Man’s best friend – providing loyalty, unconditional love, physical and emotional support. Dozens of scientific studies show the value and importance of pet relationships, with pets often acting as confidants (i.e. if you talk to your pet, you are not alone!).

Pets are not only an integral part of your own social network, but a means to growing that network. Taking your dog for walks and to the dog park can lead to more social interactions with people who have something in common with you right off the bat. Walking in your neighborhood can help get you further acquainted with neighbors who are out and about as well.

Companion pets are perfect for the elderly or infirm. Pets provide a constant source of healthy social interactions and can alleviate depression. A companion pet is perfect for those who live alone as well. Whether you rent or own, most places allow cats and dogs, which is perfect for most people because they are both social animals.

Dogs are especially great for physical benefits. Not only do they require exercise every day (sometime multiple walks per day), but they also provide benefits including increasing longevity after heart attacks, lowering cholesterol, decreasing  blood pressure and even alerting to various medical conditions, including seizures and hypoglycemia.

Consistency with pets is also beneficial in keeping more of a consistent routine with your everyday life, which can include time for meditation and / or spiritual development. Pets are creatures of habit, often following habitual routines. Our time management blog is the perfect tool to help you make time for yourself as well as spending quality time with your companion pet.

The companion animal bond provides a tremendous healing power of love. We often look for love outside of ourselves, often in places that cannot provide love back. Companion animals provide unconditional love and affection and help us learn to love another as well as love ourselves.

One way to grow your relationship with your companion pet is create a bedtime routine. Before your turn in for the night, take your pet to a quiet place. Sit together and close your eyes, taking in deep breaths, allow the stresses of the day to leave your body, allow the pains of the day to exit your body and allow yourself to feel your emotions. When you are finished, feel the love of your companion with you.