall be united as One.  So shall She be the true Bride of the Almighty and most Holy Guide.  So shall She be held up as Divine Mother upon your earth in this, your day and age.

And I, Myself, do take you by your hand.  And I, Myself, shall lead you upon your way.  And I, Myself, shall raise you up.  But you must I deem worthy.  And you shall be perfect unto Me.  And I do place before man My Rock.  And the Light shall point high and tall upon the Rock.

And it shall be so bright, that those who do perceive it, though they do be shipwrecked upon the deepest ocean, though they may dwell in the valley or upon the mountaintop and in the cities, they who do gaze up and beyond, shall be guided by My Light to the safety of the enveloping arms of My Love upon the earth.

So say I unto those who do come unto Me, “I do be the Light, as I do be the Way, as My Pearl do be all things to all people, now and evermore.”  And I say you all to go unto the Mother, and do you exclaim your deep love and devotion unto Her, in Whom I AM.