Creating a Gratitude List

Feeling true gratitude is a choice. It can be a difficult choice in this world, however, the commitment to feeling gratitude will enhance your appreciation for the blessings you have.

It’s Time to Let it Go

Letting things go is hard for most of us. We let what someone says to us or about us affect the way we feel and perceive ourselves. The emotions can fester and build up inside, causing anxiety, depression, lower self-worth, loss of confidence and more.

Summer’s Almost Over…

But there is still time to get in a bit of fun outdoors! Why is it that June and July speed by in the blink of an eye? Take advantage of the beautiful weather and God’s scenery with fun summer activities to get you outside.

Companionship of Pets

Man’s best friend – providing loyalty, unconditional love, physical and emotional support. Dozens of scientific studies show the value and importance of pet relationships, with pets often acting as confidants (i.e. if you talk to your pet, you are not alone!).

Spiritual Practices from Around the World

By looking to spiritual practices around the world, you can learn not only how other people practice their spirituality, but also find new ways to connect with your own higher power. Whether you currently implement these habits into your spiritual practice, or are seeking a new way to grow your spirituality, we have compiled a list of practices from around the world to explore for yourself. Keep an open mind and open heart. Do what feels right for you.