Stress! We all have it in our lives…some more than others. Many factors contribute to increasing levels of stress in our lives: money, family relations, work, bills, and countless more. Creating stability in your life will do wonders for your mindset, life and spiritual balance.

“And I do say you: Be healed. Be strengthened. Radiate forth my glory,” (The Revelation of Unifaith, Chapter 165).

Strengthening your life will create opportunities for spiritual growth and hospitality. Part of living your faith is practicing your faith and greater self-awareness, living in the present and sharing your experiences.

Steps you can take:

  • Create a budget: Budgeting out your monthly expenses can ease tension throughout the month.
  • Get debt free: Make a radical change in your life and get debt free. Seek out a financial planner or check out Dave Ramsey’s books.
  • Eat healthy meals: Getting your body and mind healthy starts from the inside out…you will feel energized and refreshed.
  • Let’s get physical: Get some sort of exercise throughout the week. Exercising does wonders for your overall physical health and mental state. Pick an activity that gets you excited to work out and map it out throughout your month.
  • Get connected to your friends and family: Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, do something special for your family, or find a way to make a meaningful connection with someone in your network. Humans crave social interactions – embracing one another is a key component to happiness in life.
  • Plan for the future: Take some time to make future plans – vacations, retirement, etc.
  • Challenge your mind: Carve out time to expand your mind by reading – choose your favorite author for light reading, pick up The Revelation of Unifaith or do a combination of both.

These are just a few samples of immediate changes you can make in your daily life to impact your overall life stability and increase your overall spiritual awareness and growth. By taking care of your mind body health, you can increase your overall happiness and spiritual fulfillment.