After running around all day and focusing your attention on a million different things, how do you quiet your thoughts and actually meditate?

Timing is everything. If you try and meditate directly after coming home from work, your mind is still running 100 miles per hour. Take some time to change out of your work clothes and try and shed the weight of the day by relaxing your body. Have a cup of tea, listen to calming music or simply turn all technology to “silent mode.” Listen to your body and listen to what your soul needs…everyday may be different.

Approaching meditation by believing you need to “zone out” or turn your mind off is short-changing the beauty of the practice. By centering your thoughts instead of dismissing them, you allow personal growth and clarity to thrive. Allow your mind to transcend…the possibilities are endless depending on the type of meditation you practice.

Remember to be gentle with yourself – everyday is different and you’ll find your practice grow, change and evolve with you. You may find certain days easier to calm your thoughts than others – that’s okay. As you grow your faith and spirituality, you may find it easier to center your thoughts and dismiss the nuances of the day to focus on yourself and your own growth.

If you have 15 minutes, read a few Excerpts from The Revelation of Unifaith to center yourself and prepare for your meditation. Group them together ahead of time and keeping them in your meditation corner so you can access them whenever you need them.

The Revelation of Unifaith can be read from beginning to end or in pieces…each chapter has a different purpose and lesson. Whether you download and print the Revelation or jump on your phone to read your favorite chapter, it is a great way to center your thoughts prior to engaging in a meditation.

Stay tuned for our next blog on creating the perfect space for centering yourself! We will discuss color choices, lighting and fabrics ideal for designing the perfect calming spot you can always come back to.