Spiritual journeys are about taking a quest to answer difficult questions like who you truly are and what life is really about. While every answer is different for every person the journey to get there can often be trying. There are often moments in every person’s personal journey where they feel like they have hit an impossible wall, the goal is to get personal with yourself to reveal the true answers you seek.

The Revelation of Unifaith is a spiritual journey in and of itself, challenging you to live in truth, to give in truth, to love in truth, to walk in dignity, to think in honesty, to hear with ecstasy, to speak with purity, and to see in clarity.

Life is much easier coasting through and taking in every event on a surface level. It is also less meaningful that way. Finding truth and meaning in everything that you do will draw you closer to your true self and your spiritual growth.

Your calling to begin your spiritual journey may be easy to miss or ignore depending on your circumstances. You may feel an overwhelming feeling of change on its way. Every person feels the calling in a different way, whether it be a major event or something you read or hear. Everyone gets the calling at some point in their life – however, not everyone acknowledges or even recognizes it.

Like all things in life that are unknown, challenging and frightening, we tend to avoid them. The calling is now different. Initially, ignoring the call to your spiritual journey seems like the best option. You know that if you say yes, you will embark on a journey that will change your life forever.

Initially, everything is different and unrecognizable, which is the point in which many people stop. Whether you choose to continue or stop is a choice everyone must make, however, the journey really never ends.

The Revelation of Unifaith is a beautiful spiritual journey that can bring you closer to your true self and to the beauty and truth of life if you let it. Read the excerpts or simply begin with Chapter One.