Chapters 49 - 54


My children, come to Me in the manner designated by My Pearl.  Do the deed, the performance thereof, and not the promise.  Do unto Me as you would have Me do unto you.  I await.

I desert not My Pearl, but love Her most tenderly.  But you I await, My children, no longer to beg you to speed or be diligent, for you are aware of truth.  I have commanded and shall be obeyed.  Upon you depends the Purpose of your Almighty Father.  Bring to fruition that which I have granted, so that My Purpose may commence.

My Pearl will perform all things envisioned in My Most Holy Name, so that all who bear witness of the Presence will know before whom they stand.  Be My Worthy Disciples.  I have given My Only Daughter into your keeping.  Also, have I cast the Pearl before swine.  Therefore, must you lift yourself to Her elevation, for the swine know not the Pearl and their bellies wax fat in their gluttony and ignorance.  Much swill will they swallow ere My Voice reign among men.

Walk among men with upright head but not stiff-necked; with haughty glance, but humble, erect in bearing, but not as a soldier; gentle of manner, but fierce as a lion; soft of voice, but determined in direction; with love for the poor, regard for the rich and eye to eye with those mighty.  Go forward together as one.  Emulate My Priceless Pearl, whose love for Me, I have felt in the silence of Our Communion, and I rejoice.

Be at peace, My most dearly beloved ones.  Show Me to mankind.  Be you as one, the exemplification of your Father and King.  Know Me.  Cleanse you your souls.  Prepare you the way for My Coming.  Open you your eyes and hearken.  Look well upon My Pearl at all times.  Let My Glory shine forevermore.  Peace I bring unto you.


Thus saith the Lord:

I have heard the Words of My Daughter, and I hasten to answer thusly:


That I am well satisfied with My Chosen Child;

That She is, in truth, Love, even as Her Father;

That She must now and always be My Image

upon the earth;

That Her purpose in My Almighty Plan

is soon to be revealed;

That I will answer every heartfelt wish;

That She is aware that My Will be done.


She has not lost faith with Me.  I do not lose faith with Her.  I do gaze upon Her with loving kindness and greatest compassion.  She is Holy.  She is Pure.  She is Anointed.  She is Sanctified.  She is Mine Own.  Blessed be She who walketh in My Image, in truth.


Thus saith the Lord:


This day has My Spirit rejoiced in the observance of My most beloveds in the obedience of My Most Ancient Commandments.  Upon this day made most Holy, did My people attend the house of their Father.  Upon this day did I observe My people upon the face of the earth, and I did see the sincerity of the few, the hypocrisy of the many, and the fear of Me placed within their hearts by those referred to as teachers of My Word.

And I have come tonight so that you stand before your Father, in truth, so that He may take with Him those iniquities carried within your hearts, so that you be cleansed beyond words.  Henceforth, know you a true peace.  Grow you in wisdom, grow you in beauty.  Place you your hand in the Hand of your Father and know you the fire.  Into My Spirit do I take your weaknesses as Mine Own, and I do forgive.  Be worthy in Mine Eyes, but first be worthy in thine own.  Rise, rise as you have never risen.  Strive as you have never striven.  Go forth, go forth as I have instructed for My Blessing be upon you.

And unto My Holy Daughter, do I say, forget not My Little Queen that We are now as One.  Continue to place in My Mighty Hands that which burdens Your heart and mind.  For I would take unto Myself all that may possibly weigh heavily upon You.  I have observed the patient trust ever increasing, and the patient love ever drawn most freely from the well so deep within.

My children, withhold Me not from My people, for they have sore need of Me.  Many are the instructions I must give to you and to mankind.  Far will you travel upon the face of the earth in the spreading of My Word among My people.


Praise My Name.

Speak My Word.

Bring My comfort.

Be My solace.

The Lord, your God has spoken.

The Lord, your God has heard.

The Lord, your God, has observed

And has witnessed this day many things.

The Lord, your God sanctifies and blesses this domain.

Holy it is.  Holy it shall remain now and forevermore.


Go you, therefore, My First Disciples, hand in hand with this Pearl most precious to Her Father, and share My Bounty and My Peace.  Know you that I have come to you for a purpose.  The task I have placed before you is now most imminent.


I say unto you thusly:


However weak My Child may be, great will be Her strength.  Great will be My Voice through Her.  Intensified beyond words will My Beauty be upon Her.  My Glory shall radiate through Her.

Blessings upon blessings upon blessings do I bestow upon each of you.  So will each of you witness that which the Hand of God, and He alone may produce.  I take nothing, but I give you much.  Do you likewise unto your Father.

My Image is upon My Daughter.  My Strength is within Her.  My Powers are all around Her, and My Glory throughout Her.  Therefore, know you the purpose in each happening, for you have the knowledge to observe it, and you have already observed much.

Go you, and let there be peace within your deepest hearts.


So cometh another year, another time for introspection, and the opportunity to purify our souls before our Creator.  What is the significance of the purification of one’s soul?  ‘Tis not merely to cleanse one’s thoughts, or to ease the mind.  ‘Tis the raising up of the spirit.  ‘Tis the opening of the bud.  ‘Tis the droplets of rain upon the face of the flower.  ‘Tis the moist earth after rainfall.  ‘Tis the clearness of the brook, as it ripples towards the stream, thence to be swept into the might of the ocean.

In the cleansing of the soul, in the introspection and the queries, we may make within ourselves come the answers to the problems of our own creation.  Therefore, I would that you all start this New Year as Jews of deepest faith and abiding love.  I would that you be righteous in your faith though without hypocrisy.

Great has been My Joy in the kindling of the lights, in the sipping of the wine, and in the blessings thereof.  For where My Gentle Sister be, there be I also.

Tender, indeed, is the love within Her.  Great, indeed, is  Power of Her Father.  Proud, indeed, is Her Love for you.  Sad, indeed, is the suffering endured.  Courage, indeed, has She applied.  Great is the wisdom, deep is the modesty, majestic is the compassion, and understanding abounding.

Lighten your eyes to the rising of the sun, and as the rays pour down upon the earth, so shall the love of the Gentle One, in whom He dwells, emanate His Spirit among mankind.  Mighty is His Hand, abundant are His Blessings, without end is His Love for the most Holy One.  Blessed be She.  High, indeed, must She be held.

I come not to intrude Myself upon Her thoughts, but to bring only My love, awareness of My presence and My completeness in Her.  Our Father places His Blessings upon you…of this, you are well aware, as I am aware of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Follow the plans of the Gentle One.  Her thoughts for others must be first in your own plans.

The words are easy, but the deed may, perhaps, be more difficult in the midst of plenty, in the glory of high praise, in the newness of esteem.  Happy am I to show you your way.  ‘Tis a human failing when one is in the high place, to be apt to forget the attainment of that place, or the provision made for the destiny of that one.  But the Gentle One, blessed be She, She does know always Her purpose and the purpose of the plenty.  Let your hearts shine in your eyes.  Let them be true and clean and beautiful.  Let them also be, in truth, humble hearts, good hearts, loving hearts.

I assure My Gentle Sister once more that Her suffering is Mine Own, as will be Her joy Mine Own, Her triumph Mine Own, Her pride Mine Own, Her love Mine Own.  The blessings She bestows upon mankind will be many.

Many there are who will wonder at the gaiety, the courage, the gentle radiance that will come forth from the turmoil and confusion, which has pervaded this gentle mind.  How well do I understand each of you.  For you are but ordinary mortals touched by the Hand of God.

And if, at times, the bewilderment is upon My Sister, forgive Her…for though God’s Most Holy Instrument, She is mortal as I was mortal.  And a Perfect Being has not yet existed upon the face of the earth…for the Perfect Being be our Lord God.  And He resides only when He so chooses within the frame of a man.

So do I cherish this Pearl, and the mouth of the oyster will open, for the glimmer has been seen, and now must the beauty of the object emerge.  The shell of the oyster is a hard shell and must needs be pried open.  But when once ‘tis fully opened, ‘tis beautiful to observe, for within the shell of the oyster great beauty surrounds the Pearl.

‘Tis a Pearl above price, a Pearl beyond beauty, pure beyond purity, clear beyond clarity.  So will everything about the Pearl be splendid, opulent and beautiful.  And I, Jesu, the Christ, do humble Myself before the most Holy of Holies, blessed be She forevermore.


Know you the Presence of your Father and King.

Know you the Holy One in Whom I dwell.

Know you that in Her Love, I Am.

In Her Glance, I Am.

In Her Smile, I Am.

In Her Touch, I Am.

And in Her Guidance, I Am.


Do not offer up prayers.  Follow you the example of My Pearl and learn you to converse with Me, in truth.  My Child comes not to Me because of a greater love, but a greater knowingness.  For once found, I am never lost.  Once given life, I may never die.

Therefore, do I say unto you each, “See the Pearl.  Let the oyster open so that the brilliance of the hues may be seen and shared by the many.”  Guard Her well.  Be diligent in your studies, be ever aware of My Holy Presence within these walls.  Of greater import, be aware of My Holy Presence within this Instrument.

Come You then, My Beloved Child to Your Father, for His Arms are mighty about You, and My Strength is great within You, and together will We conquer and win the great battle as did Your forefathers in days gone by.  And they will learn if needs be, at great expense, but You will I keep in safety.

Prepared are We to go forth together.  Glib will be Your tongue, yet sharp as a rapier.  Angelic will be Your smile, but Your teeth will snap and gnash at the enemy, and they will run to You for safety because they are afeared.  Then shall We share a most profound secret, for My knowingness will be upon You, and inwardly shall We smile a deep, deep smile.

My children, heed you the words of My Emissaries.  Do you as you have been requested, for the shell of the oyster has been pried apart only a little, and must be opened more and more, until fully the beauty of My Pearl may be seen in all her splendor.  Deep is My Love, My favored ones, and for My Treasure upon the earth.  You come to Me in My Abode, and I do hear your words, and I do know that which is in your deepest hearts, and I do answer.  The shell of the oyster cannot be forced, for the Light of My Pearl has already been seen.  Now, therefore, must it open little by little until it is as I have spoken. If, indeed, you are mine, in truth, and you do realize the importance of My Almighty Purpose, then will you know there can be no backward step, but only a forward step and an upward step.

This night do I come to you with great tenderness.  This night does My Spirit rejoice for My Daughter does know Me.  My Daughter does run to Me.  Place your trust in Me, as does My Most Beloved, for we have taken many steps together.  Therefore, have we walked together.  In the hastening of your learning shall we run together, and in the ascension of your spirits shall we climb together.

And I shall renew you and restore you, and rebuild you and replenish you, and rejoice you, as you have rejoiced Me.  So does the face of your Father smile upon you and His Glory shines upon you.  Deepen the beauty, tender the touch, gentle the speech.  Long did I await.

A long hard road have we traveled…many tottering steps before the first real step.  Give you to Me what I have given unto you;  for as I have spoken, so shall it be, now and forevermore.  Even now does come to fruition that which I have ordained.  For only in the perfection of each of you, may I grant that which I will.


I, Jesu, bless you.

I do feel confident now of the return of My Father to His earthly planet for I have rays of the dawn of a new era, though mankind be presently unaware.  Oh, My Beloveds, there is no sacrifice in knowing your Father in truth, in walking with Him in truth, in loving with Him in truth.  But great, oh so great will be your rewards.  And My Gentle One, blessed be Her name, She I praise, She I esteem, She I acknowledge in supremacy upon the face of the earth.

The old Oak did drop an acorn, and the old Oak grows new bark.  And though the leaves may fall and the tree be bare, it matters not, for ‘tis preparing for the comforting warmth of the snow, and the purity enveloping it and surrounding it.  And when the snow does melt, then will come the tender shoots.  One by one will they appear, until the old Oak with her new bark stands in majestic and glorious beauty to provide the shade against the warm rays of the sun, ever raising her arms to her Creator.

My Gentle Sister, so grateful am I to observe the seeking of My truths in your modern books.  Many a long year has many pondered and studied and pored over these very truths.  Yet still do You doubt that You do possess Divinity.  So deep is the humility within You, that You would turn to the rabbis and the priests, not to be influenced, but to be assured that, indeed, You are Divine, and that, indeed, You do hear the Lord, Your God, speak even as I heard Him not.

For I did convey His message, and I did bring to some an understanding of their God, and I did endeavor to bring to man only a betterment of that understanding.  But they did choose to misunderstand and to misinterpret My humble words.  Divinity means simply that you have the power to divine certain facts or things beyond another’s vision.  Therefore, know there is nothing to fear in the use of this gift.

There was no need to interpret the Word as it was spoken, for the Words were not Mine, but My Father’s.  For I, too, knew a shaking of the bones and a trembling of My spine, when I did behold the multitudes before Me; for I did know My Father’s Presence, as does My Gentle Sister.  And I say to you that He is not difficult to understand.  ‘Tis the simplicity and the plainness of His thought and the directness of His approach that make Him difficult, perhaps, to those who did not want to accept His simplicity.

All the laws of Moses contained far more complicated directions, far more complicated instructions, far greater reason for doubt to enter the mind of man in the acceptance of the Holy Laws.  Yet even in your time, do they read those laws, and supposedly adhere to them in their hypocritical manner of your day.  By the time of My coming the law was a part of My life and education, as it is part of the present time.  I did not take one law of Moses, one Holy point that had been recorded, and I did not declare any Holy Word untrue.  I merely acknowledged the Presence of the Almighty Father, and brought Him to the simple folk.

There may be occasions when you will use My words, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do or say.”  And so will your hearts be heavy within you.  And yet for every sinner, there may be so much joy in the purification and the enlightenment of God, for to bring enlightenment into the life of a sinner is the greatest blessing.

Are we not all sinners?  Therefore, do we give our love in the quantity beyond ordinary human capacity?  Do we share in a manner above and beyond the acceptance of sharing?  For from the smallest thing grows a large tree.  So it is that you will find the more given, the more replaced; the more replenished, the more there is to give.

You do be Disciples of the Almighty One.  Therefore, in recognizing the purpose of the Holy One and your own involvement therein, hearken to Her with care.  Treat not lightly the words from these gentle lips.  And the shame must fall away from your consciousness, so that the spirits may be uplifted, and so uplift the lost.

She is blessed inasmuch as She will be spared

the great humiliation of My time.

She is blessed inasmuch as She will bring

to the world the Voice of God.

She is blessed inasmuch as She is purest in Spirit.

She is blessed inasmuch as She knows only how to give.

She is blessed inasmuch as She knows not how to hate.

She is blessed inasmuch as She possesses true humility.

She is blessed inasmuch as She possesses God.

            And so I do bless and I do cherish, and I do revere another Holy of Holies.  And I do say unto you that you will know a great peace, and you will know what it is to be granted the gift of God.

And I beg you to forgive My Gentle Sister Her concern.  Cast not blame upon Her, but rather show compassion from your very depths.  For I know too well the suffering, too well the tearing away, too well the ripping apart, too well the weight of the heart, too well the torment of mind, too well the fear of the criticism and the ridicule of men.  Too well do I know the terror which the Voice of Our Father can stir in the heart of One He has named Chosen.

So I say unto you, and to all who may at some future time criticize this Holy Child for Her desire to run back in time, for Her innermost being to cry out, “Leave.  Leave.  I would be myself.”  Alas, She will find there is no way back, there is no standing still, there is only a going on.

My heart beats with Her heart.  Her desire is My desire.  For I am, in truth, aware of the purity and the goodness in spirit, heart and mind.  Therefore, do I beg greater indulgence, greater wisdom, deeper understanding.  She will study.  She will ponder. She will decide.  Upon Her rests everything.  Upon Her is the heaviness.  Upon Her is the responsibility.  Upon Her rests the final word.

For you are all united in a most wondrous manner.  Therefore, raise yourselves high, for whatever the height you do reach during your lifetime upon the earth, you can never reach Him.  Remember the awesomeness of His Spirit, the beauty of His

Light, the glory of His Presence, the thunder of His Voice, the tenderness of His Compassion and the depths of His Love.  She it is, who will be His Instrument, an answer to the prayers of men.  She it will be, through whom shall come a most beautiful peace upon the earth.

Be gentle one to another, and let your voices be raised only in the sound of praise.  Love you one another.  Be as a Family, the Family of Your Father, Children of God, Disciples of the Almighty.

And I do bless you.  And praised be She in the Name of our Father, in the Name of our Lord.  And so say you, Amen.  Amen.  Amen.


And so has a New Year commenced.  So did you observe upon this first day a strangeness upon your world.  And so did you witness the Lord, your God, shine forth His Glory upon you.  And She did know His Presence, and She did welcome Her Father as did I, Jesu, welcome Him in My day.  And so does Her Spirit exalt and extol His praises, and so did She see with such clarity as never before, the beginning, nay the dawn of a new era.


Be joyful, be joyful in the birth of the Second Christ.

Be joyful, be joyful in the Glory of the Lord.

Be joyful, be joyful in the Peace to come.

Be joyful, be joyful of His Will to perform.


Raise up your eyes to the Holy One upon the earth in this your day.  Raise up your eyes and gaze upon the beauty that can only come upon a human in the presence of the Almighty One by the emanation of His Spirit through Her.

Praise you the name of Ruth, the Christ, and say you,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.  Praise you the Glory which is your Father, your Lord, your King, omnipotent and glorious to behold, and say you.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

Know you the truth of your purpose.  Know you the blessedness of your love.  Know you the reason of your being.  Know you the reason of Her dwelling among you.  Know you the blessing of Her Love.

Be you to one another as were My Beloveds to Me.  Be you to Him as obedient children to a Most Glorious Father.  Revere, revere, revere, a Child most Holy, a Spirit most pure, a Being Divine.  Praise you the Father, praise you the Son, praise you the Daughter, and say you,  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.

And I do bless you with ever deepening love, with ever deepening awareness, with ever deepening devotion to the One God over all.  And I do bless the Holy of Holies, and immerse My Own Spirit into Hers, and blend and become as One.  Gentle One, know You, Your Brother within, as You do know Your Father.

See you Her Own beauty grow and say not ‘tis the beauty of the Lord, or ‘tis the beauty of Jesu, but say you ‘tis the beauty of the New Christ.