Creative expression is uniquely human and a great way to center yourself and grow spiritually. Finding a creative outlet doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.


Music is loved across every culture and generation, spans multiple genres and invokes an emotional response that is unique to your background and experience. Whether you choose to play music, listen to it, or have a personal dance party, music the perfect creative outlet that is on the go. In addition to acting as a creative outlet, listening to music helps you sleep better, lowers stress and improves health, improves athletic performance, reduces depression, helps you eat less, reduces pain and elevates your mood by increasing your happiness. Music is a powerful creative outlet that realty enhances your life.


Visual art is often the first form of creative expression we think of and the best part about this is that everyone can create visual art. Whether you choose to paint, draw, or sketch, your creative juices flow and you can create art that speaks to you.


Possibly one of the oldest forms of creative expression, verbal and written storytelling has been passed on from generation to generation. Exploring your own creative process of writing through storytelling, diary entries or stream of consciousness writing can help you grow spiritually, work through emotional struggles and find solutions to challenges in your life. Reading to activate spiritual growth and awareness is another great form of storytelling.


Making something unique is a form of creative expression that allows you to tap into a variety of different creative intelligences and create something out of nothing. Pinterest is the perfect source to share and discover new craft projects using whatever medium you prefer.


Many people find gardening a creative outlet and therapeutic release. Watching your hard work grow and transform into something beautiful for you to enjoy is extremely rewarding. Planting native plants to your area is perfect for new gardeners because those plants will have a better time thriving in your environment. Whether you start from seeds or visit the local nursery, spending time outdoors and with nature can greatly improve your spiritual growth.