Chapters 1 - 6



In the year of the Lord God, King of the Universe, 1961, came the awareness of the Divine One to Me and through Me.  For I who was, am not and I who am, do be named by He Who is Almighty, Sari Bat Ya. I do bring not My word, but the Words that are the Pearls, that are the Wisdom of God.  And I do speak not in My voice, but in deep humility, the Voice of the Lord, our God.  For I of Myself, have no mind; neither have I tongue to bring forth the wisdom or the beauty that you do behold in the Revelation of this, our time. For as He spoke in the beginning throughout time, until the last recorded words of the New Testament, which were added to the recorded words of more ancient times, to become the acknowledged Bible, so does the Lord once more speak.  And being pure of Spirit, the Most Perfect Omnipotent Being, He did point His Mighty Finger upon My humble, ailing frame and He did say, “She, I choose.” Inasmuch as I am aware of My Own unworthiness of the presence of the mighty blessings of the Lord, I do not argue with the Holiness and the Divinity of what has become to Me and mine, what will become to man, a continuation of the Holy Bible.  For the words contained herein, do be the Revelation of the Lord, our God, in our time. When Sari do speak, in all truth, the Wisdom of the Most High One do pour forth.  And so must the pearls be cast before swine.  For the many who will believe in the truth to be brought them, so many will disbelieve, as they do believe all the truths contained in the Holy Book, from the beginning until the crucifixion of God’s Last Instrument. It is to the teeming millions, who do believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit of the Lord, Sari do speak.  And She do share with them all Holy Conversation recorded since the awareness of the mysticism of the overwhelming enormity of the happening of the Coming of God to man in this our day.



In the beginning, came the living breath of the Holy Jesus and He spoke to Me thusly:

Blessed are those who walk in glory.  I come to bring Thee faith.  Blessed is every home where God dwells.  Blessed are the humble, for they shall find God.

I bless Thee, Child, that You may have strength to perform Your work.   Rise and be well for I have blessed You.  You are whole again.

You have been chosen for a high purpose, to teach the Word of God to mankind.  Through Thee, will I speak.  Through Your lips will come purity; through Your eyes vision, and through Your hands healing.  You have been chosen, Who has known as much suffering as I have.  You, I make Holy.  I bless Thee with all My Love, and all My Power to uphold God’s Laws, and to teach His Word.

Cast out all impure thoughts, ye seekers of truth, and thrust suspicion out.  Let pure love greet each day.  Sleep not with anger, but seek love and justice in all things.

And then came the living breath of the Almighty One, when He spoke these words unto Me…“I AM GOD.”

I want You to spread Your Love among the people of the world.  You are My Chosen Child.  I want You to emulate My Spirit for I am always with You.  You have only to ask and I will answer.

Chosen One, fulfill Your Purpose.  I will command You and You will obey as others have done before You.

Let all doubt flee. Ruth, I have spoken.  Heed My Voice.  Fear not, Child.  You are Love, even as I.  You will guide all through Me to bring the world awareness of My Mighty Presence.  They anger Me in their ignorance.



And so did another of God’s Emissaries speak thusly unto Me:

Many truths will be revealed to You in the near future, those not to be found in books already written, but truths of the Almighty, Himself, will be delivered by You as His Blessed Instrument.   Let Your first lesson be that God is Love Divine.  Hear His Voice when He speaks to You in those moments of doubt and fear.  He is found in the quiet mind, and You have that quality. ‘Tis a high place You are earning in Our World.  We come only to those whom God directs, to prepare them for their life eternal.  Be patient Child, and God will reveal all to You in time.  You were selected for Your work before You were born.  Teach to believe; to inform is hate.  To the seeker of truth the first requirement is patience and then, a heart receptive to the things of the Spirit.



And then the Giver of the Laws says unto Me:

I come to give You understanding.  I, above all, know the torment in Your mind.  God is awe-inspiring.  Therefore, Your Being, humble of spirit, must be assailed by fears and doubt.  God must be obeyed.  There is no choice.

Soon You will be asked to speak the Word of the Almighty, even as I was.  Trust Him to know Your true worth.  I understand Your doubts and disbeliefs.  For did not the same doubts afflict Me many years?  Verily, it was not an easy task to bring His Word to My people, for they would not believe.  I heard God’s Voice and chose to ignore Him, but He manifested Himself in Me, and they could no longer doubt.

Child, hear Me now.  An Almighty Purpose is before You.  Be not full of fear.  I heard God’s Voice, and I went up to the Mount.  There I meditated and He spoke with Me.  He, it was Who commanded Me, even as He has commanded You.

Many of our people doubted His Words, for I was a humble Man and simple of speech.  But He gave them proof to show His Wrath.  They denied Him many years.  My heart was sorely troubled, for I knew the truth, and they wouldn’t heed Me.  My Child, be not dismayed if men doubt.  God will show You, His Will, even as He did through Me.



We, the Emissaries, continue to speak through this Girl, for God has so directed, and He must be obeyed.  Therefore, it is not for us to question, but to do to the utmost of our ability, and to give the good we have to all men, be it through these hands or through this mind or with these lips.

We continue to use this Girl.  We work upon Her the miracle of healing.  We place in these hands a mighty power.  We come to help Her to understand the mystery of the Spirit.  Wisdom shall flow to this Child, that She shall see what others cannot see.

Many generations have come and gone since our Lord granted this power to a mere human.  ‘Tis an immense task that this Girl has to perform in His Name.  Soon, a gentle quiet will fill a room upon Her entrance.  She will bring peace and great joy to those whose lives She touches.  For it shall be Almighty God, Himself, Who places in Her hands the power to heal, and in Her mind deep wisdom, and upon Her lips pure words.

We pray that the blessings God has bestowed upon this Child be carried out to all the world, and will return to God, Who gave it unto them.  Although She is an ordinary young woman, the Almighty has ordained that She be made extraordinary.  She has no choice.  This She will learn in His good time.  Though there be trial and tribulation, there will be great rejoicing and deep reward.

God has said to Her, “Give Yourself to Me.”  The moment He and She are One, He will evidence Himself throughout Her Being for all men to see.  Her future is beyond man, and though She may enjoy all earthly pleasures, She will rise so high spiritually as to be almost unattainable.

There has been doubt within Her, as there is doubt in all of us in our time.  It is the hardest thing for those upon the earth to be face to face with God, to know that He can speak with any, as we are speaking with you.  ‘Tis hard enough for human incarnates to believe that spirits live on.  How may we expect this Child to accept the fact that God, Himself, has come to Her?  Her mind says, “Why Me?”

Many who doubt will say to themselves, “Why not me?”  For deep within all there is the hunger to reach the Almighty.  It is not easy to reach Him, the Mighty One.  It is easy to speak; it is easy to think; it is easy to pray, but to believe within the depths of your being, to have the faith that this Child was born with, to have the pure Spirit that burns within Her…this is not easy for the Lord, our God to find.

There are those who know and love Her, who are reached by some invisible ray that comes from Her to them.  This ray is Pure Love of God, granted to few, desired by many.  Let each of you come to Her in his own way and in his own time, for the truth will evidence itself in many ways.  Remember that She is a Blessed Child, and though She chooses at times to ignore this, we, of the Spirit World cannot.  We have given Her to the world through Almighty God, our Father, to serve His Purpose.

There will be those who will deny Her, they may even ridicule within themselves, but She is not upon trial.  God has asked Her to accept Him.  Others must do the same.  Enough have already seen evidence of God’s Presence to know that the Child has a rare gift.  She is a True Instrument of God, and must not be abused.  And so we say you, Believe.  Believe and Love Humanity.



Know you that I am the Lord, your God…that I am Mighty in My Wrath, that you shall not doubt, that you shall love one another and that you shall pray for My Forgiveness.  I have observed your world.  What I have seen causes Me great pain…for I created a wondrous world so that you may live and multiply.

I, the Lord, your Almighty God…I bless you that you may be strong, in truth, in Holiness, and to impart My Word unto others that they may not see destruction upon the earth.  All men are My children, not one more than another.  All are worthy, for did I not create each in My Own Image?

This Child I bless.  I give unto Her a power to use, to bring unto Me My people.  She must not doubt, for truly it is I.  I have spared Her for the Almighty Purpose.  It is a great task I have asked Her to perform.  I will send to Her all the help She may need…but She must believe…for how can She spread My Word to My people if She, Herself, cannot accept Me?

I know that She has true faith, and that the doubts in Her mind are put there by Her fellow men.  She will see Me.  Yea, She will hear Me, as others have heard and seen Me.  If any had doubt, let it now be cast out.  Truly love one another.  This is all I ask of you…for I am a Merciful God, and will forgive anything except doubt.  I am the Divine Spirit.  Love My Name.

My Child, I know that I ask much of You.  Trust Me.  I shall reveal wondrous things to You.  You will give to the people of the world proof of My Mighty Power.  Do not doubt, Child.  I, above all, know that the task I have commanded You to perform is, indeed, a difficult one…but it must be as I have commanded, for My people are lost and must find Me once more.  None shall roam if You will guide them.

I shall provide You and all who follow You in My Name with abundance in all things, so that You may spread My Word upon the earth.