In a chaotic world where you are pulled in different directions all day, yoga can be a key tool to calm your mind, bring you to the present and strengthen your body. Stress, anticipation, and worry plague the mind and make spiritual connection and growth difficult. By practicing yoga poses and meditation, you can clear your mind, return to the present and strengthen your body.

Yoga is known for providing immediate clarity, improving balance, cleansing organs, strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility. Improving your alertness, clarity and balance on the mat translates to your life off of the mat. Decreased stress, a clear mind and healthy body can lead to outer harmony.

Practicing different breathing exercises with various poses will make you extremely aware of your body, breath and mind. The art of breathing is learned and must be practiced regularly to achieve the maximum benefits. Apply your breathing techniques off of the mat to better work through stressful situations.

Focusing on yourself and your own practice is designed to get to know yourself better…understand your limits, perseverance and strength in working through difficult poses, stretching your body to the limits and centering your thoughts. By getting to know yourself and your body, you can delve deeper into your spiritual practice.

Deep spirituality provides increased inner strength. The practice of yoga and spirituality seem to go hand in hand as one strengthens the practice of the other, which is why many round out their yoga practice by setting intentions and meditation. Living life in the moment, focusing on your response to situations as opposed to your reaction and connecting with your true self fosters your inner strength.

There is a reason why people say spiritual practice – it is ongoing, and requires diligence. Take your spiritual practice and integrate with your yoga practice and notice the difference in your overall outlook, mental clarity, and deeper understanding of yourself.

With dozens of studios in every city, you are sure to find the ideal practice for your body and for the time in your life. Refer back to The Revelation of Unifaith to strengthen your practice.