Unifaith Background and the Spiritual Guidance of Ruth Zahl Marko

Ruth Photo BackgroundThe Revelation of Unifaith evolved over a period of time…beginning in l959 with the happenstance of a small group of individuals using a Ouija Board for spiritual exploration.  At a certain point, one of the group named Ruth, went into a trance-like state.  She seemed asleep, but then her eyes opened and an entity appeared, causing great surprise and concern of witnesses.  It was clarified that Ruth, the Instrument, would appear asleep, while another spirit would use her physical being to convey critical information for the salvation of the planet and humankind.

         Persons present were cautioned to be still and that one individual should use shorthand and be prepared to record, faithfully, every word emitted.  I, myself, learned shorthand in order to be prepared to write down the Holy Words, when needed.  It was made clear that this was not a game, but of vital importance to the survival of our world.  When God spoke, we were to bow our heads and not look upon the Holy Instrument.

         It was an awesome experience…difficult for the rational mind to grasp that God, the Holy of Holies, and Jesus, along with other revered sages, would speak through a human being in order to save the Earth and its many inhabitants.  The need of the world was so dire that God had to establish direct communication with His children.  Thus, there was diligent preparation of this chosen group to bring The Revelation of Unifaith to earth and its inhabitants.

         This event was prophesized in “Revelations”, the last chapter of the New Testament in the Holy Bible.  That the Holy of Holies would request human beings to allow His Spirit to manifest within each of us reflects the beneficence and largesse of God.  It is the answer to the chaos of our times.  Never before has God dwelled within a human being in the manner He has within Ruth, His Holy Daughter, whom he has named Sari Bat Ya.

         Ruth Zahl Marko was born in England and eventually, immigrated to the United States and married Robert Marko of Los Angeles, California.  She was a woman of great ethereal beauty…even though She suffered from multiple sclerosis.  Her gentleness, kindness and wisdom entranced those who met Her. Ruth, more than anyone, questioned what was happening and thought it was Her mind.  Although She had known God since birth, She wanted God to find another human being more worthy.  Ruth doubted that this was real and had a self-induced fear of failure.  Her inherent humility questioned that God would use Her…”an ordinary woman”.  Those who knew Ruth, as I did, found Her to be…extraordinary.

         Thus, dear reader, know that your doubts and questions were shared by the Holy Instrument, Herself.  Nonetheless, the truth, wisdom and prophesy conveyed by God, Jesus, Sari and other Holy Emissaries in The Revelation of Unifaith unfolds in God’s Own Time to save humankind from its folly.  If each person found within themselves God’s love, peace and joy,  a wondrous transformation would take place across the planet Earth.

         Look deeply, connect with your spirit, and attune your mind to God and the ever-present Spirit World.  God has granted human beings the opportunity to choose their own path…the gift of free will.  Your personal salvation and that of the rest of humanity, as well as planet Earth, depend upon your choice.  Do you be with God, Who is Love Incarnate, or do you pursue your own selfish needs and goals?  THE TIME TO CHOOSE HAS COME!

Helene West Feldman, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist