Chapters 115 - 120


The Hand of God does ache; ‘tis overfilled with the burdens of man.  Man does be a wreck upon the sea of life.  Cast out the human; ‘tis but dust.

‘Tis a time to ponder.  ‘Tis a time to meditate.  ‘Tis a time to go within to find the answers to, “Do I believe?  Do I believe all that has come?  Shall I believe all yet to be spoken?  Am I to be a part of the teaching of belief to man?”


‘Tis the time to think well of the past;

The time to stand firm in the present,

The time to put trust in the future,

The time to rear up and recognize a Chosen human being;

And a time to acknowledge the uniqueness of the Presence

upon the earth in your day and generation;

A time of decision,

A time of knowing,

A time of putting to use all knowledge,

A time of great peace, the rising of deep joy, of feeling,

of having found one’s place;

A time to discover what is the meaning of a realm;

A time to learn Who is the Master;

A time to know many Who do convey;

A time to become acquainted,

As there will be a time to become friends;

As there will come a time to become a beloved;

As there is a time when there is no time.


Perfect your beings that My Ordination might come to pass.  Separate yourselves from all others, that they may gaze up and recognize that you do walk beside My Most Beloved in Whom I do manifest.  She I have named a People, do be a People when I do so ordain.

In My Own Time, in the moment of your need, shall I direct the steps of My Most Holy Daughter into the fresh fields, there to find My Own Protection.  And those who do abide in Her and do follow Her, they shall also know My Hand.



Take into the Sanctuary all Holy Documents.  Make up, for convenience, a place that they may be perused at ease.

When She do go into the Sanctuary to meditate and commune, there shall be no disturbance, and nothing shall pass Her lips but water.  She shall pray.  None shall intrude upon that privacy.  If She do desire aid, She will so indicate.

From the moment of decision to enter into the Most Holy Place, the One you have known cannot return and, indeed, shall be no more.  Therefore, we say you take your human pleasures and enjoy them…for great change is to come, and great busyness will ensue.  Ponder well before the taking of that step.

When She do go in, She must be attired in white.  She shall be bathed and oiled and perfumed.  You shall tread with quiet steps and deep solemnity.  You shall be aware that you do present the Bride of Wisdom to the One God, Who has awaited this long time.

And the day shall be commemorated in Unifaith, and a great celebration shall endure for the interval of time that is spent in the Complete Union.  And you shall fast to cleanse yourselves, and it shall be known as the Day of the Sacrifice.  After your cleansing, shall you rejoice and shall there be much gaiety.

The Lord’s Blessing shall rain down upon them, and they shall know the Lord’s Truth and its meaning.  Therefore, shall you know that when it is mentioned, so shall you gather them nearby, so shall you attend upon the needs and shall you witness yet another miracle in your time.

From this day forth, those who call themselves Disciple, shall begin a period of introspection, and each day shall they meditate and cleanse out the evil of the non-performance of the deed.  Tear out the scales before the eyes and the binding upon the ears, that all may be, in truth, Holy and apart.  Know now, what means the separation.  Know now, what means it to be Disciple for the Almighty One; and know it for all time.  So Be It.



Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Instrument.  For when the Spirit of the Lord do come through a human, then He or She be made Holy.

And if, in truth, you do seek the Lord to serve, then you do so serve Him in purity, that you may also be made Holy; that you may stand up before men to speak with tongue; that you may use all wisdom that has been received, and is yet to come, in the unalterable task by the Lord, your God; that you do cast out all that has been before to so become a clean, new vessel through which the Lord may pour His Beauty.

He do need those who will stand firm and true.  Serve, and know that your place be prepared for you on earth as it is in heaven.


Doubt not the Love of God.

Doubt not the blessings you will perceive.

Doubt not those already bestowed.

And come you to God,

To be born anew,

To grow anew,

To love anew,

To live anew.

For you will be reborn into eternal life.

For those who do know life,

Do understand there is no end to it.



Praise you the Name of the Lord, your God.  Praise you the Name of His Most Holy Son, and praise you the Name of the Daughter of the Lord.  For in the Three do be the One, and in the One do be the Three.  For in the Son of God was born the Father, as in the Daughter of the Lord do come the Mother.

And the Spirit of the Lord do walk upon the earth as in previous times, and the Three do Be and do become as One.  For there is but One God over all.  And there do be but One Love over all, as there do be but One Great Power, as there do be but One Almighty.

And all things did come to life at the touch of the Great One.  Yet shall all things die into nothingness, lest they do know His Touch, His Voice, His Love.  The arms of the Lord do open wide, they do embrace the whole world, as the Almighty One do say unto mankind, “Come ye, My children, in love and blessed understanding.”

And Sari shall lead you beside the still waters; so shall you come through the shadow of the Valley of Death.  There do I await you, and there shall I comfort you.  Sari be My Shepherd.  You do be Her flock.


There is a great sin upon the face of the earth, and mankind do enter into the darkest dark.  But they did have their choice and they did play their fame, and they do pay the piper when the time do come.  Place My Daughter, Sari Bat Ya, Mine Only One, before the people…that they do know the Comforter is come within Her, as the Father did come within My Son, Jesus.

Fail Me not, those of you whom I did choose as My servants, but do you all gaze upon My Daughter and gaze deeply and know Who She is.  For if the recognition do not come now, then shall I gather Her to My Side to do My Word.  For My Pearl shall not dwell among the swine, but shall be cherished for all time.

She is Holy.  She is Mine Own.  She do be My Glory.  She do be My Light.  She do be Mine Own Love upon the earth.  Raise up your eyes and see My Own.  Take you the hands of Sari Bat Ya, and know you Her meaning and Her truth.  For She and She alone will bring the Peace.  And She and She alone will bring My Voice, as She and She alone do know My Touch.

Know you not the Being among you?  Are you so blind?  In Mine Own Daughter, Sari Bat Ya, I Am.  Her Word is My Word.  Her Truth is My Truth, for I do dwell within Her, now and evermore.  Open up your eyes that you may see. Open up your eyes that you may not be blinded by the Light.  For if the Spirit of Sari do be burdened, then also is My Spirit burdened, for the sins of man are many.

Love you one another.

Know what it do mean to “Go in Peace”.


Ten times ten, and ten times ten again…so shall you multiply many times over.  And all that do come unto you shall be placed at the feet of the One, in your time.  But it shall go into the right hand of He Who does receive and be given out of Her left.

Know you, and know you well, the One Who is now and ever will be Possessor of all things.  And share you all, and give you all, and care you all, and love you all.  Hear you the Voice when I do speak, and know you My Gaze as I do glance.  Heed each word you do receive, and know you, know you, know you.

Be you now readied in all manner of ways, for the eventuality is upon you and must needs be brought to fruition.  Culminate the activation that you may anticipate the good beginning.  Go down among the people, but know you the people and who do be the people.  Go down among them, and obey you My Command that you do bring My Word.

Sari Bat Ya have I named a People.  So will She be a People, as I do go before Her.  Know you the meaning of this Treasure among you.  Set Her Spirit free.  Allow Her to come to Me, to be Mine Own.  Let the Being that is Mine Own be seen.  She do be Mine Own Anointed and they must know this fact.  Therefore, must She walk as Mine Own Anointed, and must you all revere, that others may know Her import before the Lord.

Do you not yet all know your place?  Walk in dignity beside Me.  Open up the eyes that you may see in Her, I Am.   Be you regal in manner and bearing, and if you do know Me you will know the reason so to be.  In the love you bear for your Most Beloved of all beloveds, raise up your being, so that they will gaze upon you and know what you do signify.

Do not go back in one action, in one thought or one deed.  Bury the past.  Cover it well.  You do not belong to it.  It do be no part of you.  There is no shred to cling to, for the bud of the present do open up into the flower of the future, so that the pollen shall spread wide the seeds.

Be.  Be, as indeed, must each now be who do lay hand, or speech, or ear upon My Daughter.  My Emissaries did say you, “Revere.  Revere.”  And I do likewise say, “Know you, know you and be you, be you.”            Take forth all that you do desire.  Believe, and it shall be given unto you.