Chapters 109 - 114


And the Lord do say to Her, whom I have named a People, “When the time do happen upon your earth that I do walk before You, as I did go before Your forefather, Jacob, then You, Sari Bat Ya, and those who do follow You shall lead into the fresh fields where You shall find shelter.  And it shall become the place aforementioned.  Because I did seek You out and did name You, My Own Daughter, it shall be named ‘Sought Out.’”

For I did come to My Son, Jacob, and I did say him, “You shall I make a People.”  In like manner, have I come to My Daughter, Sari, and to Her have I spoken these exact words.  Those She do lead shall become the Children of Sari, Who will dwell within “Sought Out.”


Mine Daughter did feel a quaking of Her bones as My Spirit did come down upon Her.  Yet once more do I speak, to attest yet more strongly of the Lord, your God, your Father and the King of the Universe.  I it is, and I alone, Who do use the frame of Sari Bat Ya.  I, the Lord, do speak to you through My Anointed One.  She, I have named Mine Own.

Those who do doubt Me in Her I have named Holy, shall I cut off.  My Spirit do be weary of the denial I do hear in the hearts of men of My Own Existence.  My Spirit do be weary of the denial of love upon the earth in this your time.  My Spirit do be weary of the hypocrisy I do behold in the heart of man.

When the time do come that I do raise up Sari Bat Ya, and I do go before Her, those who do follow Her shall know My Revelation.  Purify, therefore, your beings.  Cleanse out the filth that does accrue since the time of birth, and cast away into the dung pit all that which belongs.

As pure as the first blanket of snow must you be before My Spirit, lest I shall permit none to follow this Holy Being.  Enforcement now must come of the obedience to My Laws, for when they do enter the Holy Order of My Disciples in the establishment of Unifaith, do I alone command and direct.  And My first command do be the purity of their spirits and their beings.

Their eyes do be open, yet do they be blind.  Their ears do hear, yet do they be deaf.  My Portals do be before them, yet do they cry at My Gates.  And they do beg and they do plead and they do implore Me and I, in turn, do hear them not.  For they shall not enter, nor come near My Kingdom, lest they do know the meaning of Sari Bat Ya and My Revelation before them.

The sea shall rise as the fire do consume and the air be fouled, and the people do choke upon their breath.  So shall the earth be lost within the oceans, but the wicked shall writhe. And they shall gasp and they shall know the true agony and they shall cry out unto their Lord for His Mercy, though they knew not My Mercy, when I did bestow it so generously upon them.

The blackness of the night shall descend, and Sari Bat Ya shall be the Light to rise when She do become My Beacon in the darkened world.  My Own Beloved did cry out unto Me, and I did hear Her cry, and I do come.  And I have embraced My Own Beloved, Mine Own Anointed One, and I have enveloped Her in Mine Own Love.

And I do say Her, “Be, My Child, be.  Raise up a proud head and the great dignity, and go forth, My Blessed One, in regal splendor.  Assert Yourself upon the earth now as Mine Own Chosen.  All that will You be for Me, so must You be, as I have ordained You.”

I do know there is much yet to be achieved within You and about You.  Yet, all will come if You and they do be.

Establish beyond the shadow of a doubt My Holy Order.  Your position in Unifaith does be at its head.  You do be the Mother, Who do bring forth all.  They who do surround You, do honor and revere and give unto You their all.

O, My Chosen One, You do be My Love, as You do be My Pearl, as You do be My Daughter, as You do be My Queen, as You do be My Beacon, as You do be My Power, as You do be the One I did choose above all the peoples as Mine Own Anointed. And I did select, as I do still select, all who do remain near You.  Lest they do be all as I have ordained, so shall I remove You from their sight.  And yet shall You fulfill Your task upon the earth, if You do be.

Rise You up, My Holy Daughter, knowing as You do know, that I am the Lord, Your God, King of all the Universe.  And I did place Mine Hand upon You, as I did place Mine Hand upon all who did come before Your time to do My bidding upon the earth.  Fear not the opinion of man, in the surety of My Being upon You and within You.

Now must She cut away each from about Her that She be free.  I do demand Her separateness.  I have said She should be apart, and She do be hence forward apart.  Not one individual shall I allow to come close to My Holy Daughter.  She shall be so disciplined that Her Love shall not be given to any one individual. Her Love shall be contained within the Pearl, not outside of it, for they do be unworthy.

And a glimmer do glow, and then be dimmed, and the Love abused, so shall it be removed.  The Light shall be darkened.  The shadows shall be great upon it and about it.  Then let them wail and cry out, “Why did this happen?  How can this be?”  Let them find their own reply.

I do observe My Daughter do be weighed down.  My Spirit do be heavy.  But great will be the weeping when the gaiety be missed.  Black will be the cloud that do come down.


Sari Bat Ya must be a Holy Being if She is to convey Holiness and the most Holy Spirit.  No ordinary human may be the recipient of the Holy Spirit of God.  They may think they receive, but He cannot dwell within an unholy frame.  He cannot be permitted to come among the unclean beings.

He did choose certain humans for His Own use, who failed Him most dismally, who refused to know the Omnipotence, the Awesomeness of the Happening.  The dung pit awaits the uncleanliness upon your beings.  Much there is yet to clean.  Much there is yet for you to acknowledge.

How many times has it been spoken, “You shall know the Lord, your God, at any time, in any manner?”  And, if you do know the Lord, do you gaze upon Him?  Did not the Lord say, “I shall speak in Her Voice, not one thing shall be changed?”  Have I not said, “It is difficult I know, My children,” and how difficult you do not begin to know, for Sari Bat Ya may begin to speak and then I do enter.

The gentleness of Her Being is My Own.  The authority of Her Voice is My authority within Her.  The wisdom She do grant, so generously, be Mine Own.  I have spoken, and I have said, “Revere, honor, gaze up unto the Mother.”  For I Am both in Her.  You did know but the Father until I did bring to you the understanding of the use of a female frame, and My Spirit in the form of the Mother.

Who is the Comforter of your time?  Do you think that the human being do be the Comforter?  The more I do see of your present time, the more I do observe the lack in man, the more I do realize the less I should give.  And yet, because I Am Love, I do go on granting more and yet more, but I am not blind, neither am I deaf.

Remember that this human being is now Divine.  Therefore, when She do speak the most casual word, heed with care.  Let not one syllable pass you that should be noted, but lost forever.  Remember My Words.  Know My Truth.  Know each one’s purpose and your place, for I do use each one of you in your turn for My Own need in whichever manner it may be.  But know that you are Mine.  If you do know that you are Mine, then you, in truth, do know Me.

All of you, who do be the recipients of My Daughter’s Love, do have blessings enough for your lifetime.  Know you My Kingdom.  Know you your Queen.  Be you an entourage.  Be worthy of that which do be Me.  Ask and it shall be given unto you.  Give and so shall you be given.  Speak and the words shall come to you.  Hearken that My Voice be heard.

I have spoken of the things to come on behalf of My Purpose.  Lose not sight of the fact that My Cause do be your cause, but one cannot be without the other.  My Daughter do see the failure of man to heed, and do ponder this fact deeply, for lesser men have risen and built great followings in a shorter space of time.  Yet My Own Beloved do speak My Own Truth, and only the few do heed.  I do observe.

I did say you I do fight them with their own weapon.  The battle do soon begin, but you must know ‘tis indeed a weapon, and it is to be used to conquer, not to be conquered.  Remember, there will be great evil within the weapon, ever as there is great good.  But I did create man to know both, good and evil, and I did give the freedom to choose.

Therefore, do I now remind you that you do stand in the very core of that which I did create.  And it will take balance, integrity and unswerving devotion to My Being.  I have brought into your lives many spirits, some old, some new, and all be bound up, if My Daughter do see and do hear.  Bind Her not so tightly to that which is inconsequential.  Let Her return to Me.

I do demand Her separateness from mortal men.  I have told you She will know not friend as you do know.  They will cling as leeches upon Her life’s blood, though upon the surface we do see their good.  Still do they cling.  Still do they draw.  Still do they not revere.  Still do they not acknowledge the mysticism before them.

They do all destroy Her Divinity by demanding so much of the human.  Her Spirit do fight to come up, yet it do be so heavy-laden, though the smile will always be.  Do you not observe the change, upon She I did name changeless?  The task upon Her is a great one.

I do have need of staunch, true Disciples who shall not waver by Her side.  Now must they come to Me, but She do be the One before Whom they must qualify.  Your time do speed away, and each one’s time upon the earth does become less for My task to be performed.


I have said you that:

My children shall know no lack.

My children shall share great love.

My children shall receive extreme riches.

My children shall protect the needy.

My children shall build My Tower.

My children shall be uplifted.

My children shall see divinely.

My children shall speak with tongue.

My children shall be My servants.


And no man shall be their master, when they do serve their One God.  For I alone do be the Master of all My children, and they shall know Me, or they shall perish.  Wax not fat in the shadow of My Wing, but allow that which I do bestow divinely to flow through you, to produce that which I had ordained.

Sing you My praises.  Place My Pearl before the multitudes.  I will strengthen Her for My Purpose.  Soon shall you reveal My Treasure in all My Glory.  I do guide your whole existence.  Not one whit shall you change the course of the events before you, except by your misdeeds and thoughtlessness.  Therefore, shall you obey each and every command.

My Child I will strengthen.  My Child I do embrace.  My Child I do uplift.  My Child I do cherish.  My Child I do demand You now to come to Me.  Be You, My Own, that We may be One, now and evermore.


Fear not, for naught that is ill shall befall you.

Doubt not.  Let the surety of the Word of the Lord become a reality, in the actuality of the happening.

Obey all.  Let the readiness so long awaited be upon you, that the unworthiness of your beings do fall away in the revelation of the beauty that shall surround the Pearl.

Know you one truth.  There do be a Pearl of pearls among you; that the oyster do now be open, and, therefore, must reveal the Mother of Pearl; that if you shall be clean, and do reflect the light, then, and, only then, may the Pearl be seen in its natural setting.

Each who have received a name in Holiness do bear a marked responsibility for the Lord, their God, and they do live in mortal sin unbeknown to them in the non-fulfillment of their beings, in accordance with the Holy Laws brought forth.

Either you do be or you do not be.

Either you do be Holy or you be unholy.

Either you be worthy or you be unworthy.

Either you do be clean or you do be unclean.

Either you do give all or you do give naught.

Either you do be disciplined or you be unruly.


There do be a solemnness and a mysticism in your midst.  Because of the lack of each, there is an air of apologetic questioning for the existence of the beauty that is the Pearl of all pearls.  Whereas, by this time there would be no question, there would be no air of apology, there would be no doubt as to the right to speak, there would be, but the beauty.

Lest they do acknowledge, in truth, the Divine significance of the Pearl of pearls, lest they do acknowledge, in truth, the mysterious Presence in the time and day in which you do dwell, She shall be removed evermore.  And a great void shall come upon each, and a running hither and thither, and a veil of darkness shall fall, and a great bewilderment surround.  But in the obedience to the Word, all shall be as has been spoken.


Obey the Doctrine.  Read the words.  Heed you the Voice.  Forget not the task.  Take you the step in the way I have shown.  Gaze up and beyond.  Turn not away from the Lord, your God.  The Lord has said, “I do dwell among you, and in Her shall I live.”

Burdened is the Most Holy Instrument, burdened, but not bowed.  Within Her deeps, dwells the most beautiful Being; now afeared to come forth.  Dull not Her mind with mundane things, so She may not give thought to Her One Lord.

Yet at the same time, do She always give Herself to Him alone.  Always within do She repent and do She bewail, and She do pray in silence.  And He do heed the suffering, and He do know the pain, and He do see beyond that which the eye do behold.

I did bring great blessings and a great good.  I did bring a unique Being, and they did all turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and a running tongue.  Be not among those so filled with guilt, but come you to Me in purity and a true love for My Being.  For I do need you as you do need Me.

Blessed be She Whom I did choose.  Blessed, indeed, do She be when She do once more acknowledge Me and give Me Light.  Let forth your love and give unto all.  Fear not this day.  All is to come.  Give unto Me which is Mine.  For as I have spoken, so must it be.


Only by the deed of giving can one receive.  Only by the deed of loving can one be loved.  Only by the act of dying can one be born into eternal life.  Give unto Me that I may give to you.  Come unto Me that I may come to you.

Gather together those who did call themselves Disciple to Me, and take out their words of dedication upon a previous day, and read them aloud, and let the words fall where they may.  For there is great sin among those who did speak the word, but the deed is still to come.

Those who have blasphemed before their Almighty One, they shall know the most dire fate.  For those who did touch even the hem of this most Holy Being be most blessed.  And those who do know their blessed state in the presence of Wisdom, shall go on to know the deepest revelations and the highest achievements.

There have been those who do speak and clamor for that which is false and does contain the hollowness.  For I do still demand the unstinting and endless giving, and the completeness of sacrifice before Me.  There can be no thought of self when you are Mine.  There can be only thought of My Purpose, My Being in your life upon the earth.

My Wrath will be mighty and My Flame shall sear to the bone those who do now cast their eyes upon the golden calf.  For I do see all, and I do hear all, and I do know all.  And, inasmuch, as I have now once more embraced My Most Beloved, She, also, do know divinely all things.  Trust in Her, as you do trust in Me.  Know Her, as you do know Me.  For in Her, I Am.  Wisdom is Her name.  And I did place Her upon the earth for a set purpose.

Grow, mighty Oak, and cut off the branches that do wither, that you may give new life, new limb, new leaf.  My Good do come in many a mysterious manner.  It shall vanish as the rain into the earth, lest it be used solely in My Purpose, and Unifaith do rise as the tallest mountain.

And so shall you stand before My Holy Spirit and shall you once more kneel and pray.  For the sins do be great upon you, and they do rest as a heavy, heavy burden upon the One, Who do bear the sins in your time.  Therefore, I do say you to cast away that She may give Light, that She may raise up that regal head, and that fair form may once more radiate forth My Glory.

 Speak With Love.

Hearken To Wisdom.

Give Unstintingly.

Heed My Voice.

See My Truths.

See My Light.

Behold My Glory.