As we enter into a new season, we enter into a new opportunity in the year to reflect and grow. While spring is traditionally considered a time to clean and refresh, autumn can also be a time for physical and spiritual cleansing as well.

Entering into autumn can be a great time for reflection on your endeavors from spring and fall. We often find spring a time for new beginnings…fall is a time for reflection on your progress and evaluation of your future plans.

Autumn cleanings are perfect to bring into your yearly routine if you find spring cleanings to be helpful and effective in your life. You can create a different focus for these cleanings centered on preparation for winter.

Physically Clean the House

The summer months can usher in a slew of dust and dirt, which traps negative energy. Take this opportunity to give your home a deep physical cleaning – vacuum every nook and cranny, dust ceiling fans and tall windows, and really take this opportunity to cleanse your home before the winter months commence.

Fresh Air

Open your windows and doors to allow that cool autumn breeze to fill your home. This really allows your home to freshen up from air conditioned summers and clear the home before you button it up for winter.

Bless Your Home

However you decide to pursue this is up to you and your beliefs. Blessing the home before you close it up for winter is the perfect way to cleanse your home in autumn. It also prepares your home for the coming cold front of winter.

Introduce Warm Fall Hues into Your Décor

Bundling your home up for cooler weather can also lead to lazier behavior, overeating and feelings of stuffiness. Swap out some of your décor for warmer colors to brighten up your home for the winter months. Warm hues encourage positive energies.

Wrap Up Your Spring Projects

Now is the perfect time to wrap up any projects you started over the spring and summer months. Any outdoor projects should especially take priority.


Take the time to reflect on your accomplishments over the year – both physical and spiritual. Review your path and decide what you want to change for the future.