Unifaith Spiritual Guidance & Development

Simplicity of modern scripture invites a new generation of thought exploration and spiritual guidance to the world. With new tenants to live by, The Revelation of Unifaith offers inspiring spiritual messages for all humankind. In a chaotic world filled with distractions, center yourself with spiritual guidance in a new Doctrine of faith.

The Revelation of Unifaith is a culmination of divine messages and modern scripture for spiritual guidance delivered over several years, beginning in the late 1950’s from the spirit world as spoken through Ruth Marko. The passages contain messages directly for Ruth, outlining her role as the messenger, Sari Bat Ya, daughter of God, along with her mission to bring this modern scripture to humankind. More detail on the history of the Revelation, can be found on the Introduction and Background pages. These sections offer the premise and background for learning more about the spiritual guidance offered by The Revelation of Unifaith.

Integrated throughout the Revelation text are universal messages intended to inspire your spiritual development and nourish your soul. Through spiritual guidance, each individual is tasked to be a better human being, to learn the meaning of the higher self, to gain an understanding of the Supreme Being and to become one with God Almighty through spiritual exploration. Relatable and modern scripture passages can be found on the Excerpts page – the perfect place to begin your spiritual journey.

The tenants of the Doctrine; To Live, Give & Love in Truth, To Walk in Dignity, To Think in Honesty, To Hear with Ecstasy, To Speak with Purity and To See with Clarity, are the guiding principles that encourage spiritual awareness and universal oneness as the path in obtaining peace on earth. Explore the uplifting passages and learn more about our path to spiritual guidance here.


It was promised two millenia ago that God would manifest His Presence once again upon earth.


The Revelation of Unifaith evolved over a period of time…


Each time a beloved expresses his or her love, ’tis a Christmas.

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