Thoughts on Unifaith, Meditation and Spiritual Awareness

Spiritually Centered New Year’s Resolutions

As we close out 2015 and enter into the New Year, all of the buzz surrounds changes and resolution for the New Year. While you see photos and videos all of social media of people making promises to lose weight, save more money, buy a car or start a new job, we would like to take a more spiritual approach to this year’s resolutions. While we believe that the tenants of the Doctrine are a general guidance to live by, however, you can champion one for the New Year, and find guidance and strength throughout the chapters of The Revelation of Unifaith. The tenants include; To Love, Give & Love in Truth, To Walk in Dignity, To Think in Honesty, To Hear with Ecstasy, To Speak with Purity and To See with Clarity. Live in the present moment – don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. In a world where phones, the internet, social media, televisions and overall screen time rules our daily lives, take some time to live in the present moment. Enjoy the little things in life (not to be too cliché). Our excerpt, ‘Tis a Christmas is the perfect place to go if you need to center yourself or remind yourself of God’s exceptional glory and the beautiful world you are in. Take time to grow your relationships – all of them. Discover how your relationships enhance your life and understanding of yourself. Explore new relationships whether they be with new people in your life, nature, or understanding your spiritual connections. Our excerpt titled, I Do Give You is the perfect reminder of... read more

Embracing Winter through Spiritual Awareness

With the onslaught of cold weather, frost and snow across most of the country, winter is notorious for causing many to go into somewhat of a “hibernation”. By hibernation, we mean staying indoors, slipping into inactivity in both your mind and body, as well as taking on bad habits with food and drink. Discovering the beauty of winter can help you re-engage your mind body spirit and grow your appreciation for the coldest months of the year. Your mindset going to the colder months can greatly impact your appreciation for all of nature’s wonders. When you hear about freezing rain, whipping winds, sleet or snow, bundle up and take on the day with a new found attitude on winter – changing your mindset and outlook on winter can help you live in the present, appreciate the beauty of winter and marvel at the power of Mother Nature. Create a winter journal or as some Native American tribes did, a winter count. Mark the first snow, the last snow and everything in between. Record whatever strikes you as important, valuable, memorable or fun! Include photos, drawings or doodles to add visual elements to your journal or count. Use this tool for growth and reflection. Have fun! Try something new – go ice skating, rent some snow shoes or take your dog out for a winter hike! The beauty of winter is often lost in the city so take time out to explore nature and take in the quiet serenity that winter offers. Other fun and silly winter activities: make a snow angel, catch snowflakes on your tongue, take winter photos... read more

Life Stability and Spiritual Growth

Stress! We all have it in our lives…some more than others. Many factors contribute to increasing levels of stress in our lives: money, family relations, work, bills, and countless more. Creating stability in your life will do wonders for your mindset, life and spiritual balance. “And I do say you: Be healed. Be strengthened. Radiate forth my glory,” (The Revelation of Unifaith, Chapter 165). Strengthening your life will create opportunities for spiritual growth and hospitality. Part of living your faith is practicing your faith and greater self-awareness, living in the present and sharing your experiences. Steps you can take: Create a budget: Budgeting out your monthly expenses can ease tension throughout the month. Get debt free: Make a radical change in your life and get debt free. Seek out a financial planner or check out Dave Ramsey’s books. Eat healthy meals: Getting your body and mind healthy starts from the inside out…you will feel energized and refreshed. Let’s get physical: Get some sort of exercise throughout the week. Exercising does wonders for your overall physical health and mental state. Pick an activity that gets you excited to work out and map it out throughout your month. Get connected to your friends and family: Reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, do something special for your family, or find a way to make a meaningful connection with someone in your network. Humans crave social interactions – embracing one another is a key component to happiness in life. Plan for the future: Take some time to make future plans – vacations, retirement, etc. Challenge your mind:... read more

Exploring the Connection between Yoga and Spirituality

In a chaotic world where you are pulled in different directions all day, yoga can be a key tool to calm your mind, bring you to the present and strengthen your body. Stress, anticipation, and worry plague the mind and make spiritual connection and growth difficult. By practicing yoga poses and meditation, you can clear your mind, return to the present and strengthen your body. Yoga is known for providing immediate clarity, improving balance, cleansing organs, strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility. Improving your alertness, clarity and balance on the mat translates to your life off of the mat. Decreased stress, a clear mind and healthy body can lead to outer harmony. Practicing different breathing exercises with various poses will make you extremely aware of your body, breath and mind. The art of breathing is learned and must be practiced regularly to achieve the maximum benefits. Apply your breathing techniques off of the mat to better work through stressful situations. Focusing on yourself and your own practice is designed to get to know yourself better…understand your limits, perseverance and strength in working through difficult poses, stretching your body to the limits and centering your thoughts. By getting to know yourself and your body, you can delve deeper into your spiritual practice. Deep spirituality provides increased inner strength. The practice of yoga and spirituality seem to go hand in hand as one strengthens the practice of the other, which is why many round out their yoga practice by setting intentions and meditation. Living life in the moment, focusing on your response to situations as opposed to your reaction and connecting with... read more

Autumn Cleaning – Physical and Spiritual

As we enter into a new season, we enter into a new opportunity in the year to reflect and grow. While spring is traditionally considered a time to clean and refresh, autumn can also be a time for physical and spiritual cleansing as well. Entering into autumn can be a great time for reflection on your endeavors from spring and fall. We often find spring a time for new beginnings…fall is a time for reflection on your progress and evaluation of your future plans. Autumn cleanings are perfect to bring into your yearly routine if you find spring cleanings to be helpful and effective in your life. You can create a different focus for these cleanings centered on preparation for winter. Physically Clean the House The summer months can usher in a slew of dust and dirt, which traps negative energy. Take this opportunity to give your home a deep physical cleaning – vacuum every nook and cranny, dust ceiling fans and tall windows, and really take this opportunity to cleanse your home before the winter months commence. Fresh Air Open your windows and doors to allow that cool autumn breeze to fill your home. This really allows your home to freshen up from air conditioned summers and clear the home before you button it up for winter. Bless Your Home However you decide to pursue this is up to you and your beliefs. Blessing the home before you close it up for winter is the perfect way to cleanse your home in autumn. It also prepares your home for the coming cold front of winter. Introduce Warm Fall... read more

Embarking on Your Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journeys are about taking a quest to answer difficult questions like who you truly are and what life is really about. While every answer is different for every person the journey to get there can often be trying. There are often moments in every person’s personal journey where they feel like they have hit an impossible wall, the goal is to get personal with yourself to reveal the true answers you seek. The Revelation of Unifaith is a spiritual journey in and of itself, challenging you to live in truth, to give in truth, to love in truth, to walk in dignity, to think in honesty, to hear with ecstasy, to speak with purity, and to see in clarity. Life is much easier coasting through and taking in every event on a surface level. It is also less meaningful that way. Finding truth and meaning in everything that you do will draw you closer to your true self and your spiritual growth. Your calling to begin your spiritual journey may be easy to miss or ignore depending on your circumstances. You may feel an overwhelming feeling of change on its way. Every person feels the calling in a different way, whether it be a major event or something you read or hear. Everyone gets the calling at some point in their life – however, not everyone acknowledges or even recognizes it. Like all things in life that are unknown, challenging and frightening, we tend to avoid them. The calling is now different. Initially, ignoring the call to your spiritual journey seems like the best option. You know that... read more

Setting Up a Serene Corner

While taking bits of time throughout the day to read The Revelation of Unifaith, meditate or even taking a quiet moment to yourself can be done anywhere you are, we like the idea of creating a specific space in your home spiritual use. Colors Infusing the right color combination can help induce a calming effect, decrease stress, promote balance and even exude a feeling of power. Red, orange and even to some effect, yellow, are considered stimulating colors and can be associated with passion, and vigor. Yellow is known for elevating mood and combatting stress, so we recommend using yellow sparingly in your space, if you choose to use it all. Pink (in the right hue) is soothing and promotes peacefulness and a balance of your energies. Green and blue both promote tranquility, peace, calm and can be used to promote cool and calm feelings and energy. Violet is known for representing strength, peace and wisdom. Using violet hues and fabrics in your space can help promote inner peace and help relieve stress. The Revelation of Unifaith embodies violet. White in its brightest hues promotes clarity and freshness…just make sure to keep your whites bright or the dull, yellow hues can hinder your emotions. Black, in small doses, exudes power and elegance. Too much black can be dismal and overpowering, so use it very carefully when including it in your serene space. Fabrics This is your space – own it. Use fabrics that you like or are particularly drawn to. We recommend mixing and matching fabric weights and textures to offer different options depending on your mood or particular... read more

Entering Meditation with the Right State of Mind

After running around all day and focusing your attention on a million different things, how do you quiet your thoughts and actually meditate? Timing is everything. If you try and meditate directly after coming home from work, your mind is still running 100 miles per hour. Take some time to change out of your work clothes and try and shed the weight of the day by relaxing your body. Have a cup of tea, listen to calming music or simply turn all technology to “silent mode.” Listen to your body and listen to what your soul needs…everyday may be different. Approaching meditation by believing you need to “zone out” or turn your mind off is short-changing the beauty of the practice. By centering your thoughts instead of dismissing them, you allow personal growth and clarity to thrive. Allow your mind to transcend…the possibilities are endless depending on the type of meditation you practice. Remember to be gentle with yourself – everyday is different and you’ll find your practice grow, change and evolve with you. You may find certain days easier to calm your thoughts than others – that’s okay. As you grow your faith and spirituality, you may find it easier to center your thoughts and dismiss the nuances of the day to focus on yourself and your own growth. If you have 15 minutes, read a few Excerpts from The Revelation of Unifaith to center yourself and prepare for your meditation. Group them together ahead of time and keeping them in your meditation corner so you can access them whenever you need them. The Revelation of Unifaith can... read more

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