The annual spring clean is somewhat laborious but always a rewarding way to freshen your home after a stuffy winter. Before you clean your home, take the end of the winter months to get a jump start by organizing and decluttering your home. The cathartic process of releasing unnecessary items, organizing your things and creating minimal spaces is a great way to center yourself for the new season.

A great policy to implement going forward is for every new item you purchase, whether it be a new pair of shoes, new clothes, or toy for the kids, you give one item of the same type away. Giving is such a rewarding experience, and great experience to pass along to your whole family. You also keep the clutter down to a minimum and continually keep your home and closet stocked with items you use on a regular basis. Chapter 27 of The Revelation of Unifaith states, “At all times give your pure love, a forgiving heart and an upright hand.  Be strong in your faith.  Give with dignity.”

While organizing can seem daunting, we have a few tips going forward to keep you on the right path. The first tip is going to be hard – wait to buy supplies for organization until you clear out the clutter and determine the type, size, and style of storage you need. By assessing what you really need, you can purchase the correct storage items and bins from the start. Often, you will need far less than you think once you take the time to eliminate many unnecessary items in your home.

Second, take each room, or area, one at a time. Thinking you can take the weekend to organize your whole home is foolish and stressful for you. Instead, try and create a productive atmosphere by tackling each area individually and FINISHING each project you start. By attacking the organization process systematically, you can create small wins for yourself that will actually help propel you to finish the project faster. Chapter 41 from The Revelation of Unifaith states, “Patience is its own reward. Whatever is to come, must come. Whatever is to be, will be; As whatever that has been, is past.”

Third, remember that once the space is good enough for your specific needs, you should be happy with your work. If you are seeking perfection, you will feel as though nothing you accomplished was good enough. While you will probably need to continually organize month over month, take time to appreciate your space and realize it is good enough for your needs.

Taking the end of these winter months to organize will give you a sense of accomplishment and a head start on the annual spring cleaning.