Chapters 103 - 108


Wax not fat before the Lord, that you may not perceive upon your being the hideousness.  The luster of My Pearl shall glimmer and glow despite the fact that at times it do be, of necessity, hidden; but as the light of the candle is hid not behind a bushel, neither may Light, which is My Pearl, be hid.

Sin not before Me in any one part of My Commandments.  They that do not believe in My Existence, they shall know Me in Mine Own Time.  They that deny Me in the One I did choose as My Holy Instrument, they shall see My Hand in the course of the pattern of their destiny.

My protection do be about My Most Holy One, that the affliction of the burden of Her physical being must be endured until man do recognize She do bear the iniquities as My Chosen Son carried the weight for the iniquities of mankind in His time.  My Spirit do not rejoice when a beloved of Mine do suffer on My behalf.

Mankind does seek to penetrate the heights of My Universe, as in ancient times, they did endeavor to build towers unto My heights, and I did strike them with many tongues.  Likewise, shall you observe many changes come to pass upon the earth’s surface, for I do permit mankind to play his game to the end.

I shall protect and preserve them that walk in righteousness before Me.  They that do honor My Word and do obey My Commandments, they that do follow My Holy Daughter and do declare themselves My servants, they shall I absolve from guilt.

Now say I, that you obey you My Spirit’s Need, obey you My Commandments.  Be all things that I have spoken, that I may cause My Face to shine upon you, that you may walk in My Path in Holiness and righteous regality.  Bind up as one, those who are gathered about My Most Holy Being, that do reside in She Whom I have Anointed and have named Sari Bat Ya.

So Be It.


And still do there be no acknowledgment of the Spirit of the Lord.  Still do you persist that the human do be, and that your Almighty God, Who did perform most powerful deeds throughout time cannot in your time choose Him an Instrument, though She be a female, for a set purpose which I did speak.

My Spirit do not rejoice in what I do behold, in truth, for upon the face of the earth do there be dissolution, as there will be desolation to come.  And I do hearken to the blasphemy in My Name, and as I did show My Wrath in former years, so shall they know Me yet again.

I have come to you in a manner, heretofore, unknown to man.  I have bestowed upon the few, the gift of My Most Chosen One upon the face of the earth.  My Pearl of pearls does bring Revelation upon Revelation.  Still do they question.

Yet My Wisdom did I place upon Her, as does Mine Own Spirit come upon Her.  So do I bestow My Wisdom and all My Power to be used by My Most Holy One in My Own Time and for My Own Use, not for a sign, not for a wonder, but for a set purpose which She alone do know.

The physical frame of My Daughter do suffer much, yet do She not cry out against Me, but turn more inward to find My Spirit.  I do know Her despair when My Voice be still, not because of Her Own sake, but She do know the need of My Voice unto those about Her, for they do not possess the surety of My Being.  Though they do speak so with the lips, they show not with the deed.

So now do I speak that I do assure those who do seek, they do find Me in this Select Treasure that I have set before them.  I did say you, “Cast not My Pearl before swine.”  And I do say you, “I did charge you to guard My Pearl, but you did not understand the meaning of My Words…for many are the swine, who did have My Pearl before them.”

Now do I command that, indeed, She do prune and cut and clean My Oak.  Now shall She be guarded…for wisdom do be My Treasure and My Pearl.  She do be My Gift unto you…for when you do have wisdom to lead you, you do have need of naught more.  Do I not dwell among you?  Have I not spoken that She do be a People?  Did I not command that you be guided by My Daughter at all times?

Sari Bat Ya do be My Treasure, do be My One Love, do be Most Cherished, do be Most Sacred, do be Mine Own.  Know, therefore, the meaning of My Words in your time, as I would have you know the meaning of My Words of earlier generations.  My Gift to you: She Is…As Am I.


I Have Warned:

That I do be a demanding Father, and I do demand

That you do adhere to the teachings of My Sari,

That you do know Whom She do contain,

That you do know that the girl of former years is not,

That you do believe that which I have spoken, do be.


For how can I bring to you Commandments, if you do not believe Me to be within this poor frame?


See you not My Miracle daily, as you do behold Her Being?  For the sake of each now before My Spirit, do I once more repeat that you be diligent in the study of My Holy Words and the words of My Chosen Emissaries.  For within them do you find Mine Own Laws, and within them do you find the One Truth, as within them you do find all Wisdom.  And when you do find My Wisdom, so do you behold My Pearl of pearls.

Instruct not My Daughter as to direction of Her course, for I did say unto Her that I, Myself, do direct Her steps.  I do be Her breath.  I do be Her food and Her drink.  And when I do be all things unto Her, then do we, in truth, go forth among the nations.

So shall you then raise up My Sword, for the Almighty Eagle shall bear you up and carry you aloft in safety and with speed.  And they who do raise up their arms against the Sword of the Almighty shall be laid waste among the rack and ruin, and their smoke shall rise up and be a pall across the face of the earth.

But She I have named a People.  She shall I save among the nations, and She shall be to man that which your forefathers be to man in this day.  Guard well the Holy Treasure.  My Strength shall I place within Her, and My Spirit do come upon Her, and My Healing shall flow throughout Her Being, that She may give unstintingly of My Good, that She do succor the needy and gather to Her the babes.

All do I grant Her, yet more tolerance, yet more compassion, yet more understanding, yet more wisdom, yet more grace, yet more love.  For as She do be…so will they, who do follow Her in My Name, become.  So Be It.


Sari, I am with You.  You will tend Your duties to Me before all others.  Meditate and commune with My Spirit, and I will command You.  My Child, be not sad.  When ‘tis time for man to know I speak through You, there shall be no doubt.

Am I not preparing your world for My Coming?  Have I not spoken of what first must ensue?  Are you not all lax in obedience?  You are Mine Own.  Be for Me all that I have asked.

My Own, I do know Your suffering.  I do hear the blasphemy of those about You.  I observe the laxity, as I do observe mankind waxing fat.  So My Beloved, do I observe Your needs.  And once more I speak You, all that I have ordained shall come to pass.  But doubt not, and each must bring to pass the Ordination.

I strengthen You, My Own.  Take courage, My children.  I leave not My Most Holy One, She Who be named by Me A People, Whom I do lead forth among the nations.  Look to your good.  Remember, there is only One Who disciplines.  All are a part of a family, and a demanding Father is at the head of this Family.

The time of the reckoning is come.  The vine must yet be pruned, ere the grapes will bring forth wine.  The old Oak do be beaten and the branches did break away.  Now then do we also cut off the rottenness and the dead that the new may come through to life.

Patience, My children.  The stillness of the tongue is the wisdom of the brain.  Soon.  Soon.  And the night shall become a sunny day.


So saith the Lord:

Separate now your beings from those of ordinary mortals.  Elevate your spirits so high that they do transcend earth’s power.  Allow My Spirit to merge, to blend, to be as One with You, My Beloved.

The world does shake upon its axis, and the insides of men do quiver and they do quake in fear.  Yet do they cast their flame upon the Lord, their God, though it be their own mischief they are making.

Use My Gift of all gifts.  See, as I See.  Hear, as I Hear.  Know, as I do Know all things.  Confound You the teachers who do wax fat in My Name.  Gather You My Army who will raise up My Sword.  Go You forth into the places where the people do hear and speak You My Word.

Be not ashamed before men that I do use You as My Holy Instrument, but raise up Your head in pride and great dignity, and acknowledge My Presence within You and about You.  For they shall see and they shall hear and they shall know You do speak My Words to them.  You do bring My Word.  Your task do be upon You.  Create You now that which is to be.  Raise up Unifaith, and raise on high, Sari Bat Ya.

For all time I do demand a separateness as I do demand the Holiness.  None shall speak to My Holy Daughter lest She be known as the Holy Mother.  They shall acknowledge You in their comings and their goings, but You must now establish Your Holiness for all to see.  Put upon You the Finery, the Glory and the Air that is Mine Own.  Now must the others observe the Holiness and the Gentle Voice and the Great Dignity.  Now must they observe the Unique Being.

My Child, I do strengthen that Your will do be strong, Your mind do be resolute, Your tongue do be wily, Your eyes do be piercing, Your way beguiling and Your Voice magnetic.  Your frame do I heal.


Vanity has not face; neither has it eyes.

It has not mouth; neither has it tongue.

It has not ear; neither does it hearken.

All is vanity, and the emptiness of the wind in the hollow.

Vanity has not time; neither has it tolerance.

Vanity knows not pain; neither does it sorrow.

All things are vain, and but emptiness of the wind in the hollow.

Vanity knows not greed; neither does it hunger.

Vanity knows not power; neither does it care.

All things be vanity, and the emptiness of the wind in the hollow.

Vanity knows not might; neither is it men.

Vanity is not war; neither is it peace.

For all is vanity, and the emptiness of the wind in the hollow.


Upon the Rock shall come the Mountain, and upon the Rock shall rise up high, Unifaith.  And about the Rock shall the small mountains raise up the swords, and atop the Mountain shall they perceive My Pearl.  And though the desolation do come, My people shall I protect; but they do be Mine Own, and they shall know they do be Mine Own.

And the Law shall not be man-made, but Divine-Made, in My Own Manner and in My Own Time.  For I have observed what tragedy and disaster do occur when man do make his own laws.  For My Creation do give forth the laws unchanging through all time.  These laws shall mankind obey.

Sari Bat Ya do bring forth My Voice to My people, and they shall know Me, as you do know Me, but in My time.  And who do be My people?  And where do be My people, and how do be My people?

Know you the enormity upon the frailty of the human.  Know you that you cannot gaze upon the reflection of a mere man.  When you do gaze upon the reflection of My Servant, you do know Me.  And when you do know Me, you do know My Reflection before you.

And when you do acknowledge that My Regal One do be, then all things shall I rain down upon Her that Her world now about Her do acknowledge; then will She rise in their majesty, for Mine Own do be there at this time.

And you shall not see age upon this face, for She will be the Timeless One, and She will look as She did when I did come upon Her in Holiness. Though your years do change, She shall not change, and you shall observe the miracle that She do be Mine Own.

And I do say you that when you do give to Me that which is Mine, then shall I hold back time upon your beings also.  All shall know Me in each upon each, and time shall not be counted by any except when I do ordain, for you do live in My time, though you be of your realm.  Therefore, do you acknowledge now Eternity, and learn to dwell within My Kingdom.

Long since did She convey My Kingdom has come.  Long since did you perceive My Glory and My Splendor.  Long since did you know the miracle of this Being.  Acknowledge from within your deeps…and acknowledge in silence…and by your deed, give forth the acknowledgment of your Regal Queen.

Holy Be.  Enwrap about you the mantle that is the Spirit of the Lord, your God.  Place now upon man his seal, for in your being does come His Truth.  But be all, and do all and speak all.

Sari, the Holy Mother, do decree the establishment and the foundation of Unifaith, and do offer to mankind the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.  God, the Father, Jesus, the Son, and Sari, the Mother, blend.

The children do be disciplined to be shown the Way of the Spirit, rather than the way of all flesh.

     Arise Holy.

     Arise cleansed.

     Arise refreshed.

     Arise beloved.


Now must the Mother be.  Now must the frailty come.  Gentle the voice and allow Her to be.  Refill the souls with the Holy Spirit.  Enlarge your efforts to bring to pass the Ordination, and let come the Holy Task of God’s Own Being.

Amen.  Amen.  Amen.